How To Roll With The Big Dogs… Camera Upgrade

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If you + your love are recording videos for your business or vlogging on your iPhone like we have been the past 2 years (or planning on it)… You’re about to learn why stepping up your video game could skyrocket your online business, and how a camera upgrade could help you roll with the big dogs on YouTube.

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Are you due for a camera upgrade?

As we stepped into the vast world of YouTube what we realized a massive shift in the environment after coming from several years of hanging out, running our business on Facebook… We saw an entirely different way of DOING video!

I gotta admit, Brian + I will have YouTube running all day playing smooth jams that allow us to focus, and get into the creative zone. Once in a while we will watch a doc, or some kind of personal development. BUT truth be told… We haven’t jumped on the big YouTuber party train, becoming obsessed over any specific channels.


What we’ve realized as we dove head first into YouTube…

How To Roll With The Big Dogs... Camera Upgrade

While your iPhone will take pretty amazing footage, and it is certainly a handy tool. It may not be the only lens you choose to holster. As we analyze other YouTube Channels, and do our research… We are noticing some incredible channels with crazy cinematic quality. While neither Brian or myself ever when to film school, we are intrigued, and incredibly inspired by the creative souls hanging out on YouTube.

For me… I am a super creative hands on person, and so is Brian. I have always loved painting, drawing, sculpting, woodworking, cooking, you name it if I can get my hands in it… I would. When I stepped into the online world I wanted to speak my truth, and share my message which became priority. If I could help just one person kick their insecurities to the curb I would be successful.

BUT something slipped away from me that I couldn’t quite put a finger on. Until I started learning how to edit photos, design eBook covers, and edit videos… It was my creativity! I left it to get dusty on the shelf while I learned & explored this digital world, of tech, email, webinars, and FB Lives. While all of these things are necessary to learn when building your business online, there is a whole other creative side to explore, and its at all of our fingertips.

How To Roll With The Big Dogs... Camera Upgrade

Brian + I had a HUGE epiphany when we started viewing creator after creator on YouTube. We realized this could be our new creative outlet! And guess what?! It fully compliments our online business, and it could work for yours too! In that moment we decided it was time to get a camera upgrade so we could start rolling with the big dogs, but more importantly get our message out to the world in a more interesting way.


Self- expression is your foundation…

If you are a creative soul who has stepped into the online business space, or you are considering it… BUT think that it will stifle your creativity, you may want to consider using video to get your message out there.

There is nothing more powerful than self-expression, and sharing your story with the world. Your losses, and triumphs. Your personality. Your hilarity. Your genius gifts! Whatever you want to share, you can now do it on camera in your own unique way. Whether it is entertainment, education, or something that will inspired others to do something different, you have something valuable within you that could help others live a better life.

For instance…

If you are a hands on creative, you can record YouTube videos that give people a taste of how they could do it too. Then offer eCourses that go more in depth.

Maybe you are a techie ninja, and you want to give tutorials on YouTube. You can! Then you could also share your knowledge by providing eCourses that give people the inside scoop.

We are also bumping into a lot of different entertainment channels. Many people who have some kind of entertainment channel offer affiliate products, or get sponsor deals.

There is no limit to what you can share with the world, you just have to put your unique stamp on whatever it is you decide to do.

Is a camera upgrade necessary?

For us it was about time we upgraded to a pro rig after the past couples years of filming eCourses, FB Lives, and now YouTube vids with our iPhone 7 Plus. We were ready for those nice blurry backgrounds with us in focus in the foreground. It is also important to us that we have better image stabilization so we don’t make people sick when they watch us walking around filming.

For you… It might not be the right time to invest in a pro vlogger/cinematographer set up… You gotta feel out what investments are right for you in your business in this moment. This is true for all of your small business investments. You will never be able to do all the things, or have all the best things at once. Well maybe one day… If that’s your goal. But think of it this way… It would be like eating all of your favorite foods in one meal. You wouldn’t want that. Life is best served up to us in waves so do things when you can, and when the timing is right.


Which camera upgrade is best?

We chose the Canon 80D after countless hours of research discovering what the big dogs are using to vlog on YouTube that looks soo damn crisp & beautiful! This camera is it!

Certainly something to keep in mind when you want your videos to become found via search. No matter what topic, or niche you are in… If your video & audio quality is good people will be more likely to want to watch your vids, which means Google & YouTube will happily serve up more of  your quality content. Plus there is some other really ninja SEO stuff that we teach in the BEAP Tribe that will help your content get more eyes on it.

I sure know as we have researched other people’s content, we have been sucked into marathon watching just one brilliant creators channel for hours. We realized the quality of the video, even on educational channels makes a big impact on our decision to stay or go. See for yourself what holds your attention.

If there is a lot of b-roll, cuts ins, or simply video in between those who are just a talking heads… (Like we used to be, exclusively…) We were happy to keep watching & watching (FOREVER… Lol). What about you? Let us know what you prefer below in the comments!

How To Roll With The Big Dogs... Camera Upgrade

Ready to step it up with the big dogs, and make a living sharing what you love?

Stepping it up doesn’t have to mean getting a sick new camera. Though it could… It could also mean learning something new that could help you start your online business, or take it to the next level. Maybe you have been putting of investing in yourselves, or some kind of tool that could really help you move forward.

Regardless of where you are right now, it’s all about where you want to go, and what you want to create in life as a whole. Building a business online can be one of the most rewarding experiences, giving you creative freedom to express yourself however you wish, and share your knowledge with the world together.

BUT… It isn’t just about building a business. It’s about doing what you love, with the one you love, so you can create a life you are excited about.

How To Roll With The Big Dogs... Camera Upgrade

As always… Dear couple-preneurs + future couple-preneurs, we are happy to help you along your journey.

Whether you need more info, or advice about your camera upgrade… OR you would like to learn the skills you need to build your very own business online we would love to help you take your life to the next level. Feel free to leave your questions, or comments below.

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Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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