What Does Your Limitless Future Look Like?

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You may not look at your future as limitless, but if you did, what would it look like?

In this article you will be challenged to see your life in a way you may never have imagined it. Pushing yourself past any limiting beliefs you may have about what the future holds for you.

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Finding your place in the world…

If you are anything like me, you have done a lot of soul searching, wondering what the heck does your future look like? A lot of times we are pushed to think about our future when we aren’t in love with our current situation. I know that’s been my story more than once, and at that time… My future sure didn’t seem limitless.

Hooked on drugs, partying my ass off, and feeling miserable after days of binging was my norm for years. I just wanted to fit in, be loved, and have fun. Consequently, I was getting quite the opposite. After years of secretly hating my existence I started to dive deeper than just mushroom trip deep into what I REALLY wanted in my life. Creating a limitless future & finding your place in this world takes soul searching, courage, stamina, and belief that you actually could create a life without limits. 

Discovering yourself in others…

First of all, I gotta be honest, and say that it is a heck of a lot harder to improve your life, than to keep doing the same old thing hoping your life will get better. Which is why a lot of the times we feel like we are treading water, and have such a hard time improving. Thus the reason this self-improvement thing alongside others is key! Don’t worry we will get to the limitless life stuff here in a moment, but where it really starts is with your thinking.

My mindset really started to shift when I found others who had been through similar things, and turned their lives around completely. These people were consumed by drugs, eating disorders, depression, and were addicted to terrible relationships like I was. BUT guess what… They found a mentor, surrounded themselves with people who inspired them, and made a decision to leave their old life behind & create a life they love! 

This is where courage & stamina come in…

It’s decision time! At some point you need to decide that you could indeed BE limitless! Take out a pen & paper, and ask yourself these questions right now:

  • What does your future look like without limits?
  • Where would you BE?
  • Who would you BE with?
  • What are you doing?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are you passionate about it?
  • Does it help people?
  • How much money do you earn?
  • What kind of people do you surround yourself with?

Forget about your life right now as you know it, and push yourself outside of the box! Put down your excuses, and any former beliefs you’ve had saying you can’t have an amazing life in the future. Buh BYE! Time to say HELLO to your infinite potential, and decide what you want your life to look like in the future!

You deserve what your future holds…

DOING the exercise above will help you realize that you deserve a limitless future! The moment you start making decisions that honor your future… Negative habits, beliefs, and environments are observed in a new light. We start to see unhealthy relationships, thoughts, and addictions for what they are. A crutch. An excuse to stay small.

As a result of knowing you deserve more than an average life, you start making decisions that serve the future you want. Even more importantly, the past becomes just that, the past. You dwell less on old BS, and focus forward more & more each day. The questions above are the EXACT questions that got my wheels spinning, and lead me to the life I live now. Shoot I still ask myself these questions when I am in a slump! These questions are tools you can keep using time & time again.

What does your limitless future look like, when you actually believe it’s possible…

Once you see past your roadblocks, you are able to start attracting the future you want. Your vision becomes more clear, and you start deciding what you actually want. This causes you to do things differently, and you will feel more excited to take action because it is inspired action that achieves goals.

BE open to course correcting…

As you merge onto your future path, you may find some things you thought were a match, don’t quite fit. No worries, this happens. Sometimes Brian + I think something is for us, and then suddenly it isn’t.

For instance… Just a few short months ago, we thought that this whole #vanlife movement was a great fit for us. We have been travelling full-time since April of 2017, and though we love traveling we would love to have a home. The van seemed like the perfect solution because we could have a home, but keep traveling. It was a fit until we had a place here in Colombia with a tiny kitchen that would be comparable to a kitchen in a van… No bueno!

We couldn’t figure out why we lost our zest for the van. Turns out, this contrast  pushed us back towards our original dream of having real home off the grid. A sustainable, eco-friendly home with minimal footprint. Sure it could take a bit longer for us to make it happen, but we are happy to course correct. We are also happy to take consistent action in our business online to reach our big goals because we built a business that we love, which makes it more exciting to put in the effort. 

What the future holds is completely up to you…

You are the master of your life the moment you decide to be! When you release others, and take ownership for all that exists in your life… Then & only then can you start creating the life you have always wanted.

When I decided to quit drugs, and leave the party life behind it was hard, but also the most empowering thing I had ever done. I harnessed that power to start thinking without limits. Imagining a lover that I could travel the world with, and BE a dynamic duo with. Seeing myself as an inspiration, and a successful business owner along side the one I love.

Then Brian appeared in my life, because I was open to allowing him in. I would have never found him if I hadn’t shifted my way of thinking. The old me wouldn’t have believed that I was worthy of a good man, a successful business, or an exciting life let alone to have them all. BUT I decided that I was worthy, and that there are no limits in my life. That’s exactly how I attracted Brian, who was already on the path to believing that for himself as well! If we could make that decision, so can you! (Check out our story here.)

You don’t have to do it alone…

Like I mentioned… Going on this journey to creating a limitless future is tough on your own. There will be days where you don’t believe you can do it, or just don’t feel like doing what it takes.

That’s where a training & support comes in, and that’s why we created the BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. Get the support you need to find your place in the world, and create a life of purpose base around what you love! We are happy to let you in on our secrets to building a simple business online, that allows you the flexibility & freedom to BE where you want, when you want with the ones you love most. See you in the Tribe!

Love within, love around... Adventure On!
 - Erin Nicole Bick

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  1. James Kerley

    I think you are doing great for yourself. Keep up the great work. Take care of yourself work hard for what you want and need in your new life. If you don’t do it nobody will just dump it in your lap, they will dump you off in the next toilet. Hope you and Brian develop a great life togeather cause I know what a failed marriage is like, I have had two in my life. I have due to God have a great life partner who has been by my side 23 years. Just hold on don’t ever give up on yourself worth. Love your work.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks so much for such a beautiful comment, James! Life is definitely an adventure that has ups and downs. We’ve found that personal development has been a key to communication between the both of us. Because of this, we’re looking forward to more decades of fun & love together! Wishing you more years and love with your partner! – Brian (+ Erin too!)


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