How To BEcome A Digital Nomad

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Your comprehensive guide to building your online business & become location independent!

You have been searching high and low trying to figure out How To BEcome A Digital Nomad. By the end of this article, you’ll know what to do to begin. You are the type of person who wants freedom! You know that you have the ability to build your empire, you just need to know what order to do things in so that this dream can become your reality! You are driven to achieve your goals. Your vision is huge and ever-growing! And you want nothing more than to travel the world, experience amazing cultures, lands, cuisines, and live a location independent life, which is why you want to know How To BEcome A Digital Nomad! No matter what combinations of keywords you put in the Google search bar on How to BEcome A Digital Nomad, the results have been cryptic. Videos & articles of people living in places like Bali and Chiang Mai, and working on the beaches in Puerto Vallarta or from a cool cafe seem to be everywhere. Why those places? The unanswered questions have been filling your mind because you see others living the location independent lifestyle and it is quite appealing. You want that for yourself! The freedom you see in others is exactly what you have been searching for because you want to know What To Do so that YOU can build that for yourself! By now, you have been feeling stuck in a job for way too long. The feeling sinks in deep as it robs you of your time & freedom. Constantly being told when to go to work, when you can take your lunch break, and when they release you at the end of the day has been wearing you thin. While at work, you catch yourself positioning your computer screen in such a way so that your co-workers passing by cannot see what you have been searching for – Location Independence… Financial Security… Intense desire to explore the world… How To BEcome A Digital Nomad… Ways to spend more time with your Adventure Partner! And most of all… Complete Freedom. Sitting there, you break down what it is that you truly want. You reach deep within yourself and build out your vision and find that what you really want is to love and be loved, complete peace of mind & location independence… You are looking for a legitimate way to earn income from your laptop, from anywhere you have a WiFi connection, with no boss telling you when to be at work. By offering a product or service that you believe in, you can set yourself up to leave a legacy to generations to come as well as to contribute to the greater good of society as your way to give back to the Universe. Let’s dive into this exploration, together, and learn How To BEcome A Digital Nomad!

What the heck is a “Digital Nomad”?

Digital Nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—generally from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces and even recreational vehicles—to accomplish tasks and goals that traditionally took place in a single, stationary workplace. — Wikipedia

And what about becoming “Location Independent”?

This term “Location Independent” has started creep up in the Digital Nomad world. Some say that Digital Nomads are the ones who can work from anywhere, but usually do so from an inexpensive standpoint. While, Location Independent people tend to NOT look at price tags because once you get to a certain point, price is irrelevant.
Global nomad is a term applied to people who are living a mobile and international lifestyle. Global nomads aim to live location-independently, seeking detachment from particular geographical locations and the idea of territorial belonging. — Wikipedia
Read More on here on Could YOU Become Location Independent? It’s definitely something worth exploring! I cannot express how much freedom is felt by making the leap to become location independent!

What we are doing to prepare to Become Digital Nomads & Location Independent

It all started with an idea…

… Independently. We did not know each other when we started our journeys to become Digital Nomads. And when our paths crossed for the first time, we quickly knew that we were both on the same course! Once the idea is in your Universe, YOU are the only one that can prevent it from actually happening. The actions you take on a daily basis are what sets the speed at which this dream can become your reality. There is a bit of preparation that goes into becoming a Digital Nomad and we are going to outline what we are doing to make it happen for us. Feel free to model what we are doing. The reason we say this is that we are completely transparent when it comes to what we are doing… What works… What did not… And how you could learn from these lessons, so as to skip past the chapters of struggle so that you can implement the things that do work! It doesn’t take a brain scientist or a rocket surgeon to figure out How To Prepare For Absolute Location Independence, but it does take learning how to put it all together in a certain order so that it actually works! Here’s a quick list that should get the juices flowing

What To Do

  1. IDEA The IDEA of working from any WiFi connection, experiencing FREEDOM has been on your mind
  2. WHAT TO DO – You have been researching online to know what to do, for quite some time. This is the most comprehensive, all-in-one-place guide you will find on How To BEcome A Digital Nomad online
  3. DREAMS – Your dreams become defined, shedding any limiting beliefs
  4. VISION – You explore your vision, realizing there is more for you in life, and it is up to you to make it happen
  5. PASSION There has to be a way to monetize your passion and you are determined to figure it out
  6. DEVELOP YOUR BRAND – Your brand is the face of your business
  7. LEARN By learning to market your passion online, step-by-step, you are able to set up your lifestyle design
  8. IMPLEMENT To bring it all together, implement what you learn
  9. BUILD A BLOG – You gotta get in front of people organically, and a website / blog is the way to achieve this
  10. SOCIAL MEDIA To get engagement, raving fans, and people contacting YOU daily to buy your product or service, build your social media audience
  11. NURTURE YOUR LIST Your fortune is in your list. Take care of people who follow you by emailing them valuable information
  12. TARGET AUDIENCE Who is your perfect customer avatar? Your target audience are those that will be attracted to you, your product, your service

Let’s break each of these down & dive into more detail!

Keep reading!

#1 What’s Your IDEA?

The IDEA of working from any WiFi connection, experiencing FREEDOM has been on your mind. It sure was on our minds for way too long before we finally took action & started to find a better way. Sit back for a moment, and think… Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if you were not restricted on where you could go, who you could be with, and what you could be doing. Most of the time, these restrictions on your freedom are caused because most people have to clock in at a job. This is an anchor that keeps people in a specific location. Did you know that there is a better way of making an income and being free to have what you want in life?

It all starts with YOUR idea…

  • What is your passion?
  • What is your vision?
  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • What limiting belief do you feel could be holding you back from getting what you want, and living the life of your dreams?
  • Who must you become in order to get what you want?
Write these questions out. Once you dial in the answers to these questions, things will start to become clear. You can then take the next step to start implementing the actions necessary to begin making the transition from being an employee to becoming a digital nomad.

#2 What To Do

This is the step that confused me for the longest time. Before figuring out What To Do, I felt like no matter what I searched online, everything was a huge mystery. Come to find out, most people who write about the “What To Do” to become a digital nomad, keep it pretty vague. Almost like it’s some sort of huge secret and everyone is keeping it from YOU! Lucky for you, we’re not going to put you through that, so pay attention and implement what you learn in this article!

“Do or do not, there is no try.” — Yoda

This is where people slip up. How many times have you said that you would TRY something? By TRYING something, this implies that you give yourself a scapegoat to quit or fail. If you take the word TRY out of your vocabulary and replace it with the word DO, that is what Yoda implies when he says, “Do or do not…” Imagine the power you will have when you start putting forth energy in DOING things to make them happen. You will start taking matters into your own hands and completing tasks. You will start implementing things that work, step-by-step, so that you can achieve your desired results. In this article, we are going to cover the things that work and highlight the things that did not work so well. As time moves forward, there are periods of split testing to figure out what combination of actions, words, images, strategies, etc., produce the most optimal results. Building a business online is not a “one shoe fits all” approach. Different target audiences require different approaches for you to implement to achieve the results you desire. For instance… If your target market is people in video production, you’ll focus your efforts using video strategies because using stand-alone text is not what your target audience is looking for – they are looking for video content.

So for a list of the “What To Do,” it is summed up in the following three things:

  1. Build Your Audience
  2. Engage Your Audience
  3. Sell To Your Audience
This is the building blocks of online business development. There are quite a few marketing strategies that support these three items, and once you understand that you do not START your online business by doing #3, Sell To Your Audience, you’ll build a very strong following.

#3 Dreams

I can remember as a child, dreaming… Things were sooo vivid and my imagination went wild. Today, I swear that I was astral projecting myself into other dimensions. And then I started growing up. Being exposed to other’s limiting beliefs seemed to crush my spirit. I always have dreams & luckily they never died.

Examples of what people would say:

  • “You cannot be that, you are not smart enough…”
  • “You have to go to college because you need that piece of paper to get a good job.”
  • “Start at any job, even if it is for free, so that you can work into a higher paying position.”
  • “Keep dreaming! You’ll never be a millionaire…”
These are all examples of limiting beliefs OTHERS push onto you.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” — Henry Ford

So what should you do to transcend the decades worth of doubt being pushed onto you? Take 15-30 minutes each day to allow yourself to dream as a child does, once again. Cast away all limiting beliefs that you may have on yourself. Put aside all biases that have become part of your life and meditate… What is it that YOU truly want for your life? What are you willing to do to get that? The moment that you are able to start dreaming like a child and putting YOUR vision into the Universe, this is when things will start to go your way. Opportunities will start to come your way. You will start to see how online marketing and becoming a digital nomad all fits together. But this will only happen if you cast away negative, self-limiting beliefs. You are going to learn how to do things that will empower you to grow a strong, sustainable business. Even YOU can make this happen if you implement what you learn in this article! Imagine what life could be like! Keep dreaming of quitting your job to travel the world! It is quite exhilarating, especially when you implement what you learn, take action, and make it happen!

#4 Vision

There once was a time in my life where I felt aimless. I had no clue where I was going. The job I had was only in place so that I could pay rent, eat, and get wasted. I felt like I had no purpose and I spent my time trying to figure out my purpose. You can probably relate. Most humans are stuck in some sort of rut. After years went by, failed relationships, and a complete disdain for my JOB, I started to realize that I had to start dreaming again to find my vision. Turns out, vision is the thing that is constantly changing in your life. When you dial in your path and your actions are marked by your goal, this is when your vision starts to become clear. Vision must be bigger than you can conceive possible. It must be something that makes you uncomfortable because it is inconceivable that you could achieve what is necessary to arrive to the destination. Vision is also a destination that must constantly be built upon. As you travel down the path to achieve your goals, you must constantly be setting new goals. Pushing you and your limits will keep you in a state of growth. With comfort, comes boredom.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

— Steve Jobs

Like Steve Jobs speaks of vision, you will be pulled when your vision is in line with what you are working on. It won’t be “work” when you are lined up with your vision! One of the biggest things holding people back from making progress towards their vision is limiting beliefs. These are things that hold people back from achieving their vision! What limiting beliefs could be holding you back from getting what you want? Who must you become to overcome those limiting beliefs? By consuming 15 min to an hour of personal development each day, you set your path to tear down limiting beliefs in your life. This is due to renovating your mind to come into its greatest potential. When limiting beliefs are eliminated, your ability to focus, become fearless, and grow causes you to become unstoppable!

#5 Passion

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

— Marc Anthony

THIS is passion! And Digital Nomads require the use of passion to stay focused on their work when they actually DO work for a couple hours a day. What is it that you truly enjoy doing? Expand your mind for a moment. It could be about anything! Think about if you could enjoy any activity, or if you could contribute your time to something that you feel strongly about, what would that be? Would it be working out? Doing yoga? Working towards a cause? Traveling? Inspirational speaking? Building something with your hands? Enjoying coffee or other fine beverages? Learning about cooking cuisines of the world? Developing an online business that solves a problem for a specific niche? The list goes on… Think about the things you most enjoy doing on our beautiful Earth. If money were no object, what would that be? Write this down because we are going to integrate this into the bigger picture in just a bit!

#6 Develop Your Brand

Developing your brand is essential to creating a successful business! Your brand tells the world who you are. It also helps build the “Know, Love, and Trust” factors. You see… People want to work with people they resonate with. You can do this by creating value for your marketplace. One of our favorite ways to develop our brand is to create videos teaching people different aspects of How To BEcome A Digital Nomad, and becoming Location Independent. We post these here on BE Adventure Partners website, on our Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel. Your brand is the first image people see from the door when they discover you or your company. Your brand is a representation of the value you put out in the world. What feelings do you want to evoke? How do you want to be seen? Even before anyone contacts you, they form an impression of YOU! By building a brand around your values and what you stand for, your audience will be able to find you, get to know you by your content, and ultimately develop a relationship with you, to include doing business with you. Know. Love. Trust. YOU!

How To Start Developing Your Brand – Ask yourself a few questions to begin:

  • What are my skills?
  • What is important to YOU?
  • What is my image?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What are some of your values?
  • How can I help/serve people?
  • How can I portray myself in an authentic way that will inspire others?
  • What’s your audience’s biggest problems & challenges?
  • What’s their biggest fears?
  • What’s their most pressing questions?
  • What’s their greatest dreams?
  • What do they really want?
  • What’s their biggest objections?
Get clear on who you are going to be to the marketplace, what you stand for, who you serve, and what your audience wants. From here, you can now start developing your Brand Identity.

Developing YOUR Brand Identity

When branding your business, there are a few different ways you can stand out from the crowd and be unique in your own rite. You can Brand YOU, Brand your PRODUCT, or Brand your business TYPE. Each of these branding methods has their pros and cons, and have their specific purpose. Let’s explore!

Branding YOU

This is where you brand YOU as a person. An example of this would be if you are a coach or consultant of some kind and are offering YOU as the brand. If you offered a specific product or service that you are affiliated with, you could easily change between products and services as your brand name is not tied to any specific one. This provides an extreme amount of flexibility. People who are in Network Marketing often build their brand around their name so that if for some reason the network marketing company they are partnered with closes, or they find another company that is more inline with their values, they do not lose their audience. The benefit of branding yourself is that you have flexibility on what products or services you offer as time goes by and people follow YOU for who YOU are, not necessarily what product or service you offer.

Branding Your PRODUCT

Branding your product is a great option for those developing a unique product, which will be produced, and sold online and offline. Or rebranding a product with your own flair and building a business around it. The benefit to branding your product is that you could develop a business that can later be sold as an asset. People who are constantly inventing new types of products to solve a specific problem commonly build a new company around each product so that they can then turn around a sell the company to investors. We do not recommend building a brand around a pre-existing product that you are simply marketing to make a commission on. The reason for this is that if that company closes, you then lose your audience because they are tied to the product’s brand, rather than to you. In this case, you would have to re-build a new audience to market your business.

Branding Your Business TYPE

Branding your business type is ideal for the entrepreneur who provides a specific type of service. Let’s say that you have skills in photography, videography, web design & development, graphic design, data entry, copywriting… the list goes on… You could easily build a business around a catchy name. Or like BE Adventure Partners, our business is built around becoming digital nomads, location independent, and traveling the world while building our business online. In these cases, you can develop a brand name that is unique to your business type. As your business grows, you can continue to offer whatever products or services that are congruent with the type of products and services that your business is built around. People who brand their business type, quite often are affiliates of many different products or services. This allows them to develop multiple streams of income, which then allows them to travel the world as they build their business from anywhere they have a WiFi connection. Even though their business is built online, these business owners are still based out of their native country. For this example, Brian’s business is based out of Texas, while Erin’s business is based out of Ontario.

#7 Learn

I can remember being in classes I did not care for back in high school and college. I thought that if I could only get through the semester and graduate, I will never have to learn another thing again! This was coming from a burnt-out child’s mind. Now, I cannot go a day without learning something new, and I absolutely thrive on building knowledge. What’s the difference? What switch was flipped causing the insatiable appetite for the acquisition of knowledge? After thinking long and hard, it comes down to truly being interested in what it is you are doing… It is inline with your vision and your passion. THAT is what makes the difference. Now that you have found this new love for learning, you are unstoppable! What’s more? You start learning about different aspects of your passion. Part of the learning evolves into the step-by-step approach to market themselves that all successful Digital Nomads embark upon. By learning how to market yourself, your passion, and your vision, you are able to attract your most ideal customer or client. These are people who will buy from you. They start seeking YOU out! Imagine having a line of people, every single day, waiting at your door as you flip the sign from closed to OPEN. This is exactly what you could Learn To Make That Happen.

#8 Implement

This is where the rubber meets the road. Everything you have learned now must be put into action. There are several moving components to getting your business launched online. This Step-By-Step Approach takes you through the order of things to learn, and the order things should be put together so that they fit together, producing a business that is always working (even while you sleep). Some of the best advice I learned from my buddy, Ray Higdon, is that you cannot get stuck in “learn” mode… You gotta learn, then implement. Learn some more, then implement some more… By taking this incrementally, you will always be applying small chunks of knowledge to your business. It makes implementation more manageable, allowing your efforts to fit together seamlessly!

#9 Build A Blog

Years ago, I had seen people “making a living” as a blogger. After looking at several people’s blogs, I couldn’t figure out how they could do that. “You have to work for a company as an employee to make a living” I had always thought. Boy, was I wrong! A blog is a part of your website. It’s a place where you publish short and long articles of information that can be many things. These things could be stuff that is interesting, be thought provoking, shows how things work, and quite often solves a problem. People go to Google regularly to search for information on things they need to know about. Business Insider reported in 2016 that over 2.3 million Google searches per minute. Imagine that you have passion about a certain topic, and you decide to start a blog about it. Your contribution to the world-wide web now gets thrown into the mix of websites that provide answers. When you have a product or service that solves your target market’s problem, eases their pain, or provides the information that helps your customers or clients, people will buy from you. Building a blog is a way that you can start building organic reach, where people who are searching online find your content, and potentially buy your product or service. Your blog is where you provide value to your audience. This is YOUR online real estate. This is YOUR domain that you own to get your message out there. Start Developing a Mastery in building your blog, attaching relevant keywords that people search for, and promoting your content, so you can start earning money from the content on your blog! Maybe you are like I was in that you too are scratching your head on How To Blog. No worries! This is something that anyone could learn! I always wondered, “How in the world does someone actually build a business from a blog? I mean… It’s just a bunch of writing, videos, and links going to other places!” What I ended up doing was taking THIS Course On Blogging. One of my biggest problems – I hate to write… AND… I’m going to run out of things to talk about. After investing in my education by taking this course taught by Ray Higdon, Blogging started to become something that is easy! Ray really breaks it down in that course and shows you how to never run out of things to talk about REGARDLESS of your passion! If blogging is something you want to learn, I would definitely Start Here!

#10 Social Media

As you have seen so far, there are many moving parts to BEcome a Digital Nomad. You’ve probably already noticed that Digital Nomads are either employees who “work from home,” business owners or freelancers. For the Digital Nomads who are business owners and freelancers, building a social media following is an important part to building business. Social media is just that – it’s SOCIAL! Places like FacebookYouTube, and Instagram are great places to start learning how to build your audience, and engaging with your audience. The most successful Digital Nomads create a Facebook Business/Fan Page where they can start interacting with their target audience. Posting little blurbs with engaging imagery or videos is quite common. If you have a product or service that solves a problem, showing the BENEFITS of what you offer is a great way to build awareness. Your goal is not to sell on Social Media. Rather, it is to build the “Know, Love, & Trust” factors. The more people Know, Love, & Trust you, the more successful your business will be. Those are the people that will go to your website, look further at the information you publish there so that they can buy your product or service, if it solves a problem or fills a need in their lives. Being on Social Media is like having an online party! The more FUN and EXCITEMENT you have on your social media page, the more people interact with you. People want to have FUN! Make the environment of your social media pages a place that people want to continue to go back to hang out, share your content, and interact on your page! On the business side of things, you can post promotions, events, and even generate leads using tools like the Facebook Ads Manager. Let’s say you are just getting started (or even a veteran working on honing your skills by learning something new), a very successful approach to building your Facebook Business page would be to run a Post Engagement ad to the posts on your page. You could easily promote a post for $5 USD, towards your Fan Page Likes, so that you can get more engagement on your page! Ultimately you use the different social media accounts to build your audience, and engage your audience. Once you build your audience, you can start pointing them to blog posts on your website, or promotions you are running on your site.

#11 Nurture Your List

A big part of growing a thriving business, is building your audience, and engaging them! List building is a vital component and is actually a skill that you could learn, perfect, and build upon. People add themselves to your list when you have something to offer them… Something of value… Something that solves a problem… Or even just something funny or intriguing to say. Here’s how list building works for you – When you have a website or a social media page, you place “call to action” items where your audience can view the info and if it is something that interests them, they enter their email address and name to receive whatever it is that you are offering. There are quite a number of things that people would gladly give their email address to you for. Here’s a short list of options to get the creative juices flowing:
  • “How To” PDF download
  • Access to a Video
  • Subscribe to your eNewsletter
  • Coaching or Consulting Call
  • Access to your exclusive, private group
  • etc…
When someone adds themselves to your list, you agree to send them information along the way that helps them in some way. Their email address is submitted via a contact form on your website or through a lead generation form, and now they are on your list!

Here’s a flow of Nurturing Your List:

  1. You have an offer for someone on a contact form
  2. Your potential customer or client, or someone interested in the information you are providing submits their email address
  3. Your autoresponder sends that info immediately to their email inbox
If you are in Travel, you could offer people a cool travel newsletter that is mailed out daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever timeframe you desire. Let’s say you have a business where you teach people how to build their businesses online. You could offer people a PDF download & video training of something like, “How To Grow Your Audience Using Facebook LIVE” or maybe something like, “Learn To Market Your Business Online.” Those two examples are the results of thousands of businesses around the world, grossing 6, 7, and even 8-figures a year! All from their laptops… All online! Building your list is an important skill you could learn when exploring How To BEcome A Digital Nomad. The goal in nurturing your list is to consistently provide people with information that intrigues them, makes them continue to want to read your content, and to build the know, love, and trust factors. At some point, you become super familiar to them and when you do send out an offer for them to buy your product or service that is congruent with the newsletter you send out, they will do so! Someone asked us the other day, “How many people should I have on my list before I start sending them valuable emails?” The answer is quite simple… ONE. As soon as you get your FIRST subscriber, it is important to start emailing regularly… Once a day… Once a week… Once every other week… The frequency is determined by YOU! Regardless of the frequency, you should stay consistent! Now that you have your list, and it continues to grow, be consistent with sending valuable information so that you can grow your business and help out your audience!

#12 Target Audience

By now you have an idea of what your business will be about, or have some sort of direction on what you want to build a business around. Regardless of your business niche, there is a specific target audience that will be attracted to your product, service, and brand.
target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication, advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a particular group of consumers within the predetermined target market, identified as the targets or recipients for a particular advertisement or message. – Wikipedia
Something to think about is who YOU are… YOUR personality… What YOU enjoy… When defining your target audience, you are most likely going to be more successful in your business when you can relate with your audience. This relation attracts people, builds their “know, love, and trust” of your brand, and allows YOU to easily be authentic in your message. People are magnetically drawn to others who are like themselves. Think about when you are getting to know someone. When you have many things in common, you most likely have quite a bit you talk about, which makes conversation easy. This opens both parties to conversation that flows and builds trust quickly. Rather, if you do not have anything in common with someone you are interacting with, the conversation can be laborious. So think about WHO it is you want to do business with and what about them makes you attracted to them, just as much as they are attracted to YOU!

Target Audience Considerations:

  • Location (Where do they live? Where have they visited?)
  • Age & Gender (What’s the age range and gender of your potential audience?)
  • Interests (The things your target audience most often love doing, or associating with)
  • Connections (What other Facebook Pages, and Websites does your target audience frequent or follow?)
  • Language (What language does your audience speak or know?)
  • Relationship Status (Is your audience single, married, “It’s Complicated”, divorced, widowed, etc…?)
  • Education (What is the educational level of your audience? High School? College? Grad School?)
  • Work (Self Employed, Employee, Freelancer, Online Business Owner, etc…?)
  • Financial (What is the income level of your audience?)
  • Home (Does your audience own or rent? Do they live in a Single-family or Multi-family home? What’s the home value?)
  • Market Segments (What culture is your audience?)
  • Parents (Does your audience have children? If so, what’s the children’s age range?)
  • Political Views (What activity level does your audience have with politics?)
  • Life Events (This includes things like Long Distance Relationships, New Jobs, Upcoming Birthdays, Recent Moves, etc…)
  The above is by no means an all-inclusive list of potential target audience. However, it gives you a good idea of how you could start defining your audience so that you can be most effective with building your business by marketing to them in ways that they relate. BEcause Facebook is the largest social media platform online, as of this writing, most businesses get the best jumpstart in establishing themselves when they start with learning Facebook Advertising. This platform has the most detailed audience insight tool available, which gives new and old businesses an advantage when implemented. A good exercise to help start defining your target audience is to provide answers to the list above with YOUR information. This will give you a good starting point to creating ads, writing copy, and putting together ad campaigns for your future friends, customers, and clients!

The truth about the lifestyle, working on the beach = sand in your laptop

There are parts of the Digital Nomad, Location Independent Lifestyle that no one has really taken time to write about. Maybe it is just a rite of passage where you gotta figure it out for yourself, and hopefully you will survive? Who knows! We want to make sure you know about the experience as it unfolds so that you know what to expect as you are learning How To BEcome A Digital Nomad. As we stepped off the plane, you could tell that the gangway was not air-conditioned (this was definitely NOT the US or Canada…). We were not at all surprised as it was a little airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and we were about to hit the beach to test-drive the whole “working from the beach” idea that we have seen soo many people posting photos about. The sun made me squint, the wind whipped up a light shower of sand as I slapped my laptop shut. My MacBook Pro felt like it was well into the triple digits as Erin and I looked at each other laughing and saying, “There’s no way in hell that people actually work on most beaches!” Don’t get us wrong… We absolutely LOVE the heat, getting our tan on, and enjoying the soft sand as it squishes between our toes. But when it comes to working… A cafe may be a better option. It was too hot for the computers. The sun was too bright to even be able to see the screen, and the wind was blowing a fine mist of sand into every crevice of the keyboard on our laptops. It only took ONE time heading down with good intentions to “work at the beach” when we knew that it was better to separate the beach and the technology. So what did we do? We found out that the best thing to do would be to set a schedule! Working from cafes, shaded restaurant patios, Air BNBs, Hotels, Casitas… pretty much anywhere that the laptops are shaded & the wind is not whipping up a sand-storm into our keyboards works great for this part of the digital nomad lifestyle. Come to find out, after talking to a few Digital Nomads who proclaim to “work from the beach” they REALLY only go down there, take a few pictures, then head back up to a sheltered area. It’s just not worth wrecking your laptop. By all means, head down and snap off a few pictures! It’s fun to do! People enjoy seeing the idea of working from the beach. But there’s a better way. Always be authentic with what you are doing. Any time that we post a picture of us “working from the beach” we are going to be sure to mention that it was a photo-op and mention where we were actually getting work done. Erin and I primarily work from cafes, coffee shops, and the places we stay. Beach time is our reward for a job well-done and is actually a part of our daily routine.

How We Got Started – When we bit the bullet and just went!

How did you get started as Digital Nomads who are Location Independent?” and “When did you bite the bullet and go?” are two common questions people ask us on a weekly basis. There’s a long and short story to how this came about. We’ll cover the short story here so that you can see what things we had to learn to make it happen. It all started with a vision and questions we asked ourselves. You can read each of our entire stories here to learn about what we have both gone through in our lives that prompted the growth of our vision. Let’s continue with the shortened version… On very frequent occasions, even before we had met, we imagined what life would be like being self-sufficient. How would we impact Our Earth, which we are privileged to live on? How could we leave it a better place than when we were placed on it? For Brian, it wasn’t that he hated his job in the Fire Department. Shoot he had worked there nearly 9 years when he took the leap and decided to make a lasting impact in people’s lives around the globe. For Erin, she was an absolute pro as a hairstylist… She loved what she did, and the relationships she built. But there was something missing… and that’s when the quest to find something that could allow for location independence emerged. We had both worked with different network marketing companies. Brian was a collector of them! There are things that we both liked about network marketing and things that did not line up with us so well. The perks of network marketing are that it is a business in a box. You enroll as a distributor or representative. You are then “licensed” to market the products or services offered. And then you go and try to figure it out. The majority of people who jump at the idea of starting their own business go this route because it is the easiest way to get started. You can make some serious cash in this type of business model. The drawback is that you must conform to how the company wants you to run your business. What we ended up doing is building a business around our vision and passion. We both love hanging out on the beach, going on adventures, experiencing amazing countries, living like the locals, and doing things off the beaten path. So developing our own business around how we wanted to design our lifestyle was important. Luckily we both found a marketing platform that teaches how to professionally build your business in the online space. The topics taught in the video on-demand training allowed us to skip the learning curve for how to build our brand online. This sort of Mastery Training was perfect for us because we knew that we wanted to build a business from our laptops, anywhere in the world, AND we wanted to be in control of our business development. People who go into business for themselves must realize that everyone is NOT your audience or potential customer. There is a very specific audience to each business owner. The marketing platform will teach you how to define that so that you get your products or services in front of people who would actually buy your stuff. Now that we had a system to teach us how to build a business online, we then had to figure out if we wanted to continue “promoting” our network marketing companies or if we wanted to branch off to build our own brand. By investing in ourselves, the answer became extremely clear… “Branch off… Build a business around your vision and passion… Focus being a positive impact in everyone we meet along our path.” By no means are we against network marketing. Certain parts of the companies have a great product for their customers. We just like the freedom of building our own brand and business! The business aspect of BE Adventure Partners is quite unique. People who benefit from what they learn on our website and Facebook page typically are those that want to work for themselves, develop a business of their own online, and ultimately be able to fire their boss. Once we developed our business by first developing a Mastery in the marketing aspect of the business, we then started to impact those around us by showing them the step-by-step approach we used to build our business in 7 countries within about 6 months. This was the defining moment where we bit the bullet and went all in. We show people how to become unstoppable in their businesses by using the tools online that actually work! The kind of business we developed is simple. We offer digital products, digital courses, consultation, and we even do speaking engagements for conferences and events. Everything that we offer are solutions to specific problems people have in developing their own location independence and becoming Digital Nomads, as well! If we were to put together a quick checklist of How To BEcome A Digital Nomad who is Location Independent, it would be this:
  1. Define your Vision
  2. Define your Passion
  3. Develop a Mastery for Marketing Online
  4. Apply what you learn to your vision & passion
At this point, you have built up your business, have developed an income, and now is the time to take the leap to go full-time!

Skill sets you need to become a DN, where to learn them?!

There’s a few skillets that anyone could learn to become a Digital Nomad. Most everyone starts out the same in that they haven’t developed a Mastery for marketing their product or service. The top two skills to learn is personal development and attraction marketing to your target audience. In any Digital Nomad, Personal development is the foundation to developing a sustainable business. A question to ask yourself is, “Who must I become in order to serve my audience in the most authentic way?” Building a business is not about YOU, the business owner. It is about THEM, your clients & customers. How can YOU become better and better in yourself so that you attract your ideal customer? Monday – Friday, we jump on a morning wake-up call that focuses on mindset, success, business development, and authenticity. We also invest in attending personal development conferences & events around the globe, to include one called Live The Dream. This one is for entrepreneurs who build online businesses. The second skill in becoming a Digital Nomad is learning attraction marketing. This is crucial in developing your unique audience, Picture yourself going into business and then you just started to spam your friends and family, trying to get people to buy your products or services. That’s not a way to become successful. I know, because I was “that guy” once upon a time. It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t know any better! Now imagine that you setup your business, learned attraction marketing, and positioned yourself online with your website and social media driving people who are interested in what you have to offer. You are now officially in business because you have people searching out your particular niche, product or service. This is when it really starts to get fun! You have invested some time and money in developing the foundational skills, and you are now seeing a return on investment because you have people contacting you daily, buying your products online, or registering to use your services! The marketing platform we learn on offers both personal development and attraction marketing training. Absolute no-brainer & essential when it comes to anyone wanting to build a business in the online space. Go in depth with this topic on this Blog Post: Top 7 Essential Digital Nomad Skillsets YOU Could Master Now

How Digital Nomads Make Money Online

The ways to make money in your own business online is limited by your own creativity! There are sooo many different niches of the marketplace you can get into, you really can build a business around your vision and passion. That’s what we did! We know you are searching for answers on how this all works, so we will dive into How Digital Nomad’s Get Paid, Digital Nomad Jobs, Types of Freelancing, and Putting Pay Into Perspective.

Write down these two questions:

  1. “What is my vision?”
  2. “What is my passion?”
Believe it! These two questions will unlock your true potential, the business you will develop, and how you are going to design your Digital Nomad, Location Independent Lifestyle. Here’s some common ways many people develop amazingly successful businesses online.

How Digital Nomad’s Get Paid

Network Marketing

The Good: We put network marketing first, because this is the easiest for people to get into. Think of it as a business in a box. Replicated websites are already setup and linked to you. There’s a community that you could belong to and a system setup for you to follow. The Bad: Most Network Marketing companies want you to follow their “system” of how to build your business. They want you to go talk with your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. After that, they rely on everyone doing that same thing. The problem with this is that eventually, EVERYONE runs out of people to talk with. The question then arises, “How do I continue to build my business if I have no one else to talk to?” This is when learning attraction marketing comes in. Learn how to drive people who would use the product or service you have to offer.

Information Businesses

The Good: This style of business is where you, the business owner, develops digital products that offer a solution to people’s problems. The topics are unlimited. Imagine someone going to Google to search for the answer for something. If YOU are providing the answer to a question, your website and social media may rank high enough that you are found. This is great for people who offer services or make digital how-to classes. Other information businesses could include physical classes. Picture a YouTube channel that focuses on Crossfit or Yoga. Let’s say you gave away a quick workout or practice each day. You recorded yourself, put it up, people followed you and look forward to doing the little class. That’s a great way to build your audience. As your audience grows, you could have a 90-Day Intensive Class where people could buy access to it on your website in a Members-Only area. Or you could have the course burned to DVDs and have it shipped to them. This is extremely profitable way of business, and is actually one of the ways we built our business. The Bad: YOU are the developer of your empire! We know this should be GOOD because you ultimately have control over your products and services. But we decided to place it here in the bad section because if you do not create your content, and market it, then you have no product or service to offer.

Physical Products

The Good: Physical products have long been the benchmark for someone who is considered “In Business” for themselves. People who make their own products or learn drop shipping to sell tend to do very well because there is quite a markup, in most cases. Even with physical products, you must still become proficient in attraction marketing so that you can place your product in front of your ideal customer. This is someone who has a higher probability to buy based on their current buying behaviors, socioeconomic status, where they live, if they rent or buy their home, their social or marital status… the list goes on! People who go the physical products route have digital stores where people can browser their products, add it to the shopping cart, and submit payment. You then either fulfill the order by boxing it up and shipping, or use drop shipping to have the product shipped from the manufacturer. Regardless… If you make your own product or use drop shipping, you must Learn How To Build An eCommerce. The Bad: The main issue with physical products has to do with logistics. If you are making the product you sell, what happens if you get a huge order and cannot build the products quick enough? This is when you must be open to scaling your business so that you can grow as demand for your products grow!

Types of Freelancing

Freelancing has become huge in the Digital Nomad world. Reason being is that when you have certain skills in digital product production, copywriting, graphic design, website development, pretty much anything that can be done online, you are able to be employed. Freelancers have flexibility because they get to decide when they take on a job. There are quite a few websites where you can set up your freelancer profile, and find digital jobs people are wanting to have completed. A popular site amongst Digital Nomads is

Putting Pay Into Perspective

QUESTION: Which of the following individuals is better off financially? Person #1 – Earns $100k per year, working 60 hours a week Person #2 – Earns $50k per year, working 15 hours a week ANSWER: Person #2 is better off. Why? Because if you divide out how much each is making per hour over one calendar year, Person #1 earns $32.05/hour, while Person #2 earns $64.10/hour. So even though Person #2 earned LESS per year than Person #1, Person #2 is actually more wealthy. TIME has a huge factor to play in the relationship of earning potential. In online business, the goal is to set your business up so that you work less hours because the systems you use leverages time. Eventually, you’ll be quite hands off because what you have built up until this point starts to “do work” even while you sleep. This is when your hours worked per day decreases, and your value increases. Imagine that you put together a blog or an eCommerce site. Initially, you may not have had any blog posts or products on your website. But as time goes by, you write blog posts that help people, or you upload images and descriptions to products on your store. Even while you sleep, there are people all over the world searching, “Googling,” to find the answer to a problem, or the solution to a need in their lives. While your website is active, Google is constantly serving content, providing answers to people’s “questions” they type in the search engine. When YOUR product or service answers the questions, or provides a solution to the problem, YOUR website is served up to the searcher. They then click on your site, and when they like what they see, they buy! This is why we talk about publishing VALUE! The value we speak of is the answers to people’s questions and the solutions to their problems. Be the go-to resource for YOUR specific niche, and your website will start to rank higher and higher!

In Conclusion…

What you have learned here is just the beginning to YOUR learning and implementation to your business, or building upon what you already have started! As time goes, marketing strategies, social media platforms, and search engine algorithms change. Both Erin and I, here at BE Adventure Partners, stay in front of the constant evolution of online marketing and online business development. As new methods emerge, or as we develop new strategies that produce favorable results, we constantly update the information, courses, and resources we recommend. So follow us to stay current!

Action Items!

By now, you are ready to make a change in your business, or start developing a new business. Your ideas only go as far as the energy YOU put into them. Your Next Steps Start With ACTION! You are now in a space to start learning, applying, testing, and tweaking your business building actions. Everyone is at a different phase in their business development. Some have a business and are wanting more favorable results. While others are just starting at the beginning with an idea and are ready to build upon it! Regardless of what phase in business YOU are in, YOU must DO something to either BEGIN NOW, or Start Learning More so that you can build a more powerful business, which then allows you to achieve your Vision!

Let’s Begin!

  1. Start Learning To Market Your Business
  2. OR Jump on an Adventure Call With Us! We can chat about business development specific to YOUR ideas! Just find a time that works best for you on our scheduler below.

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick - BE Adventure PartnersUntil Next Time! Adventure On… Adventure On!

– BE Adventure Partners

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  1. Martin Dean

    Belize looks awesome. Being a digital nomad is something that is way in the future for me. At the moment when I’ve been away I like to come home.
    Thanks for sharing & showing what’s possible.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      How To BEcome A Digital Nomad is possible for anyone with a vision they want to put in the work towards! Thanks for reading, Martin!

  2. Donna

    Interesting.. digital nomad. Looks like you guys have done a lot of traveling and are having a lot of fun!! Great info on this post about building a business around your passion and questions to ask yourself.. so important. Thanks for sharing.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks so much for reading, Donna! We DO love to have fun! AND we love to show people how they can have fun too! Especially when it comes to building a business around your passion!

  3. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    It’s never been more easier to become a digital nomad with technology…

    Great breakdown on what it takes to lead a lifestyle of freedom…

    Dr. Lisa

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks for reading, Dr Lisa! Yes! BEcoming a Digital Nomad does allow for quite a bit of freedom. Thanks to technology, for sure!

  4. Rhonda

    I know quite a few people who are digital nomads.

    Super cool way to live!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Yes, living as a Digital Nomad is super cool and very educating! We love learning and applying what we learn about all sorts of life along the way 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, Rhonda!

  5. Iri

    Excellent article – explains a lot ✔ thank you!!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      No problem Iri! 🙂 Happy to clear things up for you.

  6. Jason

    This is what I’ve been looking for! I would say this is the holy grail for how to become a digital nomad! Why is it no one talks in depth about this stuff but you guys do?

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Great to hear, Jason! Glad you are getting value from this post! We do this to help people get past the learning curve quicker so that you can live an extraordinary life sooner than later! Feel free to connect with us on an Adventure Call!

  7. Victor G

    I cannot believe the process you laid out here! I’m wanting to be a Digital Nomad, full-time, and have run into an issue with putting my business together! I really needed this! Thanks!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      We are happy to share the wealth, Victor! Thanks for reading, and schedule an Adventure Call if you would like to get on a video chat with us to discuss what you need help with in getting your business organized!

  8. Conor

    This is the direction I’m headed… Just tryinig to figure out my “product”! What do you guys do to help?

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hey there Conor! We could definitely help you dial in your product or service. Jump on an Adventure Call HERE and we’ll dive into your vision, passion, and what you are wanting to achieve. With those answers, we’ll dial in what your offer will be as a Digital Nomad!

  9. Johna

    Hey! I’m first time following you guys! Totally interested in becoming a digital nomad. Thanks for these resources!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hi Johna! Thanks for following! We hope these resources help you out! Feel free to jump on an Adventure Call with us when you have questions!

  10. Smith D.

    What are some really good and popular websites for blogging?

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hey Smith D.! WordPress is a very popular blogging platform as it has many integrations for building your business online. Find a time to jump on an Adventure Call and we can figure out what sort of integrations would work best for your business idea!

  11. Gauge

    This site is of interest to me! I’ve been looking for how to become a digital nomad.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Great to hear, Gauge! Would love to chat with you when you have questions!

  12. Norbert

    WOW! That is an in-depth education BOMB! Huge value here in this article for anyone looking to become “location independent”, a “digital nomad” or just to make some moola online! Love watching your adventures guys!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Glad you enjoyed this blog post, Norbert! Simply put, when someone wants to create a lifestyle they never need a vacation from, building a business online is a great way to go.

  13. James

    Wow, this is one of the most in depth guides I’ve found so far! Suddenly everything has become a little more complicated than I thought initially. Wonderful write up though!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hey James! Glad you got a ton of value from this. When you have the steps in front of you, it takes the complicated part out (which is trying to figure it out on your own!) Thanks again for reading and let us know if you have any questions along the way! We look forward to seeing the business you build online!


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