How To Validate Your Business Idea With The Toothbrush Test

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You + your partner have a sweet idea for an online business. You’re both excited, because this could be the thing that allows you to BE where you want, when you want. Have you run it past the toothbrush test yet? Let’s dive in!

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The magic of validation…

There is something that happens inside of us when we know we have a good idea. A rush of excitement pulses through our veins and an urge to share our idea with everyone we know makes us burst at the seams.

Well at least that happens to Brian + I… We are constantly blurting out our brilliant ideas, and sharing them with each other. Some ideas only one of us think are brilliant (LOL) but that’s how it goes…

I remember the first time I shared my online business idea with some friends at a party… They thought I was insane for wanting to leave my 11-year career as a hairstylist to sell personal development education. One guy even said… “Who uses that crap anyway?”

I was shattered… I wish I knew about the toothbrush test back then. I would have told that guy!

Not everyone is going to think your online business idea is good…

That’s the reality. BUT you know what? That’s totally fine! When it comes to building a business online together… You aren’t looking for everyone. SURE everyone who breathes air could use it… BUT the reality is… If you are speaking to everyone, you are reaching no one.

Besides you’re better off to have some haters because that means there is a group of lovers waiting for you to share your idea with them. SO don’t let the naysayers stop you from creating your beautiful online business idea together. The toothbrush test will give you a more constructive way to look at your idea, then just based on people’s opinions who have no clue what you’re about to pull off.

What is the toothbrush test, and how will it validate your online business idea?

So a guy named Larry Page (co-founder of Google) says that if you have a product or service idea that someone could use once or twice a day, then you have a winner!

This test works for almost anything, but there are some exceptions because some products may only serve a purpose for a certain amount of time.

For instance… Let’s say that you + your partner want to offer a financial eCourse called “A Couple-Preneurs Guide To Taxes”. While a couple in business together may not need your eCourse each day, they will certainly need it around tax time, and they will likely come back to your eCourse each year to make sure they are doing their taxes right.

The question is… How do you add value to your product/service to keep them coming back?

In the case of the couple offering help with finances, they could create a Membership Platform with several eCourses instead of just a one-off product. Their Membership could offer courses that could help couples in business together with their mindset around money. They could have a budgeting eCourse, a financial planning eCourse… You name it! If it’s financial, and they know about it, they could offer it! Pretty cool huh?

There are certainly many other exceptions to the Toothbrush Test, but it is a great launching point to start. Imagine your product or service, and how people will interact with it.

The main questions to think about:

  • How useful is our idea?
  • Does it measure up against the toothbrush test?
  • Will they only need it for a season?
  • If it isn’t something someone would use every day… How could we add value to keep enhancing our customer’s lives?

We would love to hear about it in the comments and would be happy to share our insight.

If you are wanting a more in-depth hands-on approach, we would love to help you in the BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. Get your questions answered LIVE on our Campfire Q+A’s! Not to mention… When you grab your membership for the Tribe, you will have instant access to all of our eCourses. We’ve got you covered when it comes to taking your idea and building it into an awesome online business that you love.

BEcause we believe couples should have the ability to BE where they want, when they want! Together! AND nothing else gives you the same kind of flexibility then building your very own online business.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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