Couple-Preneurs: 7 Signs To Keep Going In Your Online Business

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As soon as you get to the first or one-thousandth hurdle in building your online business, each poses a unique sign to keep going. What’s cool is that each one of these can be overcome, moving you to the next level & on to the next obstacle.

These 7 Signs To Keep Going In Your Online Business are not all encompassing. Rather, they are meant to show you that YES, there will be tough times, and by being persistent, you’ll jump over the hurdle propelling you to new heights.

We would love to know which ones of these you’ve experienced already in the comments below this post. And we’d enjoy hearing any signs to keep going that you’ve experienced, which we didn’t cover.

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1. Keep Going Sign: You’re Facing New Struggles – This means you’re evolving

Whether you’re working towards making your first dollar or your first hundred thousand dollars, as you grow, there’s going to be new struggles that you’ll overcome.

“Every level has another Devil”
– Erin Nicole Bick

The evolution of oneself is by testing new ways of doing things, growing within yourself, and growing a team around you to become more efficient, getting more done in less time. As you are facing new struggles, you’ve probably noticed that you’re doing new things.

I can remember the first website I ever put up for a photographic greeting card business I was launching. I had no idea what I was doing, but I did have an eCourse that I found that walked me through how to code the website.

It was a tough time. There was a ton to learn. I had no idea what I was doing. But, what set my future self apart from my past self was that I had the desire in my mind to make it happen and not pay someone else to do it for me.

Now, you no longer have to know how to code to launch a simple website (luckily), some of our students have launched their website the day they started building it. Get Your Blog On eCourse will walk you through exactly how to set up a simple yet effective website & blog so that you can launch your business online while virtually eliminating the struggle I had to go through (because now you don’t have to code!)

Get Your Blog On - BE Adventure Partners eCourse

2. Keep Going Sign: You Gauge Success by Happiness Instead Of Income

They say that money is a second right after oxygen… Without it, life can be pretty crappy.

For most (including myself) the reason I got into building a business online was to make money. I had a “good” job as a firefighter that paid well, but there was something missing.

More specifically, starting an online business wasn’t JUST to make money… Turns out, the REAL reason was to live a life I am excited about while making a positive impact on those around us.

There’s a defining point where happiness starts to outweigh the need for money. Come to find out, you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel the world, live life on your own terms, and escape the box society tries to keep us in.

That tipping point is easily calculated. Figure out what you need to live each month (don’t count extras… just count the raw bills & food).

That number is your Minimum Feasible Income level. This is the minimum you need to earn to reach that “tipping point” where you now have options in your life (like, if you even want to keep going to a job that you may not enjoy).

When you get to that point, all of a sudden, you start to feel invincible, happier, and you may experience a new perspective on life.

Happiness starts to be an everyday occurrence. The things you’d rather do become more & more each day. And best of all, you get to spend more time with the ones you Love who mean the world to you!

Where do you see yourself going?
Who do you see yourself with?
What impact do you see yourself making?

All of these choices lead to you doing more of what you want in your life, which translates into being happy.


3. Keep Going Sign: You Believe Lessons Lead To Victory

Does the entrepreneurial road have lessons to be learned? You betcha!

Do you believe that with each lesson learned, you’ll get closer to your definition of victory? You betcha for sure!

By knowing that the lessons you experience along your journey will lead to victories, you’re already lightyears ahead of others who have not embraced this yet.

No matter how big or small the lesson, each one leads to a victory of some kind.

I can remember the first time I was learning about autoresponders. Now, if you have no clue what that is yet, at one point I had no clue either.

In a nutshell, an autoresponder is an online tool that sends a pre-written email, or sequence of emails over a period of time, automatically.

So… There I was! Learning about putting together a business online. People had told me that when someone enters an email address into a contact form or to download something you are giving away, send them an email immediately.

This blew my mind because no one I know has the time to sit there & wait for emails to come in, just to send a pre-written email.

THAT was the victory!

Learning what an autoresponder does for you in your online business & learning how to set it up to send out a specific email automatically to someone who wants the information was the small win. We use Kajabi for our autoresponder. 

All the small victories lead to even bigger victories. Keep learning from your lessons and keep track of your wins each week! THAT will help fuel your journey to know you’re actually getting momentum in your life & business online!

Stop trading time for money. Start your dream business.

4. Keep Going Sign: You’re Obsessed With Your Mission

To be obsessed with what you’re creating & the impact you’re making, or going to make, is normal. This is when you’ve got so much drive & determination because what you’re creating, you truly believe in.

Think of that first time you were going to win the love of your Adventure Partner… If you’re anything like us, you probably started to see sparks fly & there wasn’t an ocean that could separate you both. Regardless of where you were, you would make it work! There were things you wanted to learn about each other & you were committed to learning those things.

That’s what being on a mission is all about… Getting in the trenches, learning what needs to be understood so that you can achieve the goals of your mission.

5. Keep Going Sign: You’re Working Harder Than Normal

You know how when you’re interested in something, you tend to go at it longer than you would if you weren’t interested in it?

It’s kind of like when you got that first “good” job. You worked harder, faster, and longer because you really enjoyed what you were doing.

All until you lost the zest.

Maybe it was the co-workers or boss that you no longer can stand…

Or maybe it is that you’ve realized that you’re worth more than what they were paying you…

Or even, there was this itch inside of you that made you feel like there was something more to life than slugging it out at something you no longer had a passion for.

It’s THAT pivotal moment in your life that you start to think, “I should start a simple business online so that I could free up my time, make an impact in the world, and potentially make more cash than I ever dreamed of.”

There’s instant EXTRA fuel in the tank.

You stop buying the BS excuses you used to tell yourself about “I don’t have enough time…” or “I don’t even know how to start a business online…”

Because NOW you have an unwavering desire to make it happen and will stop at nothing (Just like when you were winning the Love of your Adventure Partner! Keep it spicy!)

As I write this, it’s 12:09 am…

Why am I doing this? Because I know that what you read here is putting fuel in your tank. It’s giving you the belief in yourself that’s required of all entrepreneurs.

This is that THING which lets you know that you’re not the crazy one & that there are others like YOU out there.

Yet another reason we started the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. We know it takes courage to keep going. It takes the belief in you from others! And what perfect place than to be surrounded by a community of other entrepreneurs online?

Read More On The Blog: BE Adventure Partners Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs »

Start your trial in the Tribe to see if it is a fit for you & your Adventure Partner so that you can have a place to bounce ideas around, and get your questions answered when the times are tough.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

6. Keep Going Sign: You’re Taking Risks

Everything is a risk. But betting on yourself is the best risk you can take.

As soon as I cleared the patients from the 3-car pile-up on the divided highway and was walking back to the firetruck with the medical bags, I nearly lost my life. The sound of screeching tires & an H2 Hummer was flying in the air at 70 MPH straight at me from across the highway.

Dropping the bags, I ran in the opposite direction as the Hummer hit the high-tension barrier wires and slingshot the truck back onto the other side.

There are risks all around.

“The only thing I’ve ever bet on is myself…”
– Dave Bick

Now, the risks are not as life-threatening. Things like setting up a simple website & blog to offer a product or service that you know will help someone is a safe risk to take.

Creating a resource for people like the Jump Start Your Online Business Tool Kit is a safe risk because we know it’ll help you get to where you want to go.

It’s the safe bets you can make on yourself that you can start even when you are still working at a job.

What risks are you willing to take to live a life you’re excited about?

Jump Start Your Online Biz Toolkit

7. Keep Going Sign: You See The Big Picture & This Is A Stepping Stone

Taking a few minutes to zoom out and see the big picture creates stepping stones for what you should do to get to where you’d rather be.

You become the visionary of what you want to create.

The visionary for your mission.

The impact creator & world shaper!

This is one of those signs that when things get tough, you see that you’re going in the right direction.

It’s the big picture that reminds you to stay the course because the impact you’re making far outweighs the bit of struggle that may be experienced in a moment.

What’s cool is that the big picture helps to keep you & your team focused on what to do each day to continue gaining momentum in your mission. This acts as a guide for you to navigate the rushing waters of the noise from the world around you.

You become a beacon or guiding light to exactly who needs what you offer the most.

Your vision becomes that thing that others latch on to because being part of something bigger than yourself is what makes a movement powerful!

You got this!

In Conclusion…

As you grow your online business, there’s going to be tough times. The signs that pop up remind you to keep going & stay the course. There are people out there relying on what it is that you bring to this world. If you quit, you’re not just quitting for yourself… You’re quitting on your fans, your audience, your customers & clients.

Regardless of who you are or what you’ve been through, there’s a community somewhere out in this massive online jungle where you can grow in yourself, your relationships, and your business online.

Who knows! The Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs just maybe that community & a perfect fit. Start today & BE part of the community. Get the support you need to keep going. Or even learn something new from our growing library of eCourses for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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