To become the person who will attract success you gotta be able to admit where you falter.

It is nearly impossible to become successful in any aspect of your life if you refuse to take a look at yourself in the mirror, and realize the behaviours that hold you back from being someone that deserves success.

Everyone has a different definition of what success looks like to them based on their own desires.

Success to you could be adding some zeros to the end of your paycheck.

Maybe it’s feeling healthy in your mind, and body.

Or it could be flat out owning your own house, and having the freedom to become Location Independent.

For me… I have never been scared I wouldn’t have enough money, or that I would starve. In my mind, money comes, and goes. There is plenty of it to go around, and in believing that, money comes to me very easily.

My biggest fear, or insecurity has always been based around not being good enough.

This is something I still work on to this day because if I don’t stay on top of it… I slide into a funk, and I am useless. It affects my work, and my flow.

You gotta get yourself into a space where you feel good! GREAT even!

I now know the things that make me feel invincible because I have allowed myself to get to the place of feeling like my authentic self. This didn’t happen overnight. I worked at it! I dove deep into personal development. I started to learn more about myself by asking myself more positive questions.

Instead of saying things like “Why does this always happen to me?”, I started asking “How can I grow, and evolve from this situation?”

By simply changing how you speak with yourself you change your vibration… You change your life! You start to BEcome the person who attracts success. Success in yourself, your relationships, and even in your finances.

No matter what goal it is that you have for yourself… You have to see yourself as worthy of having it! That means you gotta do what it takes to get you there!

For sooo many years I rarely saw myself as valuable, but that started to change the further I tapped into myself.

You see… It is not sustainable for you to be a multi millionaire that hates yourself. That isn’t going to last, and the money certainly won’t make you happy. Maybe it will for a hot second, but that rush will soon fade. You will want more, and never feel satisfied!

People who attract success that sticks around, are people who love themselves, and see themselves as deserving of receiving.

I am going to give you an example of getting what it is that you thought you wanted, but not being ready to hold onto it.

Last June I was so excited that I hit my fitness goal! I was feeling mighty vital, energetic, beautiful, and happy with my results. I had never been so fit! Then I injured my knee playing soccer. It was a bit of a slippery slope after that. I couldn’t play soccer anymore, or workout to the degree that I was. I eased my pain with food, and those old feelings of not being good enough slide back in. For a moment I let myself believe I could not attract success without looking the way I did when I hit my goal.

The reason I believe this happened to me, and why I have spent the past year trying to achieve that level of fitness again is because I have to BEcome the person that deserves to BE that fit! To me… Deserving that level of fitness means I have to do it for reasons outside of vanity!

Growing up in a Hair Salon, and being a Professional Hairstylist for 11 years… Looking at people, and seeing their outer beauty was a massive part of my life. You could say it became a bit of an obsession, and I started to become REALLY hard on myself. I would compare myself to others, and look past my own beauty. I wasn’t seeing myself as a personality… All I could see was this bag of flesh that houses my soul.

I would say it is pretty normal for us to compare ourselves to others because that is how our society is formed. People competing with others to be the best.

You may compare yourself to others when it comes to finances… Maybe you see someone else have something, or be able to do things that you want to do. That might ruffle your feathers a little bit… It may make you think that person was raised with a silver spoon in their mouth. Trust me… Even if they were handed riches… That doesn’t make them a good person. Chances are they don’t recognize hard work, or appreciate it either. That person just may feel insecure around you, and wonder why you have so many good friends.

Here is the thing. To become the person who will attract success into your life… YOU gotta stop comparing yourself to others successes. That is the ultimate sign you are not ready for the success you desire yet because you are still flirting with compare-itis!

The person who attracts success does not waste their time comparing themselves to others. They spend their time working towards their goals, and are so laser focused they don’t have time to compare! The only person they compare themselves to, is themselves because that is our only true competitor!

It is straight up not fair to compare ourselves to others when we have no idea how they got to where they are at!

So how do we BEcome the person who will attract success?

Well first of all… We gotta take notice of what we have accomplished so far! Something Brian + I really like to do is cheer for even the smallest wins! If we make $3 in our business we celebrate it just as much as $3000!

The second thing is… Tap into personal development! This will open your eyes to how brilliant you really are! It will allow you to see yourself in a more positive light, and help you see that you could accomplish anything you set out to do if you focus!

Thirdly… You gotta set higher standards for yourself then ever before! Fuel your body with better food. Fuel your mind! Learn new things! Be more selective about the community you surround yourself with. Start engaging with like minded people who also want to evolve.

I cannot tell you how HUGE this was for me! I connected with a community of entrepreneurs all working towards the same thing… BEcoming successful! I found incredible support there, and am creating lifelong friendships. I also found Brian there! Who is my biggest fan! I admire his strength, passion, and drive more than I could ever explain. He is the fuel to my fire, and shows me the way when I am down. We cheer for each other in everything we do, and so do our friends! Joining this community is one of the best things I ever did on my success journey… Because sometimes all a person needs is to borrow the belief of others until they find it for themselves.

Putting myself out there in the spotlight these days has really pulled me outside of my comfort zone. It has also shown me that if I don’t deal with my insecurities I will never BEcome the person who attracts success. I will stay stuck in the same place. So I have started to embrace who I am right now in this moment.

I remind myself daily that I am getting better, and better! I am embracing my body more too, and hoping that I will inspire others to embrace themselves as they are. We do not need to look like the picture that society paints! We just gotta show up as ourselves, and work towards our goals! When we arrive doesn’t matter! Just be consistent in loving yourself more!

We cannot evolve until we accept ourselves as we are. If we can find strength in our weaknesses… Find courage to stretch, grow, and be grateful for the curveballs life throws at us… That is when the change we are after happens! The moment we shift our focus to the positive!

I have stopped stressing about being on camera in a bathing suit with a little bit of extra meat on my bones. Heck I rarely wear makeup anymore!  I don’t have to be a skinny mini to inspire people! I gotta be me!

Recognizing that alone has given me the space to focus on being grateful for the body I was given, and the lessons that it teaches me. This mindset shift has also helped me drop the junk food cravings I was having, and be more motivated to take care of myself on a whole new level!


Because this time I care about my vitality… NOT my vanity!

To me… BEcoming the person who will attract success you need a mindset shift like you have never had before. It is focusing on the positive in all situations that come your way… Even the most crippling ones.

I no longer allow myself to be crippled by compare-itis… Now when my insecurities pop up, I step back, and I ask myself “What is it that I need to learn from this feeling?”

The person who attracts success is the one who can see themselves as a whole. They accept their flaws, and use them as leverage in their life!

SO be gentle with yourself along this journey to success. You deserve to BE happy in whatever it is you want to achieve, and know that this path is yours. You are only dealt what you can handle, and the person who can break through adversity is a winner every time!

Until Next Time Friend… 

Adventure On… Adventure On!

Erin Nicole Bick

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