How To Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Dreams

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Without getting into any woo-woo stuff, I used to never believe in how to use the law of attraction to manifest dreams because it sounded like a bunch of hype.

At least I thought that to be the case until something happened in three areas of my existence that I couldn’t explain, other than giving credit to the law of attraction. So, I did what anyone who doubted it & I started to give the principles on the law of attraction some attention to see what else I could do with it.

The three areas I experimented in are life, relationship and online business.

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Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work In Your Life… Until…

Until you focus on what you want… (re-read that line)

Now to lay out the foundation, think of what Esther Hicks said from channeling her spirit guides Abraham…

You cannot have what you want, because you focus more on what you don’t want.

As you read this post, THINK about what you want and let the things that you do not want to stop flooding your mind. Pay no attention to them because you don’t want them.

Let’s continue together…

What’s either terrible or terribly awesome about the law of attraction is that regardless of if you pay attention to it, or not, it is constantly working for you (or against you)…

Here’s what I mean…

There are many parts of life that the law of attraction is working.

One time, before I believed in LOA, I was looking for a new pickup truck and was researching online. Before long, I found one that I liked based on the capabilities. It was the Ford F150 Eco Boost 4×4.


Ford F150 Pickup Truck


The moment I put my mind to it that THIS was the exact truck I wanted to buy, all of the sudden, everywhere I looked THAT truck was there.

To top it off, I couldn’t afford it at the time because the way I wanted it outfitted would have made it a $60k vehicle! At the time, I was a firefighter and didn’t have a ton of extra “play money” hanging around (probably because I didn’t manifest it into my existence yet).

When I was at the dealer just to take a look, it was as if the Universe was smiling on me. They just so happened to be running a sale, my trade-in was worth a little bit and I was able to talk them down even lower, bringing the truck’s sticker price down to $40k, which was EXACTLY what I could afford at the time!


Now, I know THAT’s not the best example… But who here wants their dream car? Raise your hand and say “I”!

But it was at that time because I didn’t believe in the law of attraction and it was my focused thought towards that which I wanted that put that THING in my existence.

It was a pretty sweet truck… I actually sold it with my American Dream right before Erin and I started traveling full-time in April 2017!

As time went on, how to use the law of attraction started to become more evident, and I started to become more open to the possibility that our thoughts mixed with definiteness of purpose are huge contributing factors to manifesting our dreams.


Brian Garcia & Erin Nicole Bick - BE Adventure Partners

The Law of Attraction In Relationships

You attract that which you desire… In a partner… In a friend… In acquaintances…

Now, this is one that has pulled on my heartstrings so many times and the law of attraction proved to be right every time.

When you focus on what you don’t want in someone, it seems as if THOSE are the only people that show up in your life.

So how do you attract what you DO want without having any of the bad stuff happen (like getting cheated on, verbally or emotionally abused, or being taken for granted?)

By going back to the foundation… Focus on what you DO want…

After being in failed relationships, I found that I was focusing on what I didn’t want in a partner and THAT is what dominated the relationship. That resulted in unhappiness and feeling rejected.

This all changed once I went through a divorce.

I stopped looking for someone who would be good for me AND not cheat on me, lie to me, or be fake to me.

Rather, I started focusing on the things that I value in a partner… Love, trust, belief, enthusiasm, adventurous spirit, entrepreneurial, health-conscious, wanting to become better in themselves with personal development, someone who would want to cook with me, and most of all… someone who would enjoy going through life by my side as an equal.

It was the moment that I stopped looking for a partner and started focusing on growing in myself that Erin appeared in my life.

This was just another piece of proof to me that it is possible to learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest a life, relationship & online business you love!

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How To Use The Law of Attraction To Grow Your Online Business

We cannot sit and wish something into existence without taking action with definiteness of purpose.

If I sit here and just wish, and wish, and wish for a meal & water, in less than two weeks of doing nothing, I’d be dead.

So what does this mean for your online business?

If we just sat here WISHING that we had an online business and did not take specific actions known for building a business online, then in just a couple weeks we still wouldn’t have a business.

Now that we know that there’s an action that must be taken to make things happen, here’s how to use the law of attraction to grow your online business.

You start out with your IDEA that you want a business online.

Then you move into the part where you see whether or not your idea can make money. To do this, simply do a Google search of your idea. See if anyone else is blogging about it and what they are offering. If you’re coming up empty-handed, then you may need to refine your search or you may be breaking ground on a niche that no one is trying to make money online with yet… It’s better if there are already people doing business in the niche because that means there are already buyers there!

Pro Tip: When you’re in Google search, type in “blog: YOUR IDEA” – If your idea is “Organic Gardening”, you’d search “blog: organic gardening” (without the quotation marks)

Google Search - Organic Gardening - How To Use Law Of Attraction

Now that you know that there’s a market for what you’re wanting to create online, build out your website & start attracting an audience. For detailed eCourses on how to build your online business, try out the BEAP Tribe Membership.

Sitting on the sidelines, wishing your online business would just happen, or spending your time looking for some sort of get-rich-quick scheme will not make it happen.

It’s your IDEA that you want to start earning an independent living! You know that you’re willing to put in the consistent work necessary to build it is the only way that it will happen. By doing this, you could design your lifestyle the way YOU want it to BE! (How would THAT feel? Pretty awesome, right?)

We believe in you!

In Conclusion…

Learning how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams begins with the realization that what we focus on becomes our reality, even if it is something that we really don’t want. When we start to focus only on that which we want AND put forth concentrated, a consistent effort towards it, then the stars will line up in our favor!

Keep making forward progress! Keep learning! Keep applying! And most importantly… Keep making an impact with what you do! When you help others get what they want, you’ll naturally get what you want. It’s the law of attraction (It’s not our law… We didn’t make it up… We just figured out how to leverage it to manifest the life we want so we can BE where we want, when we want!)

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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