7 Brilliant Online Business Ideas That Will Inspire You To Create

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It is the age of the internet and online business ideas seem to BE flowing from every thought! Brilliant online business ideas that will inspire you to create your empire online could give you the freedom to experience life, your way!

There I was… up to my elbows in twisted metal, cutting a lady out of a wrecked car. You’ve never heard pain until you’ve experienced what I was seeing, and hearing, right then. I had been a firefighter for several years, and I lost count of how many times I’ve been in this sort of situation.

You probably can relate that there are situations in your life, or at work, where you start to imagine what life would be like if you could take your brilliant ideas, and create an online business around them! Create that sort of “mailbox money” as my dad calls it.

What should you do? Continue enduring the pain in life? Or do you finally take your ideas, get focused, and build a business around them?

After nearly nine years in the fire department, I decided that there was too much life to live, too many people to help globally, and too many positive experiences to encounter along the way. You can read more about my story here.

Take your idea, and start now! You’ll BE glad you did!


How To Come Up With Great Business Ideas

Start by taking your vision of what you want your life to be like. Write that down… Can you see it? Good! Hold onto that vision, because you’re going to expand upon it!

Ask yourself, what do you like to do?
What are your hobbies?
What are your interests?
What could you do all day?

This is the foundation for how to come up with great business ideas, and once you write down the answers to these questions, Google them! See what comes up! You want to create a life you never need a vacation from!

Are there other people doing something similar? If so, what are they offering? How could you differentiate yourself by using a unique selling proposition?


Ways Of Finding Business Ideas

Some of the best ways of finding business ideas, is to ask your friends, and family what are their favorite places to shop, what are their favorite activities, what services do they use, what products do they use, and what do they wish they had, but do not have!

Dive into the minds of consumers. Discover what their biggest pains are, and what questions they are needing answered!

Using this research, you can start to map out where you can create a business around a need in the marketplace.


I Want To Start A Business But Have No Ideas

Not having an online business idea could make some feel like they are struggling. They want to create a fun business online, but may need a little help getting the juices flowing! The fact of the matter is that you have an idea that you want to create a business online. That’s a no-brainer. Start contacting people that are doing things in the fields that you totally enjoy! Look at social media… Who do you follow? What do THEY do online? You aren’t going to recreate what they are doing, but you could model what they are doing, and add your own spicy flare to it! This part of online business creation is a TON of fun!


Here’s 7 Brilliant Online Business Ideas That Will Inspire You To Create YOUR Business Online!

1) Blogging

Create a business by blogging about a certain topic you love! Become the expert in that subject! When you do this, you can refer products, and services you use during your life. Blogging is one of the best ways to create a business online, because, as of 2017, there are approximately 6.5 billion searches performed DAILY online. When your target market goes to search for answers to their questions, or solutions to their problems, your content could show up! This allows you to offer them your solutions! This is our #1 favorite way to build online business, because Google refers your content all the time (even while you sleep!). So regardless of what business you want to create, you’ll definitely want to Get Your Blog On! You don’t need a blog to build a successful business…. But if you want to dominate, you won’t think twice about it and get it setup!

Online Business Ideas Over 6.5 Billion Searches Performed Online


2) Affiliate Marketing

When you really love certain products or services, you start to wonder how you can earn income online around them. In steps affiliate marketing! Companies like people to refer their products, and services, and pay commissions when you do! You can use social media, and blog posts to talk about different products and services you enjoy, benefits of them, and what they have done for you. When people ask you about them, you can provide your affiliate link to them. When your referrals buy off of your link, you get a commission! By the way! BE Adventure Partners has an Affiliate Program. Check it out here & you could earn from referring our eCourses & Tribe membership!


3) eCommerce

Let’s say you wanted to sell your artwork on T-Shirts, or you wanted to sell drones online (just a couple examples…). You can setup an eCommerce store where people can shop for your products. When they find what they are looking for, and make a purchase, you can either ship it to them, or if you do Drop Shipping, the manufacturer can ship it.

Online Business Ideas eCommerce


4) Virtual Assistant

As entrepreneurs grow, and scale their businesses, they run out time in the day to do all the tasks required to run a successful business online. This is normal! And when this happens to you (it happens to all of us) you are going to BE glad for implementing this… Virtual Assistants! What these guys & gals do is assist with things like video transcription & post-production, social media management (responding to messages, comments, and moderating comments), keeping the content marketing schedule on time, blog post creation, content syndication, web design, and digital photo management (amongst quite a few other things online related!) The key thing to take away here is that people will pay YOU to do essential tasks that they have run out of time for. As you build your business doing these tasks for them, you could start taking on more clients. As you take on more clients, you may need help. This is how you scale your virtual assistance business, and start building your own agency (see #6 below, Create An Online Agency). Best thing about this, you can build this business from any WiFi connection (along with all the other examples in this post!!)

Get Your Blog On - BE Adventure Partners eCourse

5) Knowledge Commerce

Got sweet skills and are knowledgeable about a topic you want to teach? Starting a Knowledge Commerce site will be perfect for you! Here’s how it works: Take your idea for a course you want to teach. Break down a logical flow of teaching your content. Record videos teaching the topics in order. Upload those videos to your Knowledge Commerce site – this is the platform we use that works very well, is very user friendly and easy to get going, has all the integrations you need to build your membership portal, and affiliate portal, all wrapped up in one place!. Learn to market your eCourse, and promote it!


6) Create An Online Agency

Let’s say that you are good at website development, digital imaging, video production, or anything else you could do online. Setup your website to attract clients to you. When they contact you, and hire you to do their projects, you get paid! Now what happens when you get too much work? You start hiring a team to perform specific tasks. Now you can leverage multiple people doing what you usually do. This is powerful, because now you start stepping into the role of a business owner, rather than doing the work yourself. You can create a really interesting clientele, along with making a profitable business online!


7) Become A Coach

Do you have experience in a certain skill set? Maybe you are certified relationship therapist, tax professional, or even are an expert on LIFE! You could offer consultation services that you show people how to get shit done! The most successful coaches have all been coached themselves. So that would be a good question to ask someone if you were considering hiring their services. Here’s a real-life example: Both Erin and I have invested over $30,000 in high-level coaching during 2017 alone to grow and scale our business, BE Adventure Partners. So when people ask if we could coach them, we absolutely do because we have the experience, and have been coached ourselves! We have coached business owners online in 12 countries, and counting, and are constantly improving on what we do so that we can provide more value to you! So if you are sitting there, scratching your head on where to begin, you may want to skip the learning curve, and invest in your own coaching so that you can get bring your online business idea to life today!


In Conclusion…

You have brilliant online business ideas that are inspiring you to create a beautiful business! Follow your heart, find a niche you are absolutely in love with, and take action on it! When you step out of your comfort zone, and begin to bring your big beautiful ideas to reality, you will be surprised at what you could create. The important thing to remember is that you must get started now! The longer you wait, the longer you postpone living an extraordinary life!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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