How To Be Focused On Your Goal And Eliminate Distraction

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Squirrel! You know that feeling of being distracted by every shiny object & feeling like there’s no way to focus? We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’re going to tackle, together, How To BE Focused On Your Goal AND Eliminate Distraction the “easy” way.

1) Turn Off The…

This seems like the obvious thing to do and is quite arguably the hardest. You’ll see why in a moment…

Find The On/Off Switch & Use It (In the OFF position)

  • TVs
  • Social Media
  • Phone Notifications
  • Game Systems

We bet you didn’t know that these are the TOP distractions to people who are humans.

No kidding!

You know how you become REALLY good at what you practice? (You know that’s true…)

When you practice being constantly distracted by things you have direct control over the on/off switch, you become that devices slave.

And quite frankly, its distracting, preventing YOU from getting to where you are right now, to where you should be.

This was a hard one for me, but now life is soooo much more peaceful (and I get more shit done, which is one of the contributing factors to being able to travel the world full-time).


2) Create Goals You Actually Want

“Dude! I just need money…” Has THAT thought ever ground your gears?

We totally get it… “Cash is King”

But when you become a slave to the fact: “Put in one hour, Get back $[INSERT YOUR HOURLY WAGE]… Stop working… no more cash comes your way”

This is called the “Employee” mindset.

You know it’s time to start setting goals YOU actually want (think past the cash for a moment).

When you create goals that get you excited, WHAT to do to get there starts to reveal itself.

In the money example above, think of this… “When you put in an hour of work, does what you just did continue to create a result after you stopped?”

This was an eye-opener for both Erin and myself, which allows us to stay focused, without feeling distracted (because these goals are BIGGER than just wanting to veg-out watching MythBusters.)

To think that you could continue to get paid for what you already did blew our minds!

Here’s an example of that: “Write a blog post that serves people by giving them value in a topic you love. Search engines continue to serve up that content to people LOOKING for what you wrote about OR when others ask you a question, you can point at the blog post (the resource) that you already wrote giving them the well thought out the answer there.”

Goal Guide for Creators

One more example… “Let’s say you teach people how to play the guitar (or any sort of teaching activity). Instead of trading hours teaching for the lesson fee, record the class, sell them the class (they were going to buy it anyway), and continue doing this for others around the globe.”

This is a way to leverage the ONE resource that is finite (meaning, it is limited, and you cannot make more of it… TIME)

As soon as we learned this simple mindset tweak, we were able to start thinking bigger, as well as helping people all over the globe create simple businesses out of what they love doing.

Now THAT is making a HUGE contribution and a MASSIVE impact!

What impact do you want to make?

3) Develop a Plan (and commit to it)

Creating a simple plan can help reduce distraction & increase focus resulting in massive momentum. (Imagine what THAT would feel like!?)

“A goal without a plan is just a good idea that you’ll never take action on.”
– Brian Garcia

So how do you develop a simple plan (one that’s NOT complicated… We absolutely HATE complicated…) AND make it something you can commit to (You know… so you don’t shit the bed and say F-It after the first couple days)??

Journaling has been the cure-all for this.

I’m not talking abou, “Dear Diary… Today the humidity made my paper soggy…”

However… Erin does like to write about life, which is great if you love to do that!

However, however!! That’s not my personality… I’m more of a bullet point & facts sort of dude.

So I started just keeping track of the following EACH DAY

  • Daily Planning & Intentions
  • ToDo List
  • Top 3 (From ToDo List)
  • Daily Record (of what actually went down)
  • Daily Gratitude
  • Daily WINS (All you want to do is WIN WIN WIN, no matter WHAT WHAT WHAT!)

Alright! This is a start for you…

Your prescription for getting focused without distractions is COMMITTING to doing this for 30 days (then it will be a habit, you’ll look forward to it AND you’ll be surprised at what you accomplished over the month THEN you’re hooked, focused, and distraction-free! Tada!)

The BEAP Road Map

4) Eliminate Excuses

Excuses keep you from getting where you should be… So how do you consciously stop creating roadblocks for yourself unconsciously?

Here are some good ones I used to sell myself (and I actually bought them, until I stopped)

  • I’m tired
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know how to build a website & blog
  • Who would want to listen to me?
  • What would I even write about?
  • I suck at writing
  • Everyone says my idea is a stupid one

There are more excuses I used to sell myself (and I would buy like a bad habit)… but you get the point.

What are you selling yourself that is keeping you from focusing & creating distractions?

Write them all out and give those Son’s of Bitches a name!

5) Immerse yourself in a community who cares

Never did I ever think that BEing part of a community would help hold me accountable!

This is powerful because you start to feel like you actually belong somewhere and are loved!

Before immersing myself in a community, I felt like I was alone on an island of trying to figure out how the heck to put together a blog (which… at the time, was hard as heck! Not no mo… I did a video on how to launch a blog in 15 minutes… It’s sick. Watch it because it’ll help you.)

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

The mentorship from other normal people in the community, cheering me on was more than enough to keep fuel in my tank to keep going even when it got tough (because there were times that I was smacking my head against the wall… figuratively speaking… I didn’t actually do that in real life…)

What A Community Does For You:

  • Provide support
  • Be a sounding board for ideas & what you’re working on
  • Be a place of similar people all on a similar mission in their lives
  • Allow you to get your questions answered by people who have already been there
  • A place to share your wins & gratitude

If you are building a business online, you need a community. It’s a lot more fun than trying to figure it out on your own! Join the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. We have fun, interactive LIVE Campfire Q+A video calls where our members can be themselves & grow their lives, relationships, and businesses! It’s so much fun! See you on the next call!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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  1. Jimmy

    This totally helped me and these are great tips to help me focus! Number three sounds awesome!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Glad you enjoyed this, Jimmy! Message us any time with questions!

  2. Iri

    Awesome post – well set out and easy to follow! I like the way you explain how we sell ourselves excuses and simplify what to write about in your journal. I’m going to read again!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Great to hear you love this, Iri! Journalling will definitely help with focus, and increase what you do day to day so that you can experience more momentum in your life! We love having you in the Tribe!


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