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Start with the step-by-step eCourse to help you harness your ideas, build a business online & achieve your ideal life.

The Ideal Life Plan

1. Identify Your Passion And Unique Skills

Doing what you love most feels effortless, which quickly attracts awesome people to you.

2. Learn To Create A Simple Business Online

You don’t need to be a techie genius to build a profitable business from scratch.
You just gotta start.

3. Create A Life You're Excited About

You’ll have a simple roadmap, empowering you to easily create your online business together.

Discover how BE Adventure Partners eCourses help couples like you thrive in online business


When it comes to creating their ideal life together… Most couples have no idea where to start. BE Adventure Partners help couples find confidence in their individual passions & ideas so they can build an impactful business online that people trust.

We know how hard it can be to build a business online, and have helped people from all over the world connect the dots step-by-step. When you have a direct path to take it makes building a lucrative business online much easier, turning your company into the go-to no matter who you serve.

BE Adventure Partners is the love child of Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick. Together they create eCourses, online workshops, and live events that help couples who want to do business together, or already have a business together thrive in the online space. Brian + Erin are just two normal people… Brian originally started his online business to give him some extra cash on the side of his 9 year career as a Firefighter, aspiring to make a positive impact on our Earth. Erin put down her scissors as an 11 year Hairstylist to build her online business, with the dream of becoming a speaker in the Personal Development arena. BE Adventure Partners was created to share their long distance romance. Turns out people actually wanted to know how they were both building their online businesses, and were able to frequently afford meeting in airports all over the world. Needless to say, BE Adventure Partners was born… Along with their burning desire to help couples all over the world escape monotony, and build a simple business online to free them from the chains of society, as well. Brian + Erin reach thousands of people each week helping them turn their passions, ideas, or existing businesses into their secret weapon to freedom. The skills they share allowed them to leave their careers forever, and travel the world full-time with their business.

Inside BE Adventure Partners eCourse Get Your Blog On you will:

  1. Learn a proven step-by-step formula Brian + Erin borrowed from their 8 Figure Mentors to build your business online. You will BE empowered with the knowledge you need to take your ideas, and turn them into a business that makes an impact.
  2. Discover how simple it is to build an attractive Website & Blog without being a techie genius.
  3. Follow along easily with Get Your Blog On’s bite size videos as BE Adventure Partners guide you through building a magnetic business online, that sets you apart from your competition.

Give your customers a place to come to learn more about all that you offer. If your customers can only find you on social media, they will go somewhere else. Businesses who Blog on their Websites build the “Know, Love, Trust Factor” with their customers, and are more easily searched on Google. Social media moves too darn fast for it to be your one & only. Get Your Blog On gives you a place to share valuable, up to date information that entertains, educates, and inspires customers to choose you! Businesses who are on the cutting edge of information win in the online space. Buy Get Your Blog On today, and allow Brian + Erin to take you by the hand simply showing you how to position yourself as a leader in whatever niche you are in. Why? BEcause you need a home online where your customers can invest in your products, services, and all that you offer.

Create your professional Blog & Website today. In a year from now… You’ll BE glad you did.


How To Make An Impact
& Achieve Your Ideal Life Together (Even If You Have No Clue Where To Start)

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What’s your time worth to you? How much time are you spending searching all over the internet, trying to put your business together online? How many people are missing out on all that you offer? What’s not having a Website & Blog costing you in credibility with your future customers? Not having a Website & Blog to build the “Know, Love, Trust Relationship” with your future customers is already costing you substantially.

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Start today. A year from now, you’ll be glad you did.


We empower couples to thrive in life, relationships, and business online. Most couples have no idea where to begin when it comes to creating their ideal life together. So we got to work, and started making eCourses that help couples just like you break away from the mundane, and live a well rounded, fulfilled life. With us as your tour guides, we’ll show you exactly how to build a business online with your ideas.

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