How BE Adventure Partners
Went From Dreams

To REAL Life Manifestation!

So we have always heard that there’s two sides to every story.
Let’s put that to the test & see what each have to say about how this
BE Adventure Partner thang went down in real life.

Everything was perfect! I grew up in loving households where my parents were divorced by the time I was 2 years old. I got the pleasure of enjoying what life was like being tugged back and forth for visitations. Life sure started out great! Perfection!

Fast forward a few years… This life has got to get better!

I couldn’t have imagined life more perfect than mine! I had it all and the dogs to go with it. I had the perfect JOB as a Texas firefighter and only went into work 10 days a month. There was always time to enjoy life and DO whatever I needed to.

To think it could get any better was far-fetched. I was married at 30, moved into a big house with 1.4 acres of land. Plenty of room for the dogs to run and play… Plenty of room for my wife to build her dog training business.

Things were great UNTIL I was blindsided…

I had no idea that we were “having problems.” One day I found out that she had filed for divorce 4 weeks before! Talk about a swift kick in the nuts!

This is when my world came crashing down. Depression set in fast. Trying to resolve whatever was the issue seemed to be impossible… I did everything in my power to resolve the new found issue, but all was futile.

“Communication” ended up being the ultimate reason for the demise of the marriage. I was determined to learn where I was falling short and learn from this experience so as to NOT repeat this part of history.

There was something missing. Something that I had not realized that I needed for myself… something that I needed in my life that I have never implemented.

The moment I found this thing, I was hooked! I couldn’t get enough! (I still can’t!)

I’ll get back to that in a minute… Time to get to work!

I had to do some serious soul searching to figure out what type of person it was that I wanted to compliment my life.

I started making a mental list of the qualities I wanted in this person.

I told myself that I would NOT get involved in another relationship UNLESS all the things that were important to me were contained within this one person.

People say that there is no perfect relationship and that you must compromise. Why is that? How many BILLIONS of people are on Earth & you are telling me that not ONE of them can embody all the things important to me? That’s a load of Bull $hit!

Little did I know that manifesting was going to be the most powerful action that I have ever done because of the results it has produced in my life & in business…

Here’s THE List (for the first time ever, actually written down because it has always been in my head)…

The lady who was to be the perfect match for me would be one who would have the capability to love deeper than I could even imagine…

This lady would be into health, wellness, adventure, travel, experiencing new things, personal development, be an amazing cook, love to dance, someone who would be an equal… Someone who would contribute to us and to business without me having to ask!

We would enjoy doing workouts together, yoga, running, hiking, biking, swimming, exploring, and trying any physical activity we haven’t yet done yet!

She would not be materialistic, but at the same time would have an amazing sense of style in both her own appearance as well as in our living space…

She would be funny and extremely fun to talk with!

She would be FUN!!! (We all need more fun in our lives!)

We would both be perfect compliments to each other’s lives… We wouldn’t require the other, but life would be even better WITH each other!

The idea of living where your feet take you is a must…

She would be able to dream like a child, so vivid & so clear as to manifest the future… Forming the future in the mind so that, through the proper action, it would materialize into the present.

She has to be able to flow with the wind, flow with changes in technology, be able to adapt to many situations & environments, be social but also enjoy quiet time…

Intimacy is essential and she must be into exploration of each other’s bodies and what are the triggers for each other & finding triggers never experienced in each other… be interested in learning topics on Kama Sutra & Taoism… Be adventurous, spontaneous, and an initiator in the moments when her desires are present… Be comfortable talking about every aspect of what she likes so that we may develop to a higher level of intimacy that we have never experienced!

Spirituality in higher beings but NOT organized religion (not getting into this topic here, but very important!)

We would both be on the same page about starting a family and know that if we did that we would be the best parents ever!

She would not have an employee mindset and would be an entrepreneur…

She would be self-made with an entrepreneurial mindset…

One of the most important things is that she must be a great communicator who is transparent and open to talking about the deepest topics within the soul… She must be able to speak as soon as a concern rises so that we may communicate as adults, as equals, as partners, so as to prevent misunderstanding in all situations…

Being able to communicate what is desired is huge in relationships! Broken communication is the reason why many relationships fail (you’ve already read about this earlier!)… And communication is the only way to grow as an individual, in a relationship, in life and in business.

She must be able to play the devil’s advocate in situations to see multiple sides, pros & cons, and consider what could be a desired result in many situations. This will cause us to be the most informed during any decision making.

This list is not all encompassing… Just some major benchmarks that would pique my interest in someone else.

And let me tell you… PIQUE it did!

Before we get further into this, let’s jump back to that thing I was missing in my life…

I was hooked!

I ended up connecting with a business partner who introduced me to an online community of marketing professionals. Their platform was built on personal development, online marketing training & communication.

This was the instance my life started to turn around… One of those so-called pivotal moments.

I finally found a happiness in myself that I have never experienced in my life.

I finally found that we are all responsible for our own happiness… Not your spouse, not your partner, not your dog or your flying squirrel.

YOU… YOU ARE THE REASON (and you must take ownership of that!)

This community is amazing and I have met hundreds of professionals who are making a lasting impact on those around them. THIS is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Luckily, it is contained under one roof.

As time went on, I started helping out in the community, answering questions for people building their business presence online so they could be found.

One evening, I just so happened to be answering a lady’s question about setting up her site to display certain types of blog posts. This was my first encounter with Erin Nicole Bick.

At first, the questions were easy, implementation type things and then they got into more complicated “if, then” sort of questions. I had to get her on the phone so that I could help her more quickly.

I let her know that I was about to be released from the fire station and that I could chat on my 1 hour & 10-minute commute back to my house. We chatted the whole way… All about business and she was taking copious amounts of notes. At this time, it was just after 1:00am CST when I pulled up to a stop sign at a poorly lit intersection.

As I started to roll forward, a HUGE owl swooped down and flew right in front of my windshield! I slammed on the brakes and exclaimed, “Holy smokes! The biggest owl I have ever seen just flew right in front of my windshield!”

Erin said, “Really!!!???!!! The owl must be your Spirit Animal!”

I was instantly intrigued and the owl opened the door to our friendship.

A few days passed and I had not heard anything from Erin about how her implementation went. I figured she was like most others who want information, get the information and do not do anything with it.

So I decided to send her a message on Facebook Messenger, “Hey Erin! How did the step-by-step instructions go to get the blog page setup done?”

Erin: “Oh… I haven’t done it yet… I’m going through some issues… Can you talk on the phone?”

Brian: “Sure thing…”

Instantly my phone lit up and it was her.

Erin: “Hi Brian, here’s why I haven’t done anything yet… I’m having some problems here at the house with my boyfriend. We have been having problems for a few years and I don’t know what to do…”

Brian: “Whoa whoa whoa! Put on the brakes! It sounds like you are about to tell me some pretty personal stuff and I would really like you to know my story before we continue so that you know what kind of person I am and you can decide what you want to share.”

I proceeded to tell her about my divorce, my life, my struggle, my emotional rollercoaster I had been on, and what I am trying to figure out in life for my direction. We also talked about the importance of communication and how being completely transparent with each other would make the most in our friendship.

This softened our interaction and showed her that I was a real person with integrity.

We became best friends. We chatted daily about life, goals, dreams, desires, past failures, personal development, cooking, yoga, working out… We talked about everything!

It was amazing how over a few months our friendship grew. It felt like we were inseparable and we weren’t even “together.” Around mid-April 2016, Erin told me that she was going to be attending a personal development conference overseas. She asked if I would be open to attending as her guest. The event was going to launch from Southampton, England, go to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. I do love to travel and am consumed by personal development, so this seemed perfect! I just had to get the time off work.

It all worked out! We went on the longest first date ever! It was 15 days of solid entertainment, adventure, travel, exploration, and connection…

My mind was blown because EVERY proverbial box was checked in what I was looking for in a partner. We had never met in person before this trip, and neither of us have leaped this far before. The connection we developed was something you would read in books or watch on a movie. It was absolutely electric from the moment our skin first touched. We truly were inseparable!

We didn’t have to be someone else to get along. Just being ourselves and manifesting what we wanted in someone else is what brought us together.

Within 5 months, we have been to 6 countries together and developed the concept of BE Adventure Partners. We are such a solid match because we can easily just be ourselves without having to conform to the other. We both have already wanted the same things in life and had already set in motion achieving those things.

It was a no-brainer that joining forces would be the best for each other individually along with together. Separate, we are powerful, together we unite our energy that will make a lasting impression in other’s lives.

Now life has been amazing and interesting. We are able to travel more than ever and see each other as much as possible. Soon we will be uniting in one location and are working out the logistics for that!

Our mission through BE Adventure Partners is to show people how to Love Deeper, Travel Broader & Live An Extraordinary Life! We show people, step-by-step, how you can travel and get paid, just like us!

Feel free to connect with both of us on Facebook. We love meeting people worldwide and want to meet you too!


Brian Garcia

I have always been a dreamer…

A problem solver…

A believer…

A manifester…

Sometimes I haven’t manifested the things I necessarily want, but the things that I attracted, have been my own darn fault because that is where my head was.

Understanding this concept… The Law of Attraction, took me a good long while to wrap my mind around.

I had to trudge through my own $#it first to really get it.

I still learn more about myself everyday, and how I am the cause of all that surrounds me…

As far back as I can remember I felt insecure… I carried this into my teens, and all the way through my twenties!

My insecurities led me to nurturing myself with food. Which has been my best friend, and my greatest enemy…

Looking back at my young self I believe I fell into drugs, and excessive drinking to mask how I was feeling inside.

I was attracting exactly what I was putting out there when it came to relationships… Emotionally unavailable guys who loved to party!

So guess what? I partied! I partied hard…

This lifestyle accumulates like the grime on the walls of your shower… You can only drag that stuff around for so long until it bites you in the @$$!

I had a lot of messy breakups, until I found someone who seemed like he had his life together!

A good man, who could keep up with my party lifestyle, and let me be a social butterfly.

The partying proceeded, and after a couple years together we decided to buy a house! Which became the party house of course.

Don’t get me wrong; I had a good deal of fun…

BUT my insecurities continued to haunt me.

Anxiety, jealousy, paranoia, and to top it off a really unhealthy relationship with food…drugs…and booze!

I didn’t realize my lifestyle was the cause of my unhappiness.

I was a victim of my circumstances!

I wanted a deeper connection…

A more spiritual connection.

I wanted to dream with someone…

To think bigger then us…

To serve a purpose in the world…

I couldn’t sit around anymore smoking weed all day, watching T.V…

I needed more depth!

In 2013 I was on the verge of a breakdown.

SO I decided to go to Guatemala for 5 weeks, and attended a spiritual yoga retreat to sort out my thoughts.

That experience really opened my eyes! I knew I needed to be more present in my life! I also knew that I couldn’t do that, being all messed up on drugs anymore…

Along with that I realized I had to get out of hairstyling so I could help people on a much deeper level then just making them look pretty.

Not too long after that I started up my own business in Personal Development.

It was a massive change for me! I had been working with my hands my entire life… Having a mum in the hair industry! Heck we had a salon in our house…

The connecting with people thing I had dialled in. Understanding them, and their needs…

No Prob!

Figuring out techie stuff…

NOT my forte…

I struggled hard for a good year and a half… I didn’t make a dime!

I couldn’t blame the techie stuff though…

I could only blame myself.

I worked part-time in my biz for 9 months, and once I quit my job you would think game on…

How about party on?!

I was rock solid with diet, and fitness from Tuesday – Friday, then back on the party train!

Two solid months of partying harder then ever, and sucking big time in my biz…

Which lead me to my 30th birthday.

That is when I decided to give up hard drugs!

Just for perspective here… it took me about a year and a half to get off drugs after I got back from Guatemala.

I can’t blame my circle of influence for wanting to party, but I certainly can take owner ship for choosing to surround myself with that lifestyle…

And that lifestyle just so happened to be a permanent fixture in my house every weekend even after I gave the stuff up.

I have so much gratitude for Personal Development!

It taught me to disconnect from behaviours that were keeping me stuck.

Taking care of myself became my top priority.

Meditation, eating well, Personal Development, and fitness were part of my everyday!

I was looking and feeling really good.

My limiting beliefs were fading away.

I would listen to Ester Hicks. She talked about imagining what you wanted!

To smell it, taste it, touch it, feel it…

My vision became so vivid!

I felt this beautiful presence around me.

I felt him in my soul.

I imagined us dancing and playing on the beach…

The sun setting, and light reflecting off of his face…

I couldn’t see his face…

But I imagined his stature, his strength, his confidence, and his undeniable love for me.

The way it felt to be around him…

How sweet he was…

His soft side…

How he allowed me to be vulnerable.

I imagined how much fun we would have cooking together, and even doing the dishes. Dancing in the kitchen, singing together, and just straight up being goofy!

I imagined a man who actually appreciated me…

I wanted to be with someone who understood me.

Someone who connected so deeply, and spiritually with me that we could understand how each other felt without words…

I saw us appreciating the beauty in life together, and being able to do that without enhancements.

But most of all I wanted to be with someone who was ready to manifest, and create a life that we thought we could only dream of!

SO I worked harder!

I took a risk, and joined a marketing community that would show me step by step how to fly in the online business space.

I was in the community about a couple weeks, and needed some questions answered on my blog… Then on Feb 17th 2016… I met Brian Paul Garcia!

He said the question I asked would be easier answered over the phone.

So at about 1am my time I got on the phone with him, and he gave me some serious clarity on what I was trying to achieve.

He was very professional until he shouted… “HOLY $#iT! I just saw an owl with a 4 foot wing span fly in front of my windshield!”

Being the spiritual gal I am, I thought this was profound. I said,  “ WOW that is because you are so wise! I think that it must be your spirit animal!”

He loved that!

About a week after that he asked me if I had made my blog go live yet. I told him I hadn’t. He didn’t understand why… I was so close.

I was a mess emotionally. I let struggles in my relationship really get me down constantly, and I let that hold me back in everything I did in biz. I realized this was a common trend for me.

He asked if I wanted to talk about it… and at that point I didn’t know the guy from a hole in the ground so I said no thanks. He asked if he could share something…

That is when we really connected as friends.

Brian opened up and told me all about his struggles through his divorce, and how hard it was on him.

I was really going through a lot at the time, and he was very supportive.

He understood me… I finally felt validated for the way I was feeling. Up until that point I felt like a crazy person.

As we got to know each other I couldn’t believe how much we had in common.

I was so excited to meet a man who had BIG GOALS! A man who wanted to live life to the fullest, and share how to live that way with others!

We had similar interests, and we were on the same mission!

It was crazy…

I started believing that there was a man out there for me that wanted to live the same way, and not waste away in front of a TV screen!

I don’t mean to sound harsh… BUT that was my reality!

I had to be fair to my ex, and I had to let him go. I couldn’t expect him to change for me.

We were on different wave-lengths…

We had different goals…

We were straight up too different to proceed.

Brian was a really great friend to me during all this.

We both went through some tough stuff together, and a whole lot of healing!

I will forever be grateful for that.

I had a business trip coming up during my moving/ house selling process.

I was stressed to the max, and I couldn’t find a friend who could take that much time off! I expressed this to Brian and he said… “ I would come with you… If you like?!”

I couldn’t believe it! It was pretty risky for both of us.

Sharing a small cabin on a 10 day long Personal Development Cruise across the Canary Islands, Spain, and Portugal.

Most people would be terrified that something would go wrong.

Not us!

We felt so connected that there wasn’t a doubt in our minds that we wouldn’t have a blast!

We were so confident, we made it 15 days, and met early in London… and stayed late.

Talk about trusting the Universe!

Pre our first official meeting in the physical, things started to get more and more magical.

Once I moved out, the closer it got to the trip, the more we were syncing up.

We were constantly in disbelief of what would come up in conversation.

How many things we had in common…

How meshed our beliefs were on what we wanted to achieve in life!

Our goals…


Even our work ethic…

When we met at Heathrow Airport in London sparks flew!

Shoot I was just told my luggage was left in Montreal, but that didn’t even bother me because I was sooo stoked to finally meet this guy!

Pre Personal Development Erin would have been very upset, and worried about what she would look like without all of her planned out outfits.

Not this gal! This gal was on fire!

I didn’t even care that my makeup was in that bag…

When I saw Brian I ditched the bag that I did have, and jumped into his arms.

No joke…

That big strong man scooped me off the ground like I was nothing and squeezed me so tight! Being wrapped up together felt so natural and homey… Like this moment had happened before. Our connection was so familiar… It was strange. Like a deja vu.

It was mystical! I will never forget it!

Every minute together was entertaining! We are both very curious, optimistic creatures.

We don’t let obstacles stir us, we believe they enhance our experience.

I think we were both surprised at our reactions to certain situations.

Everything was so natural together!

We both require ritual, and routine in our day!

We both take time to be present, and absorb moments.

I couldn’t believe how much I felt like myself.

After all that dedication to Personal Development, and fitness…

My soul was shinning through!

I felt magnetic, vivacious, better then ever.

I was a different person than I was the previous year… I didn’t participate at all!

This time I got up multiple times and shared my authentic self with the group.

I felt so alive. I had honestly never felt like this before… I was in shock!

People at the conference called us the lovers. No one could figure out our deal…

How Brian lived in Austin and me in Toronto?

They wanted to know if we were together… If we were sharing a bed…

LOL it was pretty entertaining. We kept them guessing for a while.

We joked in our silly British accents that we were Adventure Partners… (We are goofy ALL day long!)

So after riding camels, and climbing sand dunes my associates asked us at lunch…


We looked at each other and smirked and both said, “ We are Adventure Partners!”

Our jaws dropped, and we laughed and I said… “So I guess its official?”

Brian smirked, and wrapped his arm around me saying… “Sure is!”

We really connected deeply on that trip!

We had such a beautiful visions as individuals, but the more we talked, the more we discovered how well our ideals in life meshed together.

We really started to become a part of each others why on that trip! Why we wanted to strive even more to help people out… and show them how abundance in all aspects of their lives!

We both deeply believe that if we can get out of the stuck mindsets we were in, that anyone else could do it no matter their circumstance!

Since our first time meeting in the flesh we haven’t been able to get enough of each other. We are connected almost all day, everyday! Messaging back and forth… Sending funny videos, pics, voice messages…

We laugh all day long!

Helping each other with our businesses…

Visualizing… Creating… COMMUNICATING!

We have truly become the best of friends.

Brian came to Canada for his first time to visit me in July 2016 for 11 days.

We rented a Yurt, saw The Great Canadian Shield, and did the outdoorsy thang…

I showed him some of my fave places in Toronto via bicycle!

We really enjoyed ourselves.

A week later I flew down to Austin, where we went to a HUGE conference together, that will change our businesses for the rest of our lives! It was incredible!

We love learning together and expanding our minds together!

It was mystical… We kept seeing rainbows everywhere!

He took me all over… And gave me the best birthday I have ever had!

We enjoyed his home, and really got a taste of what it would be like to actually live together!

We cooked, and danced around the kitchen… Laughing, and being silly… Doing dishes and other adult stuff… But the amazing part was even the lame jobs were fun!

I was having such a blast down there, that I extended my 3-week trip to 5-weeks!

We literally just planned our next adventure together, where we will reunite in Mexico!

Between June 2016- August 2016 we saw 6 countries together! We are certainly becoming seasoned travellers!

We are learning so much about how to do all the things we want to do for a better price so we can keep travelling, and keep meeting up in random countries until we can actually be together.

I honestly doubt that will stop us from travelling! We are hooked for life now!

The more we travel the more we learn about travelling efficiently!  All that we learn we will be sharing with you!

SO stay tuned for our greatest tips and tricks, to stay in the best place, for the best prices.

Get out of this world experiences! Do the unexpected! The things that most people only talk about!

Feel free to reach out to us so we can get all of your questions answered!

It is time for you to manifest that life you have been dreaming of!!


XOxO Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick

Our Mission is to live & love extraordinarily, and to share the “how to’s” with YOU!
We want to empower you to break free from the things in your life
that are keeping you feeling stuck.
If you read our stories already about where we have come from…
You will soon find out that we were once stuck too!
We both felt at one point that we were treading water, that nothing was changing,
or evolving in our lives.
We both trudged through some low lows.
Sharing our stories, and lessons along the way is so important to us!
If we can help just one person at a time to break free from the herd…
From the average life…
The dissatisfied life…
To assist people in seeing their value, and opening their eyes to
the possibilities we are all capable of achieving…
Well… that is why we are here.
You deserve to be happy!
You deserve to have time, to take time, to be with the ones you love the most!
You deserve to live an abundant, prosperous life.
We are merely here to empower you, by showing you the tools we have been using
that have changed our lives forever.
Connect with us if you have that spark in you! That boldness in you that wants to be set free!
We love making global friends!
Until Next Time…
Travel On Friends…
Travel On…

Love Deeper

Travel Broader

Live An
Extraordinary Life

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