How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

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A recent study shows that more unaccomplished goals are made each year than achieved. Why is it that this epidemic of non-achievement is so rampant?

Today, we are going on a mission to put an end to that by showing you exactly how to set goals you’ll actually achieve (even if you’ve had a lackluster goal setting track record.)

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Decide What You Want

To set goals you can actually achieve starts with your DESIRE. In the book, Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about how you must have a burning desire in your mind before you will ever achieve what you want.

This means you’ve got to make a decision on what it is that you truly want.

Recently we ran a survey asking our audience what their goals are for 2019.

Here are a few of their responses (to get your goal setting ideas flowing):

  • To secure steadier clientele
  • To finally be out of debt and learn how to build a business online
  • Start something new
  • Make money online
  • Create income from home
  • To travel more with my husband & children
  • To get healthy
  • Go to one new place and earn more than last year
  • Spend more time with my fiancé and less time working
  • To have my own business
  • To start a creative business
  • Become debt-free
  • Become profitable
  • Be healthier & wealthier
  • Continue to grow my business and travel


You can see in these responses the DESIRE our audience has for a common thread of things is congruent.

Goal Setting - Get To Work!

Goal setting commonalities:

  • Make money online (from home or anywhere)
  • Travel (BE where you want & experience more)
  • Spend more time with loved ones (less time working)
  • Build a business online (or grow & scale your current business)
  • Become healthier (To be vital so you can do more)


When you boil down what people want, even more, there are only a few categories to set goals in:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Freedom
  • Experiences
  • Love

Take Action!
Write out what your DESIRES are for 2019. You may have seen a few from our example above and that’s great! This list you create is important for the next step.

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Make A Plan To Achieve That Goal

A goal without a plan is a dream that will never come true. But today, we are working together to crush dreams & make them a reality (because THAT’S what you really want, right?)

It’s time to make a plan to achieve those goals!

You know how each January, people “turn over a new leaf” by saying “I’m going to set these goals this year…”

And then the next January rolls around only to disappoint because those goals were nowhere close to be achieved?

This is NORMAL and it’s not your fault.

We’re not taught how to turn dreams into actionable goals that can be accomplished.

Remember as a kid you told your parents or some other “authority” figure that you wanted to “Be an astronaut…” or you wanted to “travel the world…” or even “help others in need…”

Only to have that “dream” immediately crushed by your parents or someone else saying “stop dreaming… you’ll never be able to do that…”

That hurt, didn’t it?

Well… When you’re in the Tribe, you’ll never be told that your dream cannot come true (because it can).

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More importantly, all dreams are possible when you have a very specific plan to achieving them.

Let’s break down one example of a dream (that most people say is not possible) and show you how to make it possible. Sound good?

In this example, let’s say your goal is to earn $100,000 per year.

Working an hourly job @ $25/hr 40hr/week will only get you about half way there.

So how do you accomplish that without having to work 80hrs/week?

You start a business online where you offer something people need.

If you’re taking notes, you are already outlining the PLAN!

Now, what would you need to sell in order to make that $100k/year your reality?

Anything… It can be anything that you have a passion for (don’t try to sell something you don’t care about… it won’t work)

Brian and Erin - Bogotá, Colombia

The key is to know your price point.

In this example we’ll say you’re selling a digital eCourse because creating eCourses around what you love is simpler than warehousing physical products and all you need to make it happen is your smartphone (or video camera) and a laptop (which most everyone already has).

If you sold your eCourse @ $10/each, you’d have to sell 10,000 units (which is approximately 28 sales a day)

But if you sold your eCourse for $100/each, you’d have to sell just 1,000 units or approximately 3 units/day

What’s even cooler is that if your eCourse is an Ultimate Blueprint of some kind that is completely comprehensive, then you can charge even more because of its increased value. If you sold them for $1,000/each, you’d have to sell just 100 units which is approximately 1 every 3 days.

As you can see, when you have set a goal that is measurable, you can work backward to see what needs to be done to accomplish it.

Here’s where most fall into the trap of not achieving their goals… You tell yourself, “Self… I want to earn $100,000 independently this year on the side of my normal job.”

And then a year passes. You didn’t achieve it.


Because a goal without a plan is just a dream you’ll never achieve.

Goal Setting - Set A Plan

True Story… Erin and I started creating our business, BE Adventure Partners, because we wanted to quit our jobs & travel more. So we set up a plan to make it happen.

First, we decided on what we wanted to do (we both already had businesses online when we met, so we decided that fusing our ideas together and focus on one business would be best use of our time).

Erin is into personal development and I’m into that as well but also love building things. It just made sense to fuse the ideas together to create our brand that promotes your ability to BE where you want, when you want.

Second, we spent 10 months creating our website, social media pages, putting together content and learning how to leverage the power of the internet so that we can free up our time allowing us to travel full-time.

Read more about our Creation Story »

Take Action!
From the list you made from the last step, create a plan for achieving those goals. Sometimes one goal is dependent on achieving another first. So sort your goals in the order that makes most sense.

If one of the goals is to travel more and the funds aren’t available, you may have to start with a financial goal to create the funds. Once the funds are available, then you’ll be able to set a plan for traveling more!

Take Consistent Action Towards Your Goals Each Day

This is exciting! So far you have written down a list of your goals followed by creating a plan to achieve them.

The next part that prevents people from achieving their goals is taking consistent actions daily towards those goals.

I know this sounds lame… Of course, you’re going to take consistent action because you REALY want those goals. Right?

But think about how life gets away from us. A long week at work followed by the weekend partying leads to nothing being done all week long towards accomplishing your goal.

Here are some consistent actions we take that allows us to travel full-time while helping you out with where you’re at (so you can get to where you want to be). The Tribe Membership gives you the methods for doing all of this:

  • Create a brand & know who you are going to serve
  • Create a website that clearly speaks to your ideal audience & offers something that will help them
  • Blog 3x per week
  • YouTube video 3x per week
  • Consistent social media posts to engage with our audience

Keep in mind… There’s two of us working on this, so doing 3 blog posts AND 3 videos per week can be a lot for one person. But if you’re doing this as a dynamic duo or couplepreneur, then this is totally doable.

The key, though, is to be consistent.

Take Action!
Based on what your goals are, write out what actions you’ll commit to in order to turn your goals into reality. The more consistent you are, the faster you’ll achieve your goals.

Goal Setting - Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

You cannot achieve that which you do not track. PERIOD.

Up until now, you’ve set your goals, you’ve made a plan of action and you’ve committed to be consistent.

The last piece of “setting goals you can actually achieve” puzzle is tracking your progress.

This is where progress & momentum is experienced because by documenting your actions you’re able to actually see how far you’ve come to achieving your goals.


So how do you track your progress?

Do it in a way that is easiest for you to be consistent with.

Here are a few options for tracking:

  • Trello
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Moleskine Journal

We use a combination of the tracking tools above.

Using Trello, we’re able to brainstorm what needs to be done, rearrange things, and both Erin & I are able to update the same boards from our laptops or iPhones.

Google Calendar is great for when you want to schedule activities & look at them on a timeline.

Like Trello, Google Docs is a way that we can either use a document or spreadsheet to track our progress. Using G Suite we’re able to both be on the documents as a team and make updates even if both of us have them open.

Our favorite is to use our Moleskine Journals. There’s something about physically writing out your goals and tracking them inside a journal.

We both track progress by year, quarter, month, week, and day.

Here’s how that plays out. At the beginning of the year, we make annual goals separately, then we come together to see where we are in alignment. It’s crazy to see how similar our goals are.

Then we break the BIG annual goals down into quarters. This way we are able to get a more tangible grasp on what needs to be done in those chunks.

Next up, we break the quarterly goals into monthly goals. A month is a great time frame because they seem to fly by so seeing progress is very nice to feel!

The month is broken down into weekly goals where we can really get granular in seeing what needs to be done each day.

In Conclusion…

This, my friend, is exactly how to set goals you’ll actually achieve. If you followed along, you’re going to be able to start blowing your goals out of the water and living a life that you actually want to live.

Having accountability helps. If you are like most people and need that extra help, get access to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. You’ll get access to all the support you need along with the eCourses that will show you a simple yet effective method to launching, growing & scaling your business online.

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So if you have the excuse “I don’t have the skills to start a business online” our Tribe membership will turn that into “I’m so glad I got my Tribe membership! Putting a business together online is a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be!”

Get started today so you get the support you need all year long.

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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    I love watching your travels and hearing your tips! I can’t wait to get my goals in order!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Glad you’re enjoying watching our travels, Lisa! After chatting the other day, you are well on your way on your goals and we’re super stoked to see you building your biz towards them! Great job!


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