How To Invest In Your Own Business & Supercharge Growth

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In the age of Shiny Object Syndrome because you’re wanting SOMETHING to work, knowing how to invest in your own business online will help supercharge your growth.

Why do you think creating an online business that is actually profitable is so difficult? Or is it? The answers will pop out to you by the end of this article. You just may find that ONE THING that you’ve been missing, which could change the course of your life.

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Infusing Your Mind With Greatness

Your mind is like a sponge. When you have a dry sponge, and place it on a liquid, it soaks up that liquid. The sponge doesn’t discriminate.

When you put a sponge in water, it soaks up the water…
When you put the sponge in vinegar, it soaks up the vinegar…
When you put the sponge in toxic waste, it soaks up the toxic waste…

“Personal development is for crazy people…”
– Brian Garcia

This is probably one of the best ways to supercharge your growth & is one of the KEY factors that I always wondered about when trying to figure out how to invest in my own business.

What’s even cooler is that this may be something you’ve been missing too…

It was November of 2015 when I started my first online business. One of my mentors said that in order to grow in your business, you must grow in yourself FIRST by infusing your mind with greatness.

That was a pivotal moment because it’s not that I was “crazy” institutionally speaking…

It was that in order to become the person who can run a business online, I must BECOME a person who is capable of running the online business.

I was hooked!

It was as if the secret to the Universe had just been given to me.

So… What did I do?

I started to infuse my mind with greatness!

How did I do it?

By investing in my own business in the form of books & audiobooks.

Remember how your mind is like a sponge? By infusing your mind with principles that allow business owners to grow in their minds will help to keep your head in the game when the going gets tough.

You need to keep your head on straight when people like your friends, family, and acquaintances negatively influence your decision to stick with your plan, so you can build your dream business online.

We know that they have “good intentions” but if your Uncle Bob has never built a successful business online, does his opinion on success in the online business space really weighted in your favor?

Or would the opinions of people who are ACTUALLY running full-time businesses online be worth more?

That’s YOUR choice.

Quite frankly, I would do whatever it took to make my dreams come true (which I have because both Erin and I travel full-time with our business online and we believe you could too.)

To infuse our minds with greatness, we like to read books & listen to audiobooks.

Here are a few books to get you started:

Attending LIVE Events & Workshops

Besides infusing your mind with greatness, another great way to know how to invest in your own business is to attend live events & workshops.

Before learning about how businesses actually work online, I used to think that live events & workshops were all hype.

It depends on what type of events you go to.

If it is an “Opportunity Meeting” that you were drug to for some sort of network marketing company… Yeah… It probably is going to have a lot of hype – Their goal is to sell you something or enroll you as a rep.

I know this because Erin & I BOTH used to do things like that (thankfully, not any longer – We wanted a business online where people would find us & we didn’t have to drag people to meetings that we didn’t even like going to… If you’re in that boat right now, there’s hope… Both Erin & I are proof!)

Not saying Network Marketing companies are bad… They have great products & services. But the way they taught how to build a business was not going to give us the flexibility and freedom we were looking for.

Mindset For Success

The LIVE workshops & events that we found to be the most helpful are the ones that are designed to give you a result by the end… OR they are for a specific business purpose.

Some examples would be if you’re wanting to learn more about online marketing, find an event that focuses on marketing.

If you’re wanting to learn about creating a better YouTube channel, attend a video related event.

If you’re wanting to learn about brand creation, attend a workshop focused on building brands…

The list could go on, but you get the point.

Invest your time and money in things that are directly related to creating the result you are wanting.

Investing in eCourses

The single fastest way to get to where you want to go in anything is to invest in an eCourse on that topic.

There’s one caveat to this though… Just buying the eCourse is NOT a “Golden Ticket…”

It takes work…
Definiteness of Purpose…
Will Power…
Desire to achieve a specific outcome & the unwillingness to quit when it gets hard!

If you’re wanting to know how to invest in your own business, investing in eCourses specific to the result you’re wanting to create is essential in any entrepreneur’s life.

What’s cool is that it’s no longer necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars at a four-year University.

The ability to take an eCourse on your time, in between waking up, going to work, getting off work, and going to bed, you can now focus your time on learning & implementing what you learn, as you learn it.

The BEAP Road Map

Common concerns people have…

“I don’t have enough time…”
“I’m too busy…”
“I don’t have the technical skills”

Luckily, we all have the same 24 hours in a day (so if TIME is an issue or you’re too busy, simply take an inventory of WHERE you’re spending your time… I’m sure you’ll find some if you REALLY want to create a business online.)

Now, “technical skills” could be a barrier. Not going to lie! Neither of us were good computer programmers or went to University for marketing. This just reinforces the fact that technical skills are not required to create a website & blog or set up your product or service online.

The #1 All-In-One Knowledge Commerce Platform We Recommend »

If the former knuckle-dragging firefighter & the blonde hairstylist could figure it out, you’ve got it made too!

So how did we do it?

We invested in eCourses that taught us how to do certain things online, like build a simple website that can accept credit cards and create valuable info that helps people in the personal development & online business space. We even found eCourses that showed how to create our social media business pages.

So… If you can press play, watch a video, pause the video, implement what you learned, press play again, and keep on repeating… Guess what? In a matter of a month or more (or sooner), you could have your business set up online!

If you’re wanting a step-by-step plan for creating a business online around YOUR idea, then you’re going to want to get access to the BEAP Road Map. This will walk you through setting up your business online.

Dan T BEAP Online Business Big Picture

Getting Coaching & Mentorship

I would say coaching & mentorship was one of the best investments of our own business online.

Now, we’re not talking about getting a coach in just anything… What we mean is find an area of your business (or future business) that needs improving and hire a coach, so you can improve upon THAT.

Here are some examples…

If you’re running Facebook ads and they’re not doing what you want – Get a coach who specializes in running Facebook ads.

If you’re needing help with personal development, breaking down barriers in your mind that’s been keeping you stuck – Get a coach who specializes in personal development.

If you don’t have a business online yet and want personalized attention in what you want to create – Get a coach who specializes in online business development.

There are all sorts of different coaches you can use. Be sure that you are focused on the outcome you want to achieve & match that with a coach that can offer you help in that area.

Now, one-on-one coaching is a bigger investment because those coaches are spending time specifically with you. So, it’s normal to spend several thousand dollars on a program.



We’ve invested $30k between 2017-2018 alone for specialized online business coaching. Does everyone need to invest that much? Nope!

The reason we did is that we had specific goals we wanted to achieve and that investment made sense at that time to get to where we wanted to go, faster.

TIME is the one thing you can’t make more of. So, when it comes to getting a coach, they should be able to compress the amount of time to get the result you’re looking for (because they’ve been there, done that!)

Group Coaching is another option. Often, it’ll be minimal investment, although it would be in a “group” environment.

Imagine going to the Yoga Studio for a class. There’s generally one instructor, and a class of 20-40 people (or more, or less… depends on the class). Everyone pitches in $20 bucks to take the 60-minute session.

The reason the investment is lower is that it’s one instructor to many students at one time ($20 x 40 students = $800)

That instructor just earned $800 for the hour. Crazy, right?

THAT is a prime example of “Group Coaching.” Less investment per person, but many people investing equals higher pay for the instructor.

Take, for example, the $30k we invested over a one-year period. $30k / 52 weeks = $576.92/weekly one-hour session.

Instead of investing in a GROUP session, the instructor or coach still earned a fair wage for their expertise.

This can be applied to any situation.

If you cannot afford the one-on-one approach, find a program that allows you to be one of the many in the session.

We do provide one-on-one coaching for people wanting personalized attention on creating a business online. Check out the details HERE on our Coaching Page to see if it will be a fit for you.

Now, if you’re wanting to be in more of a group setting, we have a weekly Campfire Q+A where we jump on a Zoom Video Call with entrepreneurs from around the globe. This is a fun place where you can get your questions answered as they come up each week.

All of our Tribe Members get access to the weekly Campfire Q+A along with online business building eCourses, community, and support you need to keep your head in the game & not quit short of accomplishing your goals. Check out the details HERE on our Tribe Page to see if it is a fit for your situation.

In Conclusion…

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and are unsure how to invest in your own business online, the tips we’ve covered here will supercharge your growth! I wish I had someone in my life when I started my business online who believed in me. It would have helped big time!

That’s why I surrounded myself with a community of other entrepreneurs. This led me to meet the love of my life, Erin Nicole Bick, and allowed me to quit my 9-year career as a firefighter so that I could finally live a happy, fulfilled life. This all happened because I had others who believed in me in the community.

This is why we invite you to BE part of our online community, The Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. So you can get to where you’re wanting to go, faster & supercharge your growth, by building a simple, yet effective, business online that could allow you to live like no one else!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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