Overcome Your Limits & Reach For Your Goals As A Couple

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How can you reach for your goals as a couple, when you feel limited by the life you are living?

If your wanting to reach for your goals, it can be tricky. This can put a lot of pressure on a couple. Especially when there are more bills then monthly income.

You’re probably working your tail off. I know I sure was! Running around on my feet all day as a stylist downtown Toronto. Working long hours, without a measly pee break. I felt drained, and I had reached my income cap as the highest paid stylist in the salon. That made life pretty stressful, as a homeowner in the big smoke (Toronto)!

At the time… The relationship I was in had gone stale. We had turned into TV watching zombies (watching zombies). Our “quality time” together started to feel as though we were just roommates.  To be quite honest it was heartbreaking. You may understand.

When we lack energy, it is hard to bring much to a relationship. The lack of energy, excitement, and fulfillment leads us to wanting more in life! LUCKILY!

Meanwhile… Brian was going through his own heartbreak in Austin. He was working his tail off just to live the American Dream (24-48 hours a shift). He had a wife, dog, house, RV, and big ol’ pickup truck. But it wasn’t enough to hold them together. Things usually aren’t…

Turns out, to overcome your limits and reach for your goals as a couple… You both need to be on the same page. In our past relationships neither of our visions lined up with the people we were with.

Identify your limits as a couple. What are they?

If you are feeling limited, stuck, or worst of all, standing still, it makes reaching for your goals nearly impossible as a couple.

This can be caused by several factors, that may make you feel helpless. Good news! Brian + I once felt limited in past relationships, and constrained. We promised ourselves we would never live in a feeling of limit, lack, or monotony again! Now these old feeling are just a memory, and we want to help you kick them to the curb! First identify what your limits are.

What is limiting you individually, and together?

Get clear! You may have a laundry list of things that are making you feel limited, putting a wedge between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Write this list of the things dragging you down in each area:

  • Yourself & Lifestyle
  • Your Relationship
  • Your Career

Discover your top 3:

Choose the top 3 things dragging you down in each area, of yourself, your relationship, and your career. Number them 1-3. You will likely have a good idea of what the top thing is that gets in the way of all things. I will share mine with you below so you can have a better idea.

Write a list of goals you want in each area of your life:

  • Yourself & Lifestyle
  • Your Relationship
  • Your Career

Find your top 3:

Now go ahead and choose the top 3 things in each area that you want to bring into reality most in yourself, your relationship, and your career.

Goal Setting Guide For CouplesGRAB Your Free Goal Setting Guide For Coupes HERE 

Time to come together & share.

This could be the most important conversation you & the one you love ever have. To reach for your goals as a couple is a powerful thing to practice together, and if you are both on the same page you will move towards what you want much faster. (We go over this process in depth in our eCourse Get Your Goals On.)

By choosing your top 3 in each category of your life, you are now aware of the things most challenging to you. You are also aware of what you want, which is one step closer to getting it! Having this awareness has been life changing for Brian + Myself. Being vocal, and sharing this with each other has been huge because we can now support one another.

For example:

My number one challenge has been self-worth. It effects all aspects of my life. It effects my energy, my focus, and my ability to contribute. Knowing this, I set daily goals for myself that help me work towards what I want most, and how I want to feel. My top goal… Love & confidence in all aspects of my life. I remind myself of this daily!

Sharing this with Brian has helped him support me in that area. We are both on board with getting lots of exercise daily, eating healthy, meditating, and listening to personal development. We even read to each other.

Without love & confidence in yourself it is hard to be fully happy, contribute to your relationship, or your business together. This is true to pretty much all humans on this planet. Trust me, I discovered this after years of being a Hairstylist… People tell you everything! If people do not love themselves or lack confidence, it is extremely hard to reach for your goals individually, or as a couple.

Take time to look within yourself, and share what you want with the one you love most. This will open you up to limitless possibilities so you can reach for your goals together.

Maybe you know what you want, but you’re not to sure how to make it happen… That’s ok!

You might not think you have the skills it takes, or have time to make the changes in your life that you really want to see… That’s ok! You know you should be able to reach for your goals together, because you’re both brilliant & full of ideas! You’re right!

When we wanted to travel full-time, and create a life we were really excited about… We had doubts too! BUT like you… We knew we could do it because we saw other normal people just like us all over the internet doing it!

That’s why we created The BEAP Exclusive Tribe for Entrepreneurs. We didn’t want couples to have to suffer anymore like we did in our past relationships! Our mission is to help 1000+ couples create multi-million dollar businesses, so they can live a life they are excited about, along with a business that they’ll love!

BUT it isn’t just about being successful in your business.

It is about being successful in yourself, and your relationships so you can focus on being awesome in the business you want to create… Or the one you already have.

Overcoming our limits together has allowed us to reach for goals we never thought possible. Like leave our careers to do something we are passionate about before either of us reached age 35, and build a business we travel the world with full-time.

When you get your membership to The BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs, you will not only get access to our eCourse Get Your Goals On… BUT our entire PowerCourse Library! (And we keep coming out with eCourses all the time!) You will also have access to Weekly Campfire Q+A’s, to get your questions answered LIVE, and get the support you need to build a thriving business online.

BE an unstoppable couple who’s love burns stronger as days go by, instead of fizzles out, ending up in the boring zone!  Take charge of your life today, and BE inspired alongside a Tribe of Entrepreneurs who are making a difference in our world!

Get more information about the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs right HERE! 


Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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    ya’ll are doing amazing! keep pouring on this pure value content!!! #BOOM!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Thanks so much, brother! We have learned sooo much from you 🙂


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