The question regarding, “Could You Become Location Independent?” comes up in conversations as we travel the world. Considering people come from different walks of life and have various financial commitments, location independence is not for everyone, but could be what you are looking for, just done on a local scale.

“There’s no way I could travel the world continuously like you BE Adventure Partners!” people have told us as they lug their backpack the streets of a little island town.

The thing about it is that location independence is an interesting concept.

Literally, you are not tied down to any particular spot. You are able to travel the world as you wish… On whatever timeline you want!

For some people, this is appealing, but “life” gets in the way. Figuring out how to make it work is “difficult” for them.

Another way to look at location independence is that you are no longer anchored down to a JOB because of a business you built online that allows you to “work” from anywhere you have a WiFi connection.

I can remember when I had no idea how it would work – location independence. I felt comfortable with my pay as a Firefighter, but I knew that there could be more to life than what I was experiencing.

That’s when I went into investigation mode and unearthed a subculture that is growing in popularity because of the life experiences and types of lifestyles that could be had!

Here’s a few scenarios from people we have personally talked with whose minds have been open to the possibility. Come to find out, most of us have fallen into one of these four times in our lives… (You’re not alone! We’ve both been there!)

Before we continue, I want you to know that THIS life is NOT for everyone. I know that. All of us have different commitments in life. However… As “Stuck” as you may think you are… You may not be as tied down as you think.

You May Have Just Graduated From High School

If you don’t feel like going to University is for you, know that you could explore other paths. I’m not going to tell you NOT to go to University, because I went and it was a ton of fun (sometimes). I learned quite a bit (most of the knowledge I do not use as a Digital Nomad who is Location Independent.)

You may not currently have the skillsets to launch a successful business online, and I can tell you that the skills I learned to become location independent happened AFTER I graduated from high school, graduated from University, and even after a nearly 9 year career as a firefighter.

The skills you need to learn are found online. First thing to think about is WHAT are you wanting to do with your business. Focus on learning the skillsets necessary for THAT.

There are several resources that we have personally used. For instance, I learned a ton about using Photoshop & Indesign on While to learn how to market our BE Adventure Partners business, I learned those skills from the Marketing Platform that gives you step-by-step training to become successful online using Social Media Marketing.


You May Have Just Acquired Your Degree From University

If you decided to go to University, you can expect 2-4 years (or more) of your life being dedicated to the coursework. University was a lot of fun (not going to lie!). At the end of University you’ll most likely have a whole bunch of student loans to pay off. And regardless of what you do for money, those will disappear in due time.

Once you acquire your degree from University, the natural course of action is to sign on with a company. Being an employee does not guarantee job security, but does guarantee your pay (how much the company deems your worth during the time you are their employee.)

Many people feel “stuck” at this point because they feel like they must work a job so that they can pay off their student loans.

What the current generation of University Graduates are finding is that there are employers who offer remote working positions. If you can get on with one of those companies, you’ll have more freedom and autonomy.

While if you decide to start your own business instead, there’s the potential to earn substantially more income, and build a business that becomes automated.

If you commit to yourself to buckle down initially, and build your business, you could become location independent right away.


You May Have A Career As A Working Professional

This is my exact story a little over 2 months ago. I had graduated from high school, got a Bachelor’s of Science degree from University, and then got hired on as a firefighter, where I worked for nearly 9 years. As I applied what I learned, people began to learn How I Quit My Job To Travel The World

It’s OK that you have been in a career for years. You may be deep in and think THAT is the only thing you can do. You’ve probably also acquired and learned skills along the way. You may even have developed passion and vision along the way.

Know that whatever you have experienced along the way, there is definitely a niche online that you could build a business around. And if it is your passion, it only makes it easier for you to apply what you have learned to a business you could be proud of, and a business that could rescue you from living a life as an employee!


You May Have Started A Family

I know that building a family is a personal thing and I currently do not have any children. I do have family with Erin, my Adventure Partner, though and it is such an amazing thing to have someone by your side to experience life with! You could read more about Our Story Here.

Taking the leap when you have children can be done. I do know that people generally like to have “stability” in the child’s formative years so that they can learn interpersonal skills with other little humans and build relationships.

Most people that contact us on Adventure Calls who have children are wanting a change of scenery. They are wanting a change of pace. They are wanting to be home to raise their children, rather than shipping them off to daycare and going to work.

This is a new sort of independence. Even though these people start building businesses from home, they are not necessarily always looking to be location independent. Rather, they are looking for independence from their JOB so that they can experience more life with their families!

If this is you, YOU could totally accomplish this! We’ve personally met people all over the world who are location independent and travel with their kids. While we’ve also met people who decided to just stay in their hometown and build a business online so that they could achieve another sort of location independence… The type that they no longer have to BE at the JOB… Their location independence is at their home, with their families.

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In Conclusion

Regardless of your situation, the idea regarding Could YOU BEcome Location Independent? has been on your mind and you are just looking for the way that will work best with your specific situation. Know that there are ways to learn How To BEcome A Digital Nomad, and experience a Location Independent life. However you decide to do it, you must learn the skills for your specific type of business. Once you learn those skills, you must learn how to market yourself so that you can Build Your Audience, Engage Your Audience, and Sell To Your Audience whatever product or service it is that you plan on offering.

Until Next Time!

Adventure On, Friend…
Adventure On…

 – Brian Garcia

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