Why Do We Exist? But More Importantly… Why Do YOU Exist?

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A little story about why we exist… That will hopefully inspire you to understand why YOU exist, and how you can make an impact with the one you love.

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Most stories begin with contrast…

When we begin to ask questions like “why do we exist in this world…” it usually arises from some kind of contrast in our lives.

For me… It was the feeling of deja vu. I kept feeling miserable in myself, my relationship, and in my “dream job” as a Hairstylist in a high-end salon. Something had to give, but the reality of it didn’t hit me until I dove headfirst into spirituality & personal development.

Diving into this practice inspired a LOT of BIG questions.

Questions you may want to ask yourself if you are ready for a shift:

  • Why do I exist?
  • What is my life’s work?
  • Who am I?
  • What do I believe?
  • What do I value?
  • Who do I want to spend my time with?
  • What kind of impact do I want to make?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What’s holding me back from having the life I truly desire?

Sit with these questions, and your answers will come… Give yourself space & time to write from your heart. If this is something you want to do with your partner, write your answers individually, and then come together to share afterward.

The moment of understanding…

These questions brought up a LOT for me! A harsh reality that I needed to deal with if I ever wanted to shake this depressed feeling. It was the thing I had been avoiding. I had been trying to compensate with crazy intense workouts, long punishing cleanses, and bingeing out on drugs & alcohol.

Though I was on the spirituality train, and pumping personal development into my ears… (BEcause the business I started on the side was a personal development business…) I was still consumed by my social life, and desperately trying to “save” my relationship. Not to mention wanting to fit in with a group of friends that were on a different path. No wonder I couldn’t focus on my business.

Why Do We Exist? But More Importantly... Why Do YOU Exist?

It was one of the toughest things I’ve done, but on my 30th birthday, I walked away from 15 years of hard drugs & binge drinking. After a few months of being sober, I realized that I was attracting all of this into my life. The drug addict boyfriends that I kept finding myself with, along with the non-stop party lifestyle. The depression too, not to mention the lack of self-worth. How was I supposed to help other people learn how to love themselves, so they could reach their goals, and impact the world… IF I wasn’t loving myself and BEing the best version I could BE? (Another great question you may want to ask yourself.)

Thus why I was attracting the life I wasn’t happy with. Then I decided it was time to move onward & upward leaving the old me behind. That’s what those questions above pulled me out of. They brought me an awareness of who I was being, and who I wanted to be. Along with the life I wanted to be living, and the kind of love I wanted to have.

The moment you decide to do something different, you will BE surprised by what happens next…

Once you know what you want, and why you aren’t living it yet… It’s really hard to turn back. Every time you go against the grain and make choices that the old you would have made… You can hear the new you whispering “Hey… You can do better than that!” AND you know you could too!

Lucky for me, I was starting to make enough decisions towards the best version of myself when my world shifted forever. (Believe me… I’m still not perfect at this.. BUT a heck of a lot better than ever before!) I had sobered up. I was working out & eating great. I walked away from a toxic relationship & friendships that weren’t in alignment with what I wanted.

That’s when Brian appeared.

Why Do We Exist? But More Importantly... Why Do YOU Exist?

Turns out while I was going through all that stuff in Toronto ON, he going through something REALLY similar down in Austin TX! Brian had recently been divorced, was recovering from alcoholism, and was also building a business so he could be a full-time entrepreneur. (And escape the trauma he was seeing as a Firefighter.)

The stars aligned! Our friendship blossomed over wounded hearts and helping each other figure out this whole online business thing from 1555 miles apart. Both on a mission to find out, “Why do we exist?”

Why Do We Exist? But More Importantly... Why Do YOU Exist?

Why do we exist, and what does this mean for you?

When your eyes open to new exciting possibilities… You invite magical moments into your experience. For Brian + I, it was the realization we were both on a similar mission. Which started out kind of selfishly. Something we both realized was that we never wanted to fall into stagnant, stale, unhealthy relationships again. Then it hit us… We exist so we can help other couples not fall into monotony and unhappiness. Which always starts as a personal mission.

We figured there had to be a way for couples to BE where they want, when they want, together. So they can live an exciting life, full of beautiful experiences, and adventures. So we’ve made it our mission. BUT first, we had to set ourselves free. The only way we thought this could really work is if we went full-time with our online business. That’s when BE Adventure Partners was born… Somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. (See the WHOLE story here… Notice that photo below is our logo?)

Why Do We Exist? But More Importantly... Why Do YOU Exist?

Our dedication to helping people live an exciting life drove us to create a training portal filled with eCourses that help people to build a life & business they love. Within 10 months we were able to leave our careers to travel full-time because of the online business we built.

So back to The Question: why do you exist?

We hope you + your adventure partner take the time to answer the questions at the beginning of this post. They may cause you to shake off some old behaviors that no longer serve you, and help you realize why you exist!

Remember… This is an ever-evolving journey. The only right decision is the one you make right now at this moment. BEcause each decision we make leads us towards the life we are meant to live. Know that it’s ok to screw up, and make silly decisions because they just might lead you to your very best moments! (Like I was lead to Brian.)

Need help finding your way? Come hang out with us & the BEAP Tribe. We’ve set up a community for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. So whether you decided to do it alone, or do it together… You have the support you need, and a place to get your questions answered.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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