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Focus On What You Desire

‘What you focus on becomes your reality.’ As soon as I embraced this idea, things began to change in my life, and they could for you too.

Throughout time, my focus has been on work.

Being an employee.
Being indispensable.
Being on time.
Being dependable.
Being knowledgeable.
Being the go-to dude.

It was where I placed my focus that reality was being formed in my life, unconsciously. My focus was on being an employee, and that’s what I became really good at!

But was I truly happy at the time? Deep down, I wanted more fulfillment, more growth, and to create a bigger impact in the lives of those around me.

I started to dream, and ask myself, “What is it I truly desire?”

I desire to be loved & to give love!
I desire to travel!
I desire to go on cool experiences in life!
I desire to be free!
I desire to be a powerful influencer to others in a positive way!
I desire to create a life I never have to take a vacation from!

Achieving my desires is mostly a by-product of the business creation online, while I continued to work shifts as a firefighter.

The above is by no means an all-inclusive list, as the list of my desires grows daily!

By shifting my focus onto what I desire in life, the path reveals itself daily. It starts to become crystal clear what I must put focus on if I were to achieve my desires.


Where Have You Been?

‘Your past is not what defines your future.’ It is the actions that you do DAILY that creates your past, which is where you have been.

I have always just been a “normal” sort of dude.

Like many, I went to college, and I actually just “settled’ on a degree because I “needed” that piece of paper.

The path I took was one where I was always looking for something exciting to put my time towards. Hopefully someone would want to pay me for that!

I worked as a Bar Manager, Bank Teller, Digital Asset Manager, Web Developer, Corporate Photographer, Blank Greeting Card Company Owner, Valet Car Parker, and as a Firefighter in Texas.

After only 4 years in the Fire Department, I knew that there had to be more in life. I was tired of experiencing tragedy (that type of job places you in tragedy every shift, and I’ve been told that I’m some sort of empath… not a good mix!)

I was almost nine years in the department when our business online took off!

Because of the decisions to invest in my knowledge, learn a few cool skills, and implement them in the online space, we were able to create the fun, empowering brand, BE Adventure Partners.


An Awakening Within

There was a defining moment that caused me to desire more in life. It was a culmination of experiencing too much stress of other’s tragedies, and being served divorce papers that a new gear clicked into place.

This awakening taught me that our World is large. Somewhere, there was the perfect person for me, along with a way to experience a freedom I had never had until that point.

In most cases, it’s what we experience in life that causes a shift within ourselves. All of the sudden there was an awareness within myself that caused me to discover what must be done to achieve my desires.

I discovered my dreams, what I desired life to be like, including personal development, and the idea of starting a business online.

Seeing the potential within myself, I shifted my focus from being an employee, to being a creator of my reality! Life started to make more sense!


Becoming A Conscious Creator

‘You are a creator, either through intentional or non-intentional action.’

Though life, I have always been inspired by people who are creators. What was it that sets them apart from others? What were their traits? Did they possess some special skill? Or were they just people who caused creation through intentionally, consciously creating?

After reading, and listening to Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks, it all became crystal clear!

Abraham speaks of being a Conscious Creator of your life experience. This creation is done by either you deliberately making it happen, or through being in an automatic state. The latter being where most people live their lives.

I was already on the path of becoming a conscious creator. From my discovery of Tony Robbins in November of 2015, to making bold decisions to start developing a business online so that I could create my life of freedom, it was that pinnacle moment that caused exponential growth!

Focusing my thoughts on the life I desire, the relationship I desire, and the financial success I desire, I made a conscious decision to NOT focus thought on anything that would not deliver the abundance I desired.

Whether we like it or not, it is the thought and actions you do every day that drives the vehicle you’re in to the destination you are going. Even if that direction is not where you want to go.

I learned from Abraham, if we think of what we don’t want, and REALLY do not want it, you are placing focus on lack within your life. Even if you want a different result, being the creator of the negative thoughts cancels out the thoughts of what you truly desire.

So what did I do? I stopped thinking about the things that just so happened to be my current life, and started to focus on…

Where I wanted to go in life…
What I wanted to experience…
How that would make me feel…
Who I would be with…
Who I must become to achieve that which I desire…


Prosperity & Abundance In Your Life

Everyone defines prosperity & abundance differently. This is partly because success is most often relative to your own life experience.

For me, this definition is the driving force to achievement in my own personal life, as well as in business.

Early on, I believed that for me to consider myself “successful” I would have to find a job that paid 6+ figures a year. With every job I pursued along my path, I got closer and closer to that goal. Yet at the same time I was unfulfilled in my relationships, my circle of friends, and in my geographic location. This all led me to find alcohol, and I frequently numbed my life to cope with my frustrations in life.

Once I began my personal development journey, I quickly learned that prosperity, abundance, and even success within your life is defined by the life you desire. Things like occupation, business, relationships, the value you provide to the world, finances, and your physical geography can all be benchmarks to gauge your prosperity & abundance in your life.

As an entrepreneur, online business owner, and conscious creator, ideas are constantly flowing. I have found that as achieving goals get bigger, so does your vision of your creation! A goal is just a benchmark for the bigger picture!

With all these factors, and more, prosperity, abundance, and success all lead to satisfaction within myself. Knowing that the value I contribute to the world is worth so much more than can be measured by an arbitrary number in the bank account, which is a direct reflection of the value I contribute to the world.


Where Are You Going?

My life is all about growth. Both personal, and interpersonal growth.

The path I take is not an easy one. It takes time, investment, and consistent, persistent action to bring an idea into reality.

I am going to travel the world with my amazing Adventure Partner, Erin Nicole Bick, and impact lives on a global scale!

As of this writing, we have positively impacted thousands of people around the globe, and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs in 12 countries (and growing) get their businesses setup online.

We believe that everyone should be able to build a business online.

There is no destination as I contribute to building our business online. Rather, there are stops along the way where we will continue to BE a positive impact to society. Empowering those desiring change in their lives, and providing the tools, resources, and pointing to the training that will allow you to take your idea & make it a reality.

It’s time for YOU to get started with building your empire!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia


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