The Secret to Rewire Your Mindset For Success Quickly

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Mindset | 10 comments

The first time I heard one of my mentors say, “Rewire your mindset for success” I started to think that I was about to be brainwashed! This idea of rewiring your brain is actually a good thing, and here’s why!

As I grew up, I was told (repeatedly) not to do things, or not to say things, and even not to act a certain way. This discipline contributed to the formation of my thoughts, self-beliefs, and ability to accomplish goals in life.

By becoming a free-thinker, and entrepreneur, I started to question what it was that I wanted… where I wanted to BE… Who I wanted to BE with… And what I truly desired in life.

This awakening within myself was the beginning to rewiring my mind for success quickly, so that I could achieve more, and create a lasting, positive impact in those around me.


Developing A Success Mindset

Imagine for a moment that you wanted to create a business online that would allow you the freedom to travel, time to spend with your loved ones, and even live an extraordinary life.

What beliefs in yourself are preventing you from achieving this? It could BE something as simple as BEing told by someone, somewhere along the way that you must go to college to get a degree in ANYTHING, just so you get that piece of paper. That’s exactly what was told to me along the way, and for years I felt I had to go to the job, rather than follow my dreams of creating a powerful business online!

By developing a success mindset, I was able to break free from that, and start developing the business that ended up freeing me from that mindset of lack.

Dive into personal development! This is one of the best ways I’ve found to developing a success mindset.

Both Erin and I actively listen to personal development daily! Amongst the many influencers we listen to, the courses by Tony Robbins are amongst our top favorites because they allow you to “learn and grow in any area of your life.”

You want to achieve greatness in your life, yes? Dive in! Invest in you! Invest in your mindset! Invest in building your business online! Your time is now!


Tony Robbins Mindset For Success


Right Mindset For Success

Before I started building business online, I was stuck in the idea that I had to find a job, and stick with the job for 30+ years all so I could “retire” and hopefully would have saved enough over time to survive until I died.

Wow! Sounds like something I want to do! LOL!

In order to create the success you desire in your life, it starts with YOU, and developing the right mindset for success.

This sort of mindset is one where you become unstoppable! This is where you no longer have limiting beliefs holding you back. You are now a forward thinker! You no longer need a rear-view mirror, because backwards is not the direction you are going!


Mindset Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The mindset of successful entrepreneurs is:

  • one of prosperity!
  • one of abundance!
  • self-belief!
  • taking calculated risks to grow!
  • BEing unshakeable!
  • BEing committed to your vision!

It took some time, during my entrepreneurial journey, to trust, and completely adopt this mindset. Probably because I had 33 years of naysayers, and lack of belief in myself before completely accepting this mindset.

Once I did… The flood gates opened! Listening to Tony Robbins, and other mindset practitioners rewired my mindset for success quickly because I stopped listening to the news & media, and only listened to things that fostered growth!


In Conclusion…

The Secret to Rewire Your Mindset For Success Quickly is to completely immerse yourself in the practices of successful online business owners, and DO what they do! Invest your time and money in the tools, resources, and systems they use to create the mindset for success. Anyone could do this! Even you!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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Brian Garcia

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Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick are full-time location independent, online business owners. Brian’s background is in firefighting, digital + photographic imaging, and web development. Erin’s background is in professional hairstyling, social intuition, personal development, creative writing, and brand identity development. Together, they create eCourses, high-end online business development coaching, and social media marketing strategies. They go by… BE Adventure Partners!


  1. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Tony Robbins is one of my favorite mindset trainers too…been listening to him since 1995 and has changed my life

    Dr. Lisa

    • BE Adventure Partners

      OMG, Lisa! We love going to hear him LIVE, and taking his courses. We’ve been on his Breakthrough App and have been learning a ton about life, relationships, and business! Breakthrough!

  2. Jelena Ostrovska

    Keep thinking of success and not too long what your mind thinks becomes a reality.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Yes! Thoughts create your reality. What you DO each day creates your reality! What you focus on becomes your reality! Thanks for reading, Jelena!

  3. Joseph Walker

    Tony is hands down the man when it comes to mindset shift! That’s really the secret weapon you absolutely have to cultivate if you want any measure of success in this space.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Learning from million & billionaires is the way to model their approach on building successful business online! It’s a way to rewire your mindset for success! Thanks for reading, Joseph!

  4. Jennifer Lamb

    Tony Ribbons, Dr. Joe Dispenza both have my ear AND I read constantly to re-wire my brain for success!

    The whole concept of re-wiring your brain and creating new neural pathways fascinates the PANTS off me and has totally changed my way of thinking…. even when I’m alone, I don’t allow my thoughts drift to that DARK PLACE any more… since changing my mindset and surrounding myself with likeminded, positive fellow entrepreneurs like you guys, things have EXPLODED in my businesses.. This really works and the proven research is there to back it up!

    NOTHING changes, if nothing CHANGES so it really is your CHOICE whether to progress or stagnate!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Immersing yourself is such a great way to infuse your mind, Jennifer! It’s our thoughts, followed by our actions that create our reality! Keep on being awesome! – Brian

  5. Len Mooney

    Absolutely love Tony Robbins. Alsp Joe Dispenza and Wayne Dyer have had a big influence on my thinking. Currently I am immersed in a John Asaraf course on money mindset which was weak for me because of my background. Love you guys. Getting ready to dust off the RV and go location independent once again

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Ah yes! John Asaraf! I’m going to add him to the list! Let us know where you are going in the RV! Who knows!? We may BE in the area! Thanks for reading, Len!


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