If you are a beautiful romantic at heart, you have likely been searching for the answer on how to cultivate a loving conscious relationship!


The thing is… A loving conscious relationship derives from two souls coming into absolute alignment!

As many of us start to wake up consciously… We realize we have been dissatisfied in our love lives for way too long! We have felt unnoticed, rejected, under appreciated, and even disrespected!

We are left feeling like something is missing, or maybe even a lot!

These feelings turn into self-esteem issues, anxiety, jealousy, and lack of trust.

The word LOVE for many is something that has been tainted by memories that we would prefer to leave in the past, but continue to haunt us into our futures…

THAT IS… If we don’t do the work to forgive, and release ourselves from that pain.

This is where the conscious part kicks in!


Many underestimate the power of self-awareness… It is the undeniable key to life! 


Becoming conscious in our lives, and in our decision making has never been so important!

For those who are waking up and actually taking a stand for themselves!

Their minds!

Their personal empowerment…

They are beginning to see that love as we know it, in our society, is broken! The system is tainted by filth, and debauchery!

The beauty of love making has been traded for a quick fix, or jack rabbit sex… With a hint of kissing, and a thanks for coming out! We have all been there…

No wonder this world seems like it’s going mad!

It’s not our fault that a good amount of media is dishing out a message that is lacking love, and the beauty of real human connection.

BUT good news comes along with what seems to be an obvious mess!

This contrast in the world, is causing people to wake up! People are starting to take a stand up for themselves! They are turning off their TV’s and they are coming back to their roots!

People are tapping into their human needs, and discovering what it is that they truly desire…


Real, deep, passionate, trusting, soul tickling romantic love!

How the heck do we get it?

WELL… Before cultivating a loving conscious relationship with someone else… WE need to cultivate a loving conscious relationship with ourselves!


The exciting part is… This doesn’t have to be a solo mission!

If growth becomes the key focus between two people… They become unstoppable! The simple realization that evolution is the secret sauce to keeping a relationship healthy, and moving forward is LIFE CHANGING!

When a couple is open about their vision of life, they can start to build a vision together. Putting this information on the table right off the bat is very important!

If one person see’s themselves getting married with kids, and the other see’s themselves romantically travelling the world together as a dynamic duo… That could be fun for a while, but will end in disappointment.

If not for one person… Both…


To build a dream life together you gotta be on the same page!


Absolute alignment!

Discussing all that you desire, and even being playful with it! A vision together doesn’t have to be so serious… What it does need to be is congruent! You both have similar goals, beliefs, and a way of being.

You are both open to learning, and growing so you can thrive together. Being open about your wants and needs only brings you closer.

When you can be honest about these things it also builds a deep rooted trust, and a sense of being grounded together.

Conversations feel more interactive…

Love making becomes more spiritual…

More connected!

Loving conscious communication is the foundation of absolute bliss!

For us… We had both come from relationships that didn’t have strong communication, or alignment with goals. As we built our friendship we were completely astounded with the congruency of our visions.

We had just met… Yet we were dreaming on the same wave length!

We both had a deep seeded humanitarian in us… Imagining ourselves in different countries all over the world for extended periods of time, helping out others, and really making a difference!

It was very shocking to us when we described our dream homes, and the locations… Some of the finest details were the exact same.

We were flying on the same vibration. Both hungry to succeed, with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit!

The more we talked, the more apparent it became that we had to meet in person!

By the time we finally locked eyes in person, and touched skin…


We had built such a strong connection that it was undeniable that we were absolutely perfect for each other!

Click HERE to read more about Our Story!


At this point we are still long distance, and meeting one another all over the world to do our BE Adventure Partners thang… But we feel absolutely blessed how fast life is moving us along, so we can finally be together!

The beauty of having such a loving conscious relationship with yourself… Opens you up to the magic of attracting that kind of love with your dream mate…

Your soul mate!

Your very own Adventure Partner

This gives you the capacity to actually have room to love another the way they deserve to be loved!

All because you have taken the time to love yourself the way YOU deserve to be loved


Having such a deep awareness in the self, a presence in the self, allows you to grow more conscious in yourself!

It helps you become more aware of how the one you love is feeling without them having to speak a word.

Which assists us in making better decisions when it comes to our partners!

This alignment with each other will connect you at a soul level…

Launching you towards your goals…

Your vision…


You wildest dreams!



Until Next Time Friend…

Adventure On… Adventure On!

Erin Nicole Bick


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