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BE Adventure Partners is a movement towards living a smart & simple lifestyle. Because quite frankly it’s becoming a necessity.

Through our films on YouTube, articles here on our Blog, and content on social media, our goal is to inspire others to think outside the box and get creative with life.

When life starts throwing curveballs it’s time to start asking questions.

So many of us find ourselves trapped in a life that leaves us feeling worn down, stressed out, and empty. Whether the contributing factors are working at a job we hate, paying more out in bills than we earn, or losing touch with ourselves and the ones we love… SOMETHING has got to give.

A culmination of interesting, life-altering adventures have lead us to where we are today, and what we believe to be important & true.

Relationships & Experiences.

Our views may not jive with everyone who lands here, but for those who resonate… We’re here for you.

Life pushed us to live differently. Think differently. And BE different.

After being knocked down a few times, and falling deeper into debt we realized we needed to make some changes in how we were living.

Story after story we kept hearing about people digging themselves out of the financial hole when they decided to live smarter & simpler lives.

This was really appealing to us, as we had already sold everything we owned, houses, vehicles, and most possessions.

At first, we thought living in a van would be great, because this way we could keep travelling. But after staying in a few tiny rentals we ditched that idea fast.

Our next big idea was buying a chunk of land that we could start a homestead on, but we didn’t have the funds for that. YET.

Then the skoolie community opened our eyes wide!

After hearing about skoolies we couldn’t shake the idea. We did about 6 months of serious research, and next thing you know we were buying our golden beauty in Phoenix Arizona.

The idea is to convert the skoolie into our home, and then travel through Canada & the US looking for a place to start our homestead.

Along our adventures we plan to meet up with homesteaders & people that are living simpler more self-reliant lifestyles.

So after our skoolie conversion, we will be sharing alternative ways of life in hopes that you will be inspired to start chasing your dreams too.

This is a weird uncertain time in our world. People reach out to us every day sharing how tough it is to get by financially, and how dissatisfied they are.

We believe living a smarter simpler life is the key ingredient to getting our lives back as a human race. If we can learn to live more sustainably, take what’s old & make it new, and live more cohesively with each other & nature… We will ALL benefit immensely!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, and help you out if you have any questions.

Here are the different ways you can connect with us:

Wishing you all the best along your adventure, and until next time friend…

Until Next Time... Adventure On!
- Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick

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BE Adventure Partners guides people in making money online. Earn an independent living from your knowledge, skills & passions. Become self-reliant. Live a smart & simple life on your terms.



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