How To Simply Rewire Your Brain For Success

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The words “rewire your brain for success” can seem kind of daunting. It sounds technical, and like it might be a hard grueling journey. Sure it could be… BUT once you know this simple technique you will always have it with you to use when you need it.

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Understanding how your brain is wired…

Think about your thoughts for a moment. We have learned to categorize them into two buckets: Good & Bad. Within those two buckets, there are an endless amount of feelings we can place into the good bucket or the bad bucket.

How To Simply Rewire Your Brain For Success

Where do you find your brain focusing most often? Are you focusing on good feeling thoughts, or bad ones?

No judgement here. What I want to bring to your attention is an awareness of how you feel, based on what you think about. Think something once, and it is just a thought. Keep thinking it again, and again… It starts to become a habit. Focus on it for years, and it becomes part of your personality. It can be easy to get caught up in replay thoughts, that won’t seem to quit. BUT you don’t have to stay there. I’m gonna show you a technique that Brian + I have really learned to love, and has helped us incredibly. Shift out of negative habits, so they don’t become part of your personality.

What exactly does rewire your brain for success mean?

It means no matter what has happened to you in your life, that you have the power to think NEW more empowering thoughts. This goes for any condition.

  • If you feel fat you cannot feel thin.
  • If you feel poor, you cannot feel abundant.
  • If you are filled with anger, you cannot feel happy.
  • If you don’t love yourself, you will not attract true love.
  • If you feel like a loser, you can’t attract success.

BUT what if the cards are stacked against you?

Something I have learned after pouring my soul into personal development is that… The only cards stacked against us, are the ones we keep placing there.

If you have ever read any of my other blog posts you have likely heard me talk about my biggest “thing” or problem I have faced is the feeling of not being good enough. You might be reading this thinking… That’s it? Get over yourself. BUT here’s the thing. No matter how big, or how small the “thing” is that each of us faces… We can either decided to put a magnifying glass to it OR choose to take control of our minds and think in a new direction.

I realize some people are born into terrible situations that most of us can’t imagine. BUT there are some really inspiring stories where the odds seem stacked against someone and they barreled through and turned into a huge success. That wasn’t luck. It was likely because those people changed how they were thinking. They stopped focusing on the past and started thinking about the future they wanted to have. Then they took inspired action towards their goals.


The simple technique that changed everything…

I have listened to Esther/Abraham Hicks since I was 22. The message has always been the same. They have been beating the same drum since the mid-’80s… BUT I finally heard it the message in a new way that really sunk in.

Abraham said something like this: “You need to care about how you feel. If focusing on being thin is too much of a stretch, or focusing on being rich is too far from where you are in this moment, then focus on your vitality. Focus on gratitude & abundance.”

It is pretty much impossible to feel down when you focus on gratitude. So I started focusing on being grateful for my vitality, and the energy that runs through my body without me asking. I started to notice all I have in my life and began to show gratitude for everything. From people to experiences, to the simplest little things that I was taking for granted.

Could you rewire your brain for success…

This may seem woo woo to you, but once I started to pay attention to how I feel in each moment, of each day… Something changed inside of me. When I feel grumpy, anxious, depressed, or jealous… I don’t let it last long anymore because I am aware of how I feel. The moment I catch myself lingering in a low vibration (or a crappy state of mind) I know I have the power to change how I feel. It’s on me! No one else.

Here are a few things you can do:

MOVE your body.
Get your heart rate up, and let the energy flow through you. Feel your heartbeat, and your breath quicken. Moving your body is the fastest way out of a shitty mood because you begin to focus on movement instead of thoughts.

Get outside.
Notice how amazing mother nature is. Bask in her beauty. BE grateful for the wind on your skin, the sun on your face, the way the leaves sound in the trees, or how the snow feels crunching under your feet. Mother nature will scoop you up, and soon you will let go of those repetitive thoughts that aren’t serving your forward momentum.

Shift your thoughts.
Thinking about your goal can sometimes seem far, and out of reach. It is a lot simpler to reach for a thought that is closer to how you feel at the current moment. So if you feel depressed, the idea of feeling happy could feel more annoying than anything. So what if you focused on anger for a second? Don’t linger there too long… BUT sometimes it feels good to be angry. Then what if you felt hopeful that you would soon feel better… MmMmm that feels a bit better. Doesn’t it? Easing your way into a better feeling is way better than forcing yourself into a feeling that is out of reach.

Give yourself the space to BE quiet for 15 – 30 minutes a day. Close your eyes, breath deeply. Focus on your third eye or the space between your brows. Feel the air flowing in and out of your nostrils. Bask in the feeling of stillness. Focus on your vitality, gratitude, and abundance all around you. Thoughts will come & go. That’s totally normal. Put on some chill instrumental music & keep practicing. You will soon reach a space where you feel light, and insights will come to you. You will start attracting more of what you want because you are more calm & clear.

You can also check out Esther & Jerry Hicks book with accompanying meditation cd. This is where I began my meditation journey years ago, and I still love it. (I know… I know, CDs are old school, but let us know what you think if you get it.)

Things will feel less hard when you take control of your mind…

I promise you I am not perfect, and this isn’t always easy. The simple idea of taking note of how I feel is a constant reminder to me in each moment. This has caused a massive shift in my moods. When I feel crappy I now know I need to move my body, get outside, shift my thoughts, journal, or meditate.

Like I mentioned before… Even a subtle shift of energy to a better feeling thought is enough to start moving you towards the feelings you want to have. SO imagine what you can do with this technique when you already feel great?

The magic of rewiring your brain for success…

The magic comes when you realize you feel happy. Bask in that emotion. Think about your surroundings, where happiness came from, and give thanks. This will cause a ripple effect in your daily experiences. Success isn’t reaching the final goal, it’s enjoying the journey to the goal. Acknowledging things are getting easier will attract more of what you want to you.

So BE mindful of how you feel always. I certainly hope this technique attracts beautiful experiences into your life. I know it has helped my love Brian + I tremendously. Let us know what you think in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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Erin Nicole Bick

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