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Thank you so much for your support! Everything we do in our work is to help you BE where you want, when you want!

There’s several ways you can support our work (even things as simple as Liking our Facebook Page or Subscribing on YouTube helps out!)

All the things below we’ll get a commission on AND in most cases, you’ll get a discount of some kind too! This is truly a win-win!


If you’re wanting to make a quick donation of gratitude with your wallet (or even a monthly recurring donation) you can easily do so through PayPal. Click the button below & we’ll put that cash towards our travels, gear and stuff that keeps us in peak condition!

BE A Triber

Are you the type that wants to start a business online and would benefit from the community & support for when the going gets tough? Then you’ll want to BE a Triber. Get access to the entire PowerCourse library that’ll walk you through taking your idea and building a business online (Like what we’ve done with BE Adventure Partners)!


Show your support by wearing your very own official BEAP T-Shirt, Hoodie, or other merch! We even have sizes for the kids! The BEAP Tees are super comfy, look great and will make you feel great! We would love to see you wearing your BEAP Tee & tag us in it on social media!

Get 20% off first order using coupon code at checkout: BEAP20


As we travel, we’re constantly testing out new gear, better gear, and donating gear that wasn’t suiting our needs to those it would work for better. Check out our Amazon Influencer Shop to see all our current travel & tech gear, cameras, books & personal items.  Any purchases you make on Amazon within 24 hours, we’ll get a small commission of the sale (even if it’s not anything on our shop page). It doesn’t cost you anything more to do it and we greatly appreciate your kindness!


Do you like FREE money? We do too! And THIS is going to BE free money for you and us! Airbnb is hands down our favorite way to find unique places to stay like a local. What’s cool is that we partnered with them to give you some cash off your first stay. Follow the link below to get your Airbnb account set up & for details on how much you’ll get!

Much gratitude to you for all your love and support! By no means do we EXPECT you to contribute… Buttt if you do, we GREATLY appreciate it and truly are grateful!

Best wishes to you & your Adventure Partner!

– Brian + Erin

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick - BE Adventure PartnersUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– BE Adventure Partners

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Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick are full-time location independent, online business owners. Brian’s background is in firefighting, digital + photographic imaging, and web development. Erin’s background is in professional hairstyling, social intuition, personal development, creative writing, and brand identity development. Together, they create eCourses, high-end online business development coaching, and social media marketing strategies. They go by… BE Adventure Partners!

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