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It all starts with your idea that you want to create a life you love, develop a passionate relationship, and experience the freedom that an online business could provide.

Whether you’re in a loving relationship, or flying solo, reality is what you make it. Every day, we have the power to make decisions in our lives…

  • Who do we spend our life with?
  • What do we spend our time doing?
  • What do we consume?
  • Do we exercise?
  • Do we practice things that will help us grow as individuals or as a couple?

These are just a few decisions you get to make. Whether you’re living on autopilot like I used to or you are trying to figure out why you are not where you know you should be, the answer is normally found in what you decide each day.

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Design the life you love

In 2012, I had roughly 957 commutes to the fire station when I made the decision to start designing the life I would love. At first, I didn’t know how I would make that happen, but I was determined to figure it out.

Firefighting was tough on me emotionally, physically, and mentally. If I didn’t DO something different, nothing was going to change. So I got to work.

Reality Is What You Make It

I soon learned that reality is what you make it… Regardless of if you are intentionally creating your reality, or operate like I was, just living life on autopilot.

How would it feel if your life progressively increased in experiences, prosperity, and meaningful relationships?

This is what sparked the imagination within by creating new thoughts of WHAT IF…

  • WHAT IF I didn’t have to go on this long commute to a job where I was exposed to disease, trauma, and be surrounded by negativity?
  • WHAT IF I could intentionally make my reality something that I enjoy?
  • WHAT IF I had a relationship that was fun and filled with LOVE!?

As soon as I started asking questions of myself that I KNEW I had control over, THAT is when things started to fall into place.

I started DOING the things necessary, so I no longer had to go on that commute & be exposed to bad stuff.

I started making decisions & taking action with creating a simple business online so that I could intentionally make my reality something that I would enjoy.

We have been traveling the world full-time since April 2017… This is one of our dreams to do for a period in life & is only possible because of what we intentionally created – An online business that we love!

Now that you know what we did to make it happen, you have a few of the questions we asked ourselves (both individually, before we met, and together, after we met).

Take a moment to write out these questions and start making a game plan. This will allow you to take intentional actions each day to get to where you want to be in your life, relationship, and business online.

The Living Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship Creates Location Independence

It wasn’t that we hated having a job (because it’s nice knowing that you have a consistent paycheck). However, it was having the jobs that prevented us from being spontaneous, going to the beach on a Monday when everyone else was commuting to work, or jumping on a Wednesday flight going from Canada to Central America to start a 15-month stent learning Spanish and experiencing the beauty of that part of the globe.

What we learned is that entrepreneurship creates location independence.

When you think of being location independent, it doesn’t mean that you must sell your house, truck, RV, and everything you own (like we did)… It simply means that you have the choice of BEing ANYWHERE you want, when you want, without having an anchor holding you against your will in a certain location.

This can also be considered a Global Nomad

“A person who is living a mobile and international lifestyle. Global nomads aim to live location-independently, seeking detachment from particular geographical locations and the idea of territorial belonging.”

The goal is not to travel for the rest of our lives (because having a “home base” is definitely high on the list of our wants, too!)… Rather, the goal is to increase the experiential nature of our lives. This gives you the ability to have a better understanding and relate-ability to others. It also allows you to see how other people live, giving you a greater perspective and appreciation for the richness available to you in life.

By creating a business online that you love, the reality within your life shifts & shows you how you could work from anywhere.

Work is simply your mental or physical effort put towards a particular task with purpose to achieve a specific result.

And when thinking about what “work” means, we put our effort each day towards what has created our reality at this specific point in life.

PART 1: Exercise To Define Your Result With Associated Action:

  1. Write down what your life is like right now
  2. Write down what you’ve done in your life up until this point to make that your reality

Notice that what you do, intentionally or unintentionally, has brought you to this specific point.

PART 2: Exercise To Define Your Result With Associated Action:

  1. Write down what you would LIKE your life to be like in the next 12-24 months from now
  2. Write down what NEW actions you’ll take to make that your reality

This exercise is designed to open your eyes to what’s called “Cause & Effect.” Every action has a specific and measurable reaction.

You may not know what actions need to be completed in PART 2 item 2 above, and that’s OK. In the Road Map, you’ll learn how to take the idea for how you would like your life to be, and create a simple business online that could make that your reality. We invite you to take action so you can experience the way life should be lived – filled with experiences, love, and freedom to go, be, do, and have what fills your heart with happiness!

Earning A Living Without A Job

I was raised to be an employee. From as early as I can remember, the lessons I was exposed to formed me to WANT to do a good job working for a company. This work ethic has served me well because I was winning awards in the Restaurant as young as 16 years old for things like “Employee of the Year” or even being decorated with Phoenix Bars in the Fire Department for bringing dead people back to life & saving lives during catastrophic natural disasters.

I was a great employee but there was something in my heart that called me to a bigger contribution that could only be accomplished by earning a living without a job.

More choices are available to you once you open your eyes to what contributes to YOUR happiness.

Create a Life You Love

Our Mentor, Dandapani, talks about how if you lay out a handkerchief and place yourself in the middle. Along the outside edge is your family, relationships, friends, acquaintances, and people you’ll know in the future.

When you lift yourself up, everyone else around you is also lifted up.

This lesson teaches us that we must create happiness & take care of ourselves FIRST. Only after you do this, can you be of service to others.

What would you need to earn a living without a job so you can be of service to others? (see the ripple down effect that just happened?)

It starts with your IDEA of what brings happiness to YOU!

This allows you to then spread your influence to others that would relate to the message you have created.

After your idea is in place, you’re able to see different ways to create income online, which relates to earning a living without a job.

“A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better”
– Sir Richard Branson

Life’s Better When You Love Somebody

You know that feeling you get when you feel loved? It’s warm, fuzzy, and makes you feel wanted & desired by another!

The majority of people around the globe are attracted to LOVE. This is why people work so hard on finding a compatible, loving relationship (even shortly after one ends).

Being able to share life with others is part of the “pack” mentality. We are stronger together than we are by ourselves. We have more drive to create a life filled with meaning when we run along with others who are all wanting the same thing in life.

For us, we’ve found that life’s better when you love somebody! The experiences you have together can be remembered in our minds, captured on photographs, and documented with video.

What happens if you are wanting something totally different than your partner? Is it an alignment or compatibility thing? Are you able to continue on with different goals? Or can you compare your separate goals and bring it together so you both experience purposeful, fulfilled lives full of love?

This is part of designing a life you love that will allow you to grow stronger together while allowing individuality to shine through!

Life You Love

How To Achieve a Goal Successfully Together

We are each unique in and of ourselves. This is a powerful part of the attraction in love, relationships, and business online.

Finding the harmonious balance between each other’s goals so you can both experience fulfillment & purpose is important in relationships.

In our eCourse Get Your Goals On, we show exactly how to come together as individuals with distinct goals, find the commonplace of those goals, and create a loving life together.

By writing out what both of you want in your life SEPARATELY and then coming together to compare notes, you’re going to be surprised by what you find. How you could support each other’s individual growth AND bring the commonalities together for powerful collaboration is a fun thing to do as a couple.

This will allow you to achieve a goal successfully together be it in your personal life, in your life together, or even creating an online business partnership that could allow you to create a life you love!

Compromise is not necessary when you both are understanding that we each have a different set of needs & desires in life. Rather than compromise, we can support each other’s growth, which ends up creating a stronger bond between each other.

By showing you care about what the other wants in life, your relationship grows stronger, allowing for a higher level of intimacy, and life-long experience of growth!

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Goal Guide for Creators

Experience Loving Relationships

The times in life where relationships just don’t seem to be working out is when there is some sort of selfishness that is being displayed by one or the other.

So how do you experience loving relationships AND get your way at the same time without struggle & dissatisfaction?

That comes down to understanding each other’s Love Language  (awesome book for couples if you haven’t read it, check it out!) & goals we have as individuals. This allows us to be conscious of what our partner needs as a person, and how we can come together as a couple to experience loving relationships!

As we’re traveling and working on BEAP, there are little things that we do for each other which shows that we care.

The other day when we were going to get groceries, we passed by a flower stand.

“It would be so nice to have fresh flowers in the house…” Erin mentioned as she smiled and smelled the flowers.

Because I am attentive & present when Erin speaks, I made a mental note to surprise her that week by having flowers delivered. She loved it!

Life You Love Flowers

One of the things I absolutely love is tasty treats and chocolate! At times, I’ll be working on something, and Erin walks up with a little treat saying, “I figured you’d like this…” Or she’ll say, “Hey! I got this for you…” then plant a sweet kiss on my cheek & wrapping her arms around me tightly!

It’s not about spending thousands of dollars to experience loving relationships. It’s more about being present with what makes each other feel loved and being the partner to show them love in the way they desire.

Things Couples Running Business Should Know, Without Killing The Romance

There’s nothing worse than a killing romance because you’re at each other’s throat running a business at the same time.

These tips are things couples running a business should know (so you can keep your attraction for each other hot and steamy, spontaneous, and filled with desire!)

Once you decide to create an online business together, you’re going to be doing a LOT of things together that you normally would have done alone, to include:

  • Collaborating on blog posts
  • Shooting videos together
  • Doing Facebook & YouTube LIVEs together
  • Creating digital content together
  • Designing your website & blog together

These HOT TIPs give each other space to create!

We love to do things together, but when it comes to creating, often we’ll agree upon assignments, create something, then come together to give each other a positive critique. This allows us to work autonomously yet TOGETHER at the same time!

By showing appreciation and calling out when each other does something AWESOME, it gives each other positive reinforcement that we are each valuable contributors to the mission of BE Adventure Partners!

We also give each other room to fail, learn, grow and excel in our own individual selves.

I know that I learn best when I figure something out on my own or take training that guides me in the direction necessary to accomplish a certain task.

By giving me the freedom to be autonomous, Erin can go about doing what she loves doing, and I can experiment with different ways of doing things (and vice versa).

If you are considering starting a business online with your love, know that there are ways to keep the flame alive without killing the romance all while creating an awesome business that you both love AND using both of your unique skills making you a powerful team!

Create a Life You Love With An Online Business

The tone went off again, feeling like a ton of bricks just dropped on my chest. As the lights came on I could hear the call on the loudspeaker announcing, “Penetrating Trauma.”

I don’t know how much longer I could do this for. It had been five years in the Fire Department. Heavily sleep deprived and working 48 hours on shift, and 24 hours off shift. “Normal” shift work was 24 hours on, 48 hours off, but there were too many expenses in life that I had to work overtime for most of the year.

Pulling up on the scene, chaos was everywhere. The victim had been stabbed too many times. Trying to figure out what to put pressure on first, or even tourniquet had to be decided on fast.

Is THIS what I signed up for?

As I went to many other disturbing calls like this (and worse) over the 9-year period, I had been thinking about how I intentionally created the reality I was living.

It was a CHOICE to take the fire exam.
It was a CHOICE to go through the fire academy.
It was a CHOICE to stay in the department (even after being exposed to things that I don’t wish on anyone else).

What was ALSO a choice was creating a life that I would absolutely love by building a simple business online.

I hadn’t come from a background of entrepreneurs (Remember how I was raised to be a good employee?)

Well… It was THOSE skills that helped create this reality:

  • Being a dedicated employee
  • Showing up on time (if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late)
  • Giving 110% even when I didn’t feel 100%
  • Doing things that were “not part of my job description”
  • Being resourceful to figure shit out!

You probably embody a few of these traits (if not all of them). And if you do, I applaud you for the courage to stay in it & dedicated!

Now IMAGINE the life you COULD have by putting just as much (if not MORE) dedication into building a simple business online so that you can intentionally create a life you love!

Close your eyes and experience what that would feel like…

  • Where would you be?
  • Who would you BE with?
  • What would you be doing?
  • What sort of impact could you make?

My friend… This is possible. You know it in your heart! But maybe you don’t have an idea yet… OR Maybe you DO have an idea, but just don’t know how to get it launched!?

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The Road Map walks you through either creating an idea or taking the idea you already have and launching it, step-by-step. You’ll also get access to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs – a community of entrepreneurs who will not let you quit!
5 Online Business Ideas For Couples

The #1 thing that prevents couples and individuals from creating a simple business online, so they can create an independent income is an IDEA!

So how do you go from not having an IDEA to launching an online business?

Simply use what already works and put your own personality on it!

There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel (as overused that cliché is, we’re not going to come up with a new one!)

Here’s what you do to come up with an online business idea:

  1. Write out a list of EVERYTHING you love DOING (Your INTERESTS)
  2. Write out a list of your EXPERIENCE
  3. Write out a list of what OTHER’S VALUE

As you see in the Venn Diagram below, there’s overlap in these three areas. That sweet spot in the middle where all three of those areas overlap together is YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS TOPIC!


Your Business Topic


Once you come up with this, THAT is when you can start figuring out what products & services you could potentially offer (this is how you monetize what you love doing AND what other’s value).

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Here are a few niche online business ideas you could pull off:

  • Travel
  • Health & Wellness
  • Technology
  • Cooking
  • Gardening

Regardless of the online business niche, there are different products & services that people are already looking for online, which you could offer.

Go to Google & do some searches in a niche you have passion about. You’ll easily find things that are offered. How can YOU stand out from the others out there?

Because you’re finding results for what you’re looking for means that there are already people looking for what you potentially could offer.

For more tips on searching, Start Your BEAP Membership & get access to Get Your Brand On where we go over in detail how to do the brand research so that you can save time and money getting started correctly.

Advantages of Couples Running an Online Business

You could do it alone or do it together! When you do it together, there are some specific advantages couples have when running an online business.

Two Minds Are Greater Than One

What’s better than trying to figure something out by yourself? Figuring something out TOGETHER! Two minds are seriously greater than one because as you both have ideas, you can be sounding boards to each other.

When Erin has an idea, she’ll get super excited and say something like, “OMG Brian! I had this SICK idea! What do you think about creating a community where entrepreneurs all around the globe can participate to get their questions answered as they build their business online!?!?”

That’s when we open up a conversation and start mapping out different potential ways of creating this community.

This is how the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs came into existence.

BEAP Tribe

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We saw that there are all these training courses on how to do very specific things in the online space, but NOWHERE to actually get our questions answered.

Most training platforms offer eCourses but don’t always provide the support you need to pull off your business idea. Or they only offer support for a small segment, leaving you feeling lost. This makes it difficult to pull off an online business.

It was indeed difficult until we had this great idea to build a community where you now have a safe place to get your questions answered as you grow & scale your business online.

This is just a small, yet extremely powerful example of how your ideas can be multiplied exponentially together… All because two minds are greater than one!

Now think of the different skills & expertise you have both experienced in your life.

How could you collaborate with what you both know to put together a super sweet idea that could help people in a very specific way?

We would love to help you grow & scale your idea into an impactful business online that you totally love! Get access to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs today & join us on the next Campfire Q+A where we have a fun conversation about your WINS, Gratitude, and what you’re working on so that you can keep momentum in your life, relationships, and online business!

Life You Love - Going into business with your spouse

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Going Into Business With Your Spouse

Going into business with your spouse can be something that amplifies your love for each other, relationship, and intimacy (yes… talking about getting hot & steamy all over the globe!)

Make it the best experience of your life by being completely transparent & clear about the goals you have individually & together.

Being transparent is probably the #1 thing that will either float your boat or sink your ship.

The reason being is that when you are transparent, you both understand clearly what the goals of the business are, what your responsibilities are individually, and what’s expected of each other together as a powerful collaborative team!

No sense assuming what should be done by who… That leads to resentment, overwhelm, and less love-making (You like making love, right?)

Start off on the right foot from the get-go!

Erin and I started a partnership for BE Adventure Partners because before we met, I have Brian Garcia LIVE and Erin has Mz. Bick.

Because we love each other, we wanted to make sure that there was a complete understanding between us in how we were going to manage who does what & our responsibilities individually AND together.

This gives us the power to use our skills autonomously AND collaborate together without the stress of us both micro-managing each other (we left our jobs for a reason… micro-managing doesn’t need to happen!)

So the best tip we can give you is:

  • BE Transparent
  • BE Clear
  • BE Lovers
  • BE Fair (And decide who should do what, so there’s never any confusion)
  • BE Appreciative of each other
  • AND Give each other space to work independently!

That, my friends, is exactly how to go into business with each other without killing the romance so that you can keep it hot & steamy while being productive!

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If you and your love have an idea and are not sure how to launch it, we invite you to start your membership where you get immediate access to all the PowerCourses, community & support you need to create a simple business online that you could earn an independent living from while escaping the box society tries to keep us in!

We BElieve in you!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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