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Little did we know that our afternoon at Pozo Azul in Minca, Colombia was going to push Erin’s limits beyond her comfort zone (and me too!) What will this transformation from our adventure at Pozo Azul Waterfalls reveal?

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Opportunity To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The day started earlier than usual. Enjoying our usual relaxing morning of yoga, meditation and journaling wasn’t in the cards.

We had an adventure to go on! With every adventure is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. Consequently, we never know what’s going to be around the next corner (which is part of the excitement!)

First, we stopped at the beautiful La Victoria coffee farm that has been surviving independently off the grid, completely self-sufficient in terms of water, electricity & waste since 1892. Check out part 1 of the adventure »

After we were well caffeinated, our driver, Jorge, took us to one of the hottest attractions in the area – Pozo Azul Waterfalls located in the beautiful Minca, Colombia.

Pozo Azul - Waterfalls in Minca


Keep reading to see how to get to Pozo Azul in Minca.
We’ve included some directions & a map. Also, if you’re Googling to find Pozo Azul, you’ll notice that there’s a Pozo Azul Santa Marta AND Pozo Azul Minca… There isn’t a Pozo Azul in Santa Marta, Colombia, which is the coastal city 45-60 minutes away from Pozo Azul Waterfall that is actually located in Minca, Colombia).

As we hiked to Pozo Azul for 20 minutes from where we parked, the calm of nature surrounded us. Exotic birds like the Oropéndola (Wiki) with their dark brown bodies & bright yellow tails were chirping in the trees.

Pozo Azul Oropendola

Small streams gracefully meandered through their usual path like they have been doing any other Monday over the past hundreds of years. All the while, butterflies floated on their shimmering wings fluttering around in the sunlight.

Arriving at the lower pool of Pozo Azul Waterfalls is where our comfort zones started to be pushed.

There are not any public facilities to change from your hiking gear into your bathing suits. Certainly not a roadblock for either Erin or myself. We feed off of pushing our limits, although this particular one wasn’t that difficult to overcome.

Pozo Azul, Minca Colombia - Brian and Erin


Push Yourself & Grow

Skillfully wrapping ourselves in a towel & doing the “Clark Kent into a phonebooth to change into Superman” maneuver, we both quickly switched our adventure attire to suit this adventure’s conditions – Bikini for Erin & Surfer Shorts for me.

As we changed on the shore, we didn’t quite realize that we were being eaten alive by sandflies, which in this area are barely visible to the naked eye.

Onward & upward! Growing & evolving within yourself. That’s what it’s all about (sang in the tune of “Hokey Pokey.”)

Shortly after this is when Erin’s limits began being pushed.

Pozo Azul - Erin Climbing Rocks

The rocks were slippery and the higher we hiked along the stream they only grew larger into boulders.

Not having a solid footing & continuing higher, we had to scramble up a few steep slopes to go from the lower pool up to the second higher pool. With every slippery step was a root jutting out from the cliffside as if they were nature’s handrails.

Don’t stop there… Most people stay at the first & second pool because they are the easiest to get to.

This secret is going to help you to push your limits so that you can experience the tranquility that others won’t (because you have this hot tip!)

There are a couple more pools past the first two that are quiet and only other adventurers who push their limits will be there.

Little did I know that Erin’s legs were shaking in fear as I encouraged her to go to the next level.

Regardless of what you’re doing in life, if you’re pushing your limits, you will grow.

Imagine if you stayed stagnant because you built the “safe” environment that most other people in society deem “the way” that life should be lived or even the “American” or “Canadian” Dream…

By pushing your limits, you’re able to achieve things that you never thought possible.

This allows you to grow within yourself to accomplish things like building a business online so that you can BE where you want, when you want. Consequently, you earn the freedom of choice that others don’t have the pleasure of experiencing UNLESS they too push their limits.

Erin and I both come from the working-class background. You work for 20, 30 or even 40 years to hopefully receive a pension or you’ve saved in an individual retirement account of some kind. And the goal… to RETIRE…

It took me 30 years to realize that I have a choice! It’s not that I didn’t enjoy being an employee, considering I was an amazing one!

The reality of it all was that I wanted to write my own ticket & not rely on the uncertainty of an employer to keep me on for decades.

“The only horse I’ve ever betted on was myself” – Dave Bick, Entrepreneur & Erin’s Dad

For me, it took the adversity and contrast of slugging it out for the man to realize that I was worth more & had the ability to start a business online (because I had a laptop & smartphone.)

Erin had the encouragement from her father who after 25 years of “stability” found himself without a job because his employer shut down shop. That kick in the pants launched his Heating & Cooling business which has become a household name in their town.

Slippery Paths Turn Weakness Into Strength

It’s not that the path up river right was impossible. Rather, it is just difficult until belief in yourself & your abilities creates the strength needed to confidently proceed.

With every step, Erin continued to make progress up the steep slippery path to the ultimate goal – Arriving to the tranquil higher pools & waterfalls of Pozo Azul.

Your path is unique as it is your own. However, there’s similarities in all of our paths.

We’re all humans with 24 hours in a day looking to minimally fulfill Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Wiki) within our own lives. For some, this is enough. However, if you’re feeling stuck in a box, you know you’re meant for more, which is why you’re reading this.

With these similarities of our paths, each of us have experienced and have been exposed to different situations. As we experience more, we grow just as our abilities do too.

Guiding the way while encouraging Erin’s progress, we made it to the top of the next two pools where we were all alone.

The only thing that could be heard was the rushing of water gently cascading over the smooth boulders into the pools below. Birds played in the air and amongst the trees as leaves lightly floated from up high down to the river below, only to take a new path riding as a passenger on the water’s surface tension.

Nature teaches us that through the forces that created the landscapes we are privileged to experience, so do we get to shift & pivot taking form from the pressure experienced in our existence. As a result, we have the freewill to decide what to do next.

Should we keep growing?

Or are we going to stay in a lackluster life, unfulfilled & constantly wanting to experience more, but too scared to stretch out by pushing our limits of our numbed comfort zones?

The choice is yours and yours alone.


Pozo Azul - Erin Walking On Path


What Is Pozo Azul Waterfalls?

“Pozo Azul” is Spanish for “Blue Well”

Now, you’re not going to find blue water here (it’s green). However, you’ll get to experience the fresh, clean, clear and very cold water of Pozo Azul in Minca.

This area in Minca, Colombia has become very popular to tourists. The best time to go is during the weekdays and avoid the weekend crowds.

How To Get To Minca’s Pozo Azul Waterfalls

There are a couple ways to get to Pozo Azul Waterfalls in Minca, Colombia.

Pozo Azul Waterfalls, Minca, Colombia

Explore the Pozo Azul Waterfalls in Minca, Colombia. The water is clean, crisp & cold! Enjoy the experience!

How To Get to Pozo Azul In Minca from Santa Marta by Car

The first, is by car. This is how we arrived. From El Centro in Santa Marta, Colombia, the ride was about 24 km, which took about an hour to drive.

Our driver took his taxi on the dirt roads once arriving in Minca. These roads are pretty rough & look as if 4×4 is required.

Hiking from Minca to Pozo Azul

The same route our driver took in the car, you could also hike. We hear that hike can take 1-2 hours. If you’re on a budget, time isn’t an issue AND you like hiking in the sweltering heat, go for it!

Just get your driver to drop you off in the town of Minca and start following the signs for Pozo Azul.

Taking The Mototaxi from Minca to Pozo Azul

We learned from some locals that in the last few years, the mototaxis (which are 2-wheeled dirt bikes) have increased from only a handful to over 120 actively working each day.

These guys are really inexpensive and cost only around 5,000 COP (about $1.50 USD) from Minca to Pozo Azul. They can get you there in just about 15 minutes, dropping you off right at the waterfalls.

To find the mototaxi, simply go to Minca and you’ll see them EVERYWHERE. Just ask one of them for a ride & negotiate the price before you jump on.

In Conclusion…

Regardless of what season you are in life & your experiences, there’s always opportunities to push your limits. In order to continue growing, we must constantly seek out new experiences that will allow us to be subjected to things we’re not comfortable with. This can be one of the most exhilarating things you’ll experience in life because it’s the pressure of learning that pushes us to achieve more.

What are you wanting out of life? The Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs could help be that guide to push you to learn something new so you can BE where you want, when you want.

Brian Garcia

Until Next Time!
Adventure On... Adventure On! 
- Brian Garcia

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