Why Do You Need To Use Attraction Marketing Strategies In Your Biz?

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You maybe scratching your head, thinking… What on earth is an attraction marketing strategy? AND why do I need to implement it into my business.

Great question! In this article, we are going to dive into some attraction marketing strategies that we learned from our 8 Figure mentors after being locked up in a room with them for 72 hours this past weekend. We have been investing in our education, mixing with these rockstars for the past 2 years, sponging up their wisdom, and implementing it into our businesses. (Now we only have one business: BE Adventure Partners.)

Attraction Marketing Definition:

This is a strategy used to bring value to any marketplace before expecting a sale. Being the ultimate way to build a relationship with potential customers, or clients by providing them with the information they need to make a decision whether they want to invest in a product, or service.

So why would you need to implement attraction marketing strategies into your business?

Simple! In the online environment people are now able to educate themselves before they buy thanks to technology! I actually just read an article in ADWEEK stating that 81% of shoppers do research online before they make a purchase.  This is a big deal! People are reading reviews, articles, forums, and gaining knowledge from social media before they spend a dime.

What does this mean for you as a business owner?

Well… It is competitive out there! BUT you certainly have a chance if you implement the attraction marketing strategies below into your business. Starting with an attractive brand that is uniquely you of course!

If you’re not online yet, it’s time! Building your empire online is how you can set yourself free from being tied to any one location, and it also allows you to have a global presence. People are using Google like it is their bible! So it is important that you are able to be found when people search for your products or services.

You need to provide value about what it is you are offering so people can make an executive decision to go with you! Meaning… You want to become the go to person in your niche market! For example, if your specialty is raw vegan recipes… You want to be the number one person raw vegans are looking for!

How can you become an authority in your niche market, or the “go to” person?

Below are our favorite proven ways to create a huge impact in the online space, create raving fans, plus customers & clients! Tried tested, and true… This is exactly what we do!

The Facebook Business Page

By far the most intelligent platform of all choices social media. Facebook Analytics collects the data of the traffic visiting your page. This allows you to get very targeted when it comes to using paid advertising with the FB Ads Manager. Facebook also has soo many dynamic ways of impacting, and connecting with your audience in a really personal way! We actually built up our following of over 8000 fans in less than a year using attraction marketing strategies that we learned from our mentors on our Facebook Biz Page! What could that do for you if you could get your message in front of that many people?

Get Your Blog On

Blogging paired with attraction marketing strategies is the ultimate way to build authority in any niche! Writing articles that provide people with answers, and solutions they are looking for is an incredible way to build the “Know, Love, and Trust” factor. Let’s face it… People aren’t likely to pull out their credit card without getting to know you, and what you offer first! Unless you were a credible source, or come highly recommended. BUT not everyone knows you… So you need to approach every interaction as if you have never met them sharing your mission, and how you can help them within the first few moments someone comes across your stuff! Like I mentioned before… 81% of people are doing their homework before investing. If you continue to keep providing them with articles that help them solve a problem, or fulfill a need they will fall madly in love with you! Your blog is what attracts people to your website, and frequently updated content on your blog alerts Google to come check out your site… Which helps with your rank when people search your products or services on Google. (We dive into this in our eCourse Get Your Blog On!)

Get Your Blog On - BE Adventure Partners eCourse

What could you do right now leveraging attraction marketing strategies?

Start producing content directed to your target audience’s most pressing wants, needs, and desires! Answer their questions! Entertain them! Educate them! Inspire them! If you do… They will start to know you, love you, and yes trust you enough to buy from you!

Implementing just one of these attraction marketing strategies into your business today will start moving you towards success! The time is now to attract people to you so you never have to chase customers, or clients ever again!

Want more kick ass online business building tips? Of course you do! Especially if you’re serious about being successful, and creating a life you will never have to take a vacation from! It is what you start doing today that will create your ultimate freedom tomorrow! Join us on our next webinar!

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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Erin Nicole Bick

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