Your Relationship Blueprint To Building A Business You Will Love

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If you’re building an online business with the one you love, you likely have a strong vision of creating a life you are both really excited about. The truth is… Building a business together isn’t always easy. That’s why we want to share with you our relationship blueprint so you can build an awesome business together that you BOTH love!

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Why would you need a relationship blueprint for your business?

I know, I know… You have likely been together for a while if you have decided to be lovers who are business partners. You already know each other’s quirks and strange behaviors. Maybe you even finish one another’s sentences. That is lovely and all… But building a business together takes your relationship to a whole different level. Doesn’t it?

For instance. You will be together all day long, and there are a few things that can help make collaborating run nice and smooth. SO you can avoid wanting to rip each other’s heads off or go cry in the closet.

#1 – Speak your truth, and know-how you would like to contribute.

There are going to be times when you look at your business and feel like it isn’t going how you would like it to. Maybe you are working on projects that don’t get you excited, or you see a huge flaw in what you’re doing together that could be the reason why you’re not making sales. Whatever it is… You need to be able to express your truth, and how you see things. (Or feel things are going.)

This can be handled very simply, and painlessly. First of all take a bird’s eye view to see what’s really going on, and why it isn’t working. Then come up with your idea of a solution, and how you would like to contribute to fixing it. Then when you approach your partner with your concerns, you have a new idea that you can share to make things better. Your partner will love how you took action and thought of a creative way to make things better. Your communication is key when you are building a business together. So keep it light, and friendly. Speak your truth, and you will both feel liberated to share your thoughts when you need to.

#2 – Collaborate, set goals, and take action together.

One of the most important parts of the relationship blueprint for building a business together is to get good at collaborating. BUT before you can collaborate effectively you need to set goals that matter to you both.

Once you establish goals that you are both really excited about then you can start taking action towards them. In our eCourse Get Your Goals On, we share with you the system we use to set goals, and how to measure them as you go (so you never quit short of achieving them.)

Here’s something to think about in the meantime.


Individually, make a list of all the things you like doing in your business, and a list of things that drain your energy. Once you are done, go over your lists & collaborate.

Are there things on your partner’s list that they don’t like doing, that you really love to do? (Could you take something off their plate?)

Are there things you both feel you are wasting time on that you could hire someone else to do, or ditch them all together?

Brian + I often go over our workload and reassess where we need to put our focus. This has positively impacted the quality of our work, and how much we get done. You will feel so much more aligned with your work, and on purpose, if you ditch the stuff that isn’t working. Then you can place all of your energy towards the things that give you momentum, and move your business forward. (Check out this article about Not Gaining Momentum In Business From The Start Kills Startups)

#3 – Course Correct

When you are able to speak your truth & share with each other how you feel about what you are working on… It makes it a whole lot easier to course correct. This simply means if something isn’t working, you are both happy to discuss what isn’t working, and how you can evolve & grow from it. Then do something new that gets you both fired up! There is no sense in pouring your precious time & effort into something that isn’t a fit for you.

When it comes to building a business together you gotta love what you do! If not you will feel like you are always dragging your feet, and you won’t be motivated to really take action on it. Which could lead to really lackluster results, and you know that isn’t why you are putting all this effort in! You want to achieve awesome results with your sweet business online, so you can start living the life you really want to be living! Follow the relationship blueprint to building a business you’ll love! Let us how this article helped you, and if you have questions leave them in the comments below.

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Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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