What To Do When You Visit Puerto Vallarta

From the smooth sand, and immaculate sunsets… To surrounding jungle, and mystical waterfalls… Puerto Vallarta is a dream destination for Laptop Life Styler’s.

Whether you are a foodie, or an adventure junkie you will never run out of places to discover.

While we were in Puerto Vallarta we found the perfect balance of relaxation, and thrills!

Because we live in different countries… We like to rendezvous about once a month to random places all over the world! Since we run a lifestyle business together, we like to call our adventures “working vacations”!

For the first few days our wifi connection wasn’t great, which totally worked out to our benefit. This inspired us to get out in Puerto Vallarta, and really experience all of its nooks and crannies. It also gave us a chance to enjoy each other as well! Which is always like hitting a reset button in any relationship! Quality time is being present together, and really engaging one another.

A friend of Brian’s recommended Vallarta Adventures. He wasn’t kidding when he said they were amazing! Talk about great prices, and incredible staff. We did 3 adventures through them, and boy was it worth it! Every adventure was loaded up with different experiences for those of you who are a bit A.D.D like us.

We went to their live performance Rhythms Of The Night, which was incredible! We also went zip lining through the jungle, and saw the Marieta Islands! That is where I tried scuba diving for the first time. What a blast! They do a discovery class, so you don’t need to be certified! AND the instructor was super knowledgeable, making me feel very safe, along with Brian being certified as well!

There was so much more to do there, we will have to go back one day!

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Click below for a video of our adventures, so you can see how much fun you could have in Puerto Vallarta!

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As For Accommodations In Puerto Vallarta – Vallarta Shores Is Top Notch

We REALLY enjoyed our stay at Vallarta Shores!

The area we stayed in they like to call it Zona Romantica because it is gay friendly. It is near the Southern part of Puerto Vallarta. It was a really cool area in the old part of PV. The streets we quirky, and windy with flowering trees hanging over the sidewalks. This really gave the old buildings character.

Another thing we really loved was staying right on the beach. The hotel over looks the ocean, so we could walk the beach to get to pretty much anywhere. They have beautiful restaurants with live music all along the beach, and a fire work show every night! (Hey… If you wanna be sweet, and a little silly… Tell YOUR Adventure Partner that you ordered those fireworks just for them! LOL… That is what Brian told me every night!)

We went from October 25th – Nov 3rd. Which had us there for Halloween, and Day Of The Dead. The streets we all decorated, and they had some really cool live music.

The weather was perfect! Hot… But not too hot!

Another thing to add here… Is that Puerto Vallarta is VERY safe feeling! We were out walking at all times of the night, and never once did we feel scared. There are a good amount of people asking you to buy their swag, but you just need to get good at saying “No Gracias!”

The service was incredible… Plus we spent the majority of our stay in upgraded suites! It was unreal! Our stay just kept getting better and better! We stayed in suites 7,8, & B, if you go to their website you can take a thorough look!

Here is an interview we did with Daniel Gonzalez, and below that a video tour of their fine boutique hotel… Along with all the fun we had there!

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Well… That pretty much sums it up!


Until Next Time Friend…

Adventure On… Adventure On!

Erin Nicole Bick


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