Get Your 2019 Road Map To Online Business For Beginners

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If you are serious about building an online business in 2019, here is everything you need to know (if you’re a beginner) to BE a successful power couple this upcoming year. Why not get on it before the midnight ball drops…

You’re going to need a pen & paper for this one. Follow along, let your creative spirit loose, and take time to do the exercises.

Not a reader? Watch this on the BEAP YouTube Channel!

Above all else, a road map would have been nice…

When Brian + I were new people to online business we both struggled BIG time! Me even more so. I didn’t get it. I ran around plastering flyers all over my neighborhood… Placed ads on job boards, tried to sell my products to total strangers, and didn’t make a dime for 2 years. Which lead me to a community of new entrepreneurs, and my love Brian…

As beginners in online business we were hungry to learn, and honestly I was getting kind of desperate. Wanting more than anything to help others, I was also learning how important it was to get your message out there, and market yourself in a professional way so that people would want to pay you. This made total sense! I didn’t want to chase people, and neither did Brian. The more we learned, the more we attracted people to us. Especially once we formed BE Adventure Partners… People really wanted to know what we were up to.

Both of us were hoping to find the magic potion, or that mystical network marketing company that would bring in the money we needed to set us free. BUT what we really needed in all actuality was a road map…


Get Your 2019 Road Map To Online Business For Beginners

A $33,000 investment we made, that you are about to avoid…

Now we don’t for one second regret the money we have invested into our education. Sure it would have been nice to take that cash, buy a van, make it into a beautiful living space, and travel the world with it… BUT at the time, we needed to learn, BE coached in intimate environments by people who had already made millions online, and do what they said! (More on #vanlife in the near future…)

We’ve been experimenting & testing since 2016, with the guidance of some of the biggest influencers online. Once we figured out the secret we couldn’t help but share it, and have been teaching this stuff ever since. Here’s everything you need know when starting an online business as beginners, and how to BE a successful couple in 2019… (Share this with your love & get your brainstorm on.)

Know what you want…

We say this ALL the time, but this is really your launching point. It isn’t just about building a business online. It’s about building a lifestyle that gets you jazzed, and gives you flexibility & freedom to BE where you want, when you want, together. NOT to acquire money, sit on a pile of it, and do nothing. SO you’re why, or your reason has to BE bigger than a stack of cash. Sound good? Yeah it does.


Get Your 2019 Road Map To Online Business For Beginners

Then think outside of your personal wants…

Who do you want to help?
How could your business contribute to the greater good?

Often the most successful couple-preneurs are the ones who base their business off of solving a pain or pains that they both went through. Or a problem they have seen in the world.


Brian + I both struggled in relationships big time in the past. They got boring, fed into negative aspects of our personalities, and didn’t evolve as we did.

We wanted more out of life! We didn’t want to sit in front of a TV and grow old together, getting wasted on the couch. We wanted to experience the world, have fun experiences, grow together, and BE SOOooOOooo in love.

This requires 2 BIG things:

  1.  That each of us know & love ourselves.
  2. That we build a business online that gives us the freedom & flexibility to BE where we want, when we want, TOGETHER!


That’s us below hanging out on our sweet balcony, working on our biz in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Now that was a sweet view… 

Get Your 2019 Road Map To Online Business For Beginners


Pretty simple huh?! It’s certainly not for everyone. BUT if this is you keep listening. We built our business around helping people with the things we needed help with! WHAAAAAAAA?! I know, it’s crazy right?!

No one is more well versed in the shit you have gone through than you. Am I right?! So why not teach people how to dig themselves out of the shit you have conquered? OR are CURRENTLY conquering? The MOST successful power couples out there are rocking this concept. They are taking people on a journey to a better life. So find an underlying reason you are both on board with, and start creating your business concept around that.

Check out our FREE Goal Setting Guide For Couples to dive deeper into setting personal goals, relationship goals, and biz goals.

BEAP Goal Setting Guide For Couples


Research your online business concept from every angle you can think of…

  1.  Write out a big list of problems/questions that people would type in to find what you are thinking of offering.
  2.  Search using the list of problems or questions you just created.
  3. See if Google is serving up adds at the top. (It will clearly say ad beside the first few relevant searches. Check out our video for an example.)

IF Google serves you ads based on your questions, and the topic you are shooting for. YOU have a winner! The businesses running ads on the front page of Google are making money in your niche market. Pretty cool huh?!

Do beginners need to brand their online business…

Oh heck ya you do! This is something both Brian + I wish we knew about a heck of a lot sooner. BUT we never would have met if we would have known… So I take that back.

BUT yes. You want to brand your business as soon as possible. Figure out your main message, your values as a company, and what you stand for before you worry about your color scheme & logo. Our eCourse Get Your Brand On dives deep into branding if you would like help with dialing in your message, and creating an attractive brand that is more like a movement then just another business online. The earlier you can stand out from the crowd the better.


Get Your 2019 Road Map To Online Business For Beginners

The secret ingredient to turn your idea into profit…

You may have heard us say this before, but we will say it forever! A business is not a business without PEOPLE! You need people to grow, to scale, and to create that freedom & flexibility you are after. The whole point of a business is to help & serve people. Now we have come full circle haven’t we? Solve a problem, scratch an itch, fulfill a desire, entertain people, and you could be the next successful power couple.

We always recommend starting with one social platform, and building your blog & website in the background. That is a HUGE topic for another day, but here’s an article that will give you some insight on why your online business would benefit from a blog.

In 2019 your success as a couple depends on all of the above, but one thing more than any other…

Your success depends on you taking action, together… Don’t just sit on your thumbs, or chase unicorns (biz opps) like we did. Get out your pen & paper… Re-read this article again if you have to. Answer the questions, and get your brainstorm on. That is exactly what we do… Brainstorm everything.

If you have questions, or comments leave them below, we would love to hear from you. AND if you would like a more in depth approach while building your biz we created a Road Map that points you in the right direction during each stage of biz. You can even test drive it for a week, and see if it will help you. The crazy thing is, we will give it to you FREE with your membership to the BEAP Exclusive Tribe. Get your week trial for here, along with instant access to the BEAP Road Map PLUS all of our eCOurses.

Buckle up, you’re in for the ride of your life! BEAP BEAP!

BE Adventure Partners Road Map

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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