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Traveling With A Coffee Addiction

Traveling with a coffee addiction can be problematic in some places, and euphoric in other places. Throughout the three months we were in the world's #1 coffee producing area, Central America, finding good coffee was surprisingly difficult. Experience the journey...

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Best Leather Travel Laptop Bag

When it comes to traveling with a laptop, finding the Best Leather Travel Laptop Bag can BE quite frustrating. Before finding my perfect travel laptop bag, I was using bags that I was not completely satisfied with. You’re probably using a travel laptop bag right now...

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How To BE Adventurous

As we travel through Our Earth, we run into people wanting to know How To BE Adventurous! Quite often, it's your mind that holds you back from having an extraordinary time, or achieving goals you have in your life. Keep reading because I'm going to reveal some of the...

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2017 Best Digital Nomad Essentials

Here's the 2017 Digital Nomad Essentials that are tried and true, currently being used daily out on the journey! This essential gear is on the top of our list because it is what we actually use, and it works very well! For anyone wanting to learn How To BEcome A...

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Gone Fishin’ With A Rasta

There was a reason we were both craving ice-cream at the same time… Cruising around on our beach bikes after having a yummy dinner at The Rainbow Fish Grill & Bar. For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about ice-cream… The best part... Brian had ice-cream on...

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Adventure Calls

No matter your age, Adventure Calls within you. It doesn't have to be something that you risk your life over. Yet it must be something that breaks the monotony of the rat-race or comfort zone you have designed for yourself. It seems like just yesterday when I was...

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Best Grand Canyon Day Hikes

On to another Adventure where we went to find & trek the Best Grand Canyon Day Hikes. And we certainly found them! If you are wanting to go on a hike in the Grand Canyon National Park that you can start and finish in one day (or less), then definitely check these...

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Gift Ideas To Wow Your Adventurer

It's that time of year again where you are scrambling for Gift Ideas To Wow Your Adventurer! The problem is that your Adventure Partner has everything. Buying gifts is starting to feel like a burden because there's already enough shit in the house. Do we really need...

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