No matter your age, Adventure Calls within you. It doesn’t have to be something that you risk your life over. Yet it must be something that breaks the monotony of the rat-race or comfort zone you have designed for yourself.

It seems like just yesterday when I was sitting in a cubicle and hating life. Things had become so routine… You’ve probably experienced something similar and may be going through that right now.

What was I doing with my life?

Where was I headed?

Why had life become so “comfortable” yet so unfulfilling at the same time?

These questions were buzzing around in my head as I jammed out to Metallica and Led Zeppelin on iTunes, working my magic as a photo retoucher and digital asset manager at a job I cared less for.

I had everything I needed in life, or so I thought.

I felt empty.

There was no wonder on where my next meal was going to come from or if I had safe shelter. Things on the outside looked fine, but the turmoil in my mind ate away at my soul.

Things had become too routine and I started living on auto-pilot-till-you-die mode, just like most people living the “American Dream.”

The pent up energy had me seeking out new things. I numbed my life with alcohol and loveless, superficial, failed relationships.

Where was all this going?

I took up running (again) and bought a road bike. The thought of riding down the highway on the shoulder was “risky” as you see the white ghost bikes littering the City of Austin, Texas.

Was this the “adventure” I needed? Not sure, but I did it anyway. It was different.

I started to think about life in general and what defined an “adventure.”

Turns out, an “adventure” is where you take yourself out of your comfort zone and subject yourself to something new. There could be an aspect of risk involved either physically, mentally or financially. Or it could be something that is simply not routine.

Definition of Adventure
noun ad·ven·ture \ əd-ˈven-chər\

1a :  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
1b :  the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2:  an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>
3:  an enterprise involving financial risk

My first true adventure was quitting my job because I got hired by the local fire department and attended their academy, which started 5 days after I received notification that I was accepted. So much for a 2 week notice!

Over 3,000 people sat for the written test in which 34 positions were filled. People try for years to get in. I tried once, and celebrated each step of the 7 month process by hammering back a 750 mL of Jack Daniels. Great start to running into situations where people were running from.

Now I hardly ever drink. I’ll have a glass of wine or three with my Adventure Partner, Erin, on an occasional outing in the North Atlantic… Or maybe a couple mojitos on the shores of Puerto Vallarta. But on the day-to-day… I drink water (and coffee… I love that stuff!)

There’s only so many dead babies you can hold, killed from neglect, and only so many screams you can tolerate as you are cutting metal impelled into a human, bleeding out, whose vehicle had been hit by a drunk driver, who walks away unscathed. Or crawling through an inferno, to find someone who took their last breath of superheated gases… Crispy critter.

The faces of death haunt like you could never imagine. Most nights I find myself restless… not knowing what to expect because anything could happen at a moment’s notice.

That was the “adventure” I had signed up for. I didn’t know it was going to be like this. They don’t tell you these things.

The movies play it up to be super heroic BS and the TV shows play up the glory.

With the bad comes the good, like the times when you bring back someone’s mother by performing CPR.

Or, you witness a car crash while working another one on the highway (I’m lucky because I almost got run over on that one) and rush over to pull a child and mother out, who were properly restrained. They showed up a few days later with cookies and a note that brings tears to my eyes to this day. I saved it and read it once a year.


Adventure Calls

My path is moving. I don’t know how much of this my mind can take, or how much of this my eyes can see.

There’s a bigger purpose in my life. One that makes a positive impact and focuses on life, success, adventure, and love!

BE Adventure Partners came about at an amazing time. I was tired of being worn down and needed someone in my life that would lift me up, be a guiding light, and an emotional support.

In flies Erin on the Owl’s back! As if I manifested this beautiful being into my existence.

We have explored the world together and have gone on many adventures. Some were risky, others were just a break in routine like when we randomly found a Jazz Music night in the Crypt of a Catholic Church near downtown London.

What Adventures have been calling you?

Breaking your routine in daily life is the best way to experience more life. We get so caught up in the mundane path that we lose track of time and life flies by us.

You do not have to take a vacation to go on an adventure! You just have to keep your eyes open for cool things to do.

For instance, I was looking at the Metro section of the local newspaper and found a cool Barton Springs Polar Bear Splash 2017 that I totally would have missed if I did not look at the paper to see what was going on in the city. It was FREE and I got to go join hundreds of others swimming in the frigid water of the spring during winter! Here’s the video to prove:

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Jumping out of your comfort zone to experience life and finding things to do in your vicinity is the easiest, cheapest, and most often extremely fulfilling!

Get out and interact with those around you in your neck of the woods. You would be surprised by the people you will meet and become friends with!

Do you hear Adventure Calls?

Do you have the drive to break the routine life and live extraordinary?

Have you IMAGINED being able to take your adventures to the next level and Escape the 9-5 & Live Anywhere?

What would that do for you in 6-12 months? How would that feel?

YOU are the deciding factor in your life to take yourself to the next level.

Want to learn how we did it? Jump on an Adventure Call and we’ll unlock the vision within you so that you can finally live your Laptop Dreams!.


Adventure On, Friend…
Adventure On…

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