Is it possible for lovers to mastermind their way to success?

I just had the most beautiful day!

Brian + I do a video call every night before bed when he is down in Austin, and I am up in Toronto. It has become our ritual!

This ritual has become something we look forward to every night before our heads hit the pillow, and we go into dream land. I have mentioned this in other articles such as How To Create Vibrant Love From A Distance.

In this article I am going to go much deeper!

Back to the day I just had!

So we are on our evening call… Having a very in depth conversation masterminding about how nicely things are moving along in our business, and all the things we imagine doing!

Along with the amazing people we are attracting, how grateful we feel to have the ball rolling in the direction we have actually been manifesting!

More, and more people are reaching out to us on a daily basis, asking us what it is we do, and how can they do it too?!

I honestly feel flattered to inspire, and that is exactly what we have set out to do! We want to inspire other to live their lives by design. To create the schedule they want, the income they want, but most importantly the lifestyle!

Imagine being able to pick up, and fly to another country whenever you wanted?

What about surprising the one you love with tickets to some exotic country, and already having their bag packed for them?

Our specialty is showing couples how to work together, creating a business that is congruent with the life they have always dreamed of!

SO needless to say… We have been in hardcore hustle mode, but I prefer to call it laser focus mode!

For us our dream is to live together in our magical tree home, on a cliff, over looking a beach. To ACTUALLY live in the same country, and be able to share the same bed every night would make our hearts sing!

We have both been pulling long hours so that we can achieve this in warp speed!

Tonight my love says to me… ” Erin when we get off this call get into bed, and set your alarm for 7 hours from now. Love you deserve to recharge your batteries so that you can be the beautiful creative soul that you are.”

My heart filled with gratitude, and my eyes with tears. I was absolutely touched at a soul level. No one has ever cared for me so much to speak for my soul! (Other then my amazing family of course!)

To speak for my highest good…

I am tearing up now as I write this because words simply cannot express how loved I feel!

It is 2:24 am right now.

I know I know… He said I should go to bed…

BUT I couldn’t hold myself back from writing this because I am vibrating on another level right now! I knew that this was the moment I had to express this or it would leave me… That creative flow is sacred, and if you don’t jump on it… You could miss that wave forever!

This relationship has allowed Brian + I to discover our inner child again. To pull that sweet little angle out of us, and let that inner child dream!

When we are apart we imagine where we will meet in our dreams! Our plan it to get so good at meditating that we astral travel to these magical places. We have been manifesting our dream tree home… Discovering its nooks & crannies, we discover new rooms, and places on the property all the time!

Sometimes I feel him with me when I am doing daily tasks because my imagination sees him so vividly.

You may be reading this wondering what on earth this has to do with lovers masterminding their way to success?!

Since I am on a bit of a fluffy tangent here…

But just you wait… I am about to dive deeper into the way lovers mastermind their way to success!

Success doesn’t happen without the dream… Without the vision!

Success is a bi-product of the way the dream and the vision makes you feel! If you can successfully create that vision in yourself, and with YOUR Adventure Partner… You will surely become magnets to all that it is you desire!

We listen to a Daily Wake Up Call everyday! It gets our entrepreneurial juices flowing, creating an incredible momentum forward in our days.

The other day our friend and mentor Brian Fanale was talking about if you see a penny on the ground and you leave it there you are telling the universe you don’t need what it is offering.

If you have been asking for prosperity to come into your life and you walk away from the signs of it coming to you… YOU are shutting the door on what you are asking for.

See the universe doesn’t know how much it is offering you… It’s job is to simply give to you what it is you have been asking for.

Bright and early this morning I was putting on a hospital gown, and the thought came to me that I really should get back into my singing mantras. “I know how good they make me feel,” I thought… “I gotta do that again!”

Before I go into my MRI to get my knee scanned I took a trip to the washroom because I knew the scan would take about 30 minutes.

I catch a shimmer in the conner of my eye, and BOOM 10 cents!

Now I am in a hospital… Germ central… It was questionable whether it was worth it…

But I remembered the call with Brian Fanale! I also remember the day before the call seeing a penny on the ground in my back alley way and thinking it’s rainy and mucky out… I will just leave that for someone else…

Get ready to cringe!

In honour of my trust in the universe I not only picked up that dime… But I kissed it, and I thanked the universe for giving me a sign that I am on the right path!

I know that was gross… But the universe wouldn’t give me a deadly disease for that. I have too much good work on this planet to do! LOL

SO anyways… I walk into the MRI scanner room…

I look up at this big noisy machine…

AND BOOM! Our fave numbers are up on the screen!

I knew in that moment it was all going to be just fine! That we are in good hands, and that the work we are doing serves a purpose much greater then us!

We were both put on this planet to show people how to free themselves from the chains of society! From the belief system we have been fed into!

We are here to inspire, and build a tribe of beautiful loving global friends!

A community of people that give a shit, and want to impact others!

For the entire duration of my MRI I sang my favourite singing mantra for the first time in a couple months!

I visualized Brian + I dancing in the sands discovering new nooks and crannies in the jungle surrounding our home. I imagined the flowering trees spilling onto the beach, and the soft sand between my toes.

But the smile on his face, and the looks in his eyes…

That made me realize that all these late nights, and long hours are so worth it!

It made me realize that you cannot talk about your vision… Your passion…YOUR DESIRES too much!

You cannot mastermind this enough!

Mastermind your vision with the one you love everyday! Place yourself there!

Envision it, feel it, taste it, smell it, touch it!

Brew that beautiful vision into fruition, because this vision is yours! AND if that vision is strong enough…

Your vision together will defeat every shadow of doubt in your mind!

SO YES our sweet sweet Adventure Friend…

This is the way lovers mastermind their way to success! It isn’t about the money, it is about the feelings the money brings!



Until Next Time Friend…

Adventure On… Adventure On!

Erin Nicole Bick


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