Top 7 Things Couples Running A Business Together Need To Know

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Quite often, couples from all over the world who are running a business together reach out. They tend to ask a lot of questions about how we work so closely together all day.

By the end of this post you will feel relieved to know the simple things we do, and how you can use these 7 things to keep it spicy in your relationship. BEcause the most important thing is that your love gets stronger as a couple running a business so you can achieve your goals, and create a life you’re excited about together .

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1. BE Open

Life is all about experiences. That is likely why you got into business for yourselves in the first place, or you’re thinking about it… Because you want more out of life. We don’t blame you! That’s exactly why we started our business. We were sick of slugging it out, playing by someone else’s rules, and schedule.

When things get stagnant it’s also a good biz move to switch it up… RELOCATE! Do something new!

Since we have been traveling full-time, we are always on the hunt for AirBNB’s that have the best view. Gosh, have we found some good ones. We knew that when we committed to building BE Adventure Partners together, that it was going to take time. So for us, we choose the places we stay based on a killer view. (Well those ones of the things… We will dive deeper into that on another post.)

If travelling full-time doesn’t interest you, or you’re not at that point yet… No sweat. You’ll get there if that’s something you desire. In the meantime it can be fun to work at a café, restaurant, library, or find a co-working space that you both love.

Another fun thing to do is swap roles. If one of you always writes the blog posts, while the other one is editing videos… Switch! Not only will you find it sexy to learn new things from each other… You will both have the opportunity to master all aspects of your business. This keeps things from getting stagnant, and stale so you never get bored.


2. Don’t BE so bossy

There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re being micromanaged. When you start to feel bossy, think back to a time when you had that a-hole boss who liked to breathe down your neck and make sure you were doing everything up to their standard…

Couples running a business together need to be aware of how they treat each other. You don’t want your work together to feel like a job. The goal here is to build a business around both of your unique skill sets, and the things you’re passionate about. This allows you to both work independently on the things you are good at. So no one needs to get on the bossy horse.

If things get kind of tense, reel it back in, and BE open to communicating what you would like to see done differently instead of telling each other what to do. One of you may naturally take on a leadership role, but you may find it even more exciting if you swap back & forth allowing each other to take the lead on different projects. There is a lot of reward in letting your partner take the reins, and teach you something new. It’s all about expanding & growing together. Right?

3. Makeout breaks

Speaking of rewards… There is something really hot about looking across the room, seeing the one you love deeply focused on what they are doing. You should let them know how cute they are. That never gets old! Believe me! A simple kiss on the forehead while passing can be really sweet, or setting those laptops to the side to show your appreciation for one another can BE really nice too!

The small things add up, and there are so many fun ways to show your appreciation for each other. Just remember… You deserve a break. Why not enjoy it together?

4. Spend time together… Not just running your biz

This is why you went into business together right? OR why you are thinking about being a couple running a business together. If you’re anything like us you want more time together. You want to have the flexibility to go for a hike in the middle of the day. Stretch it out together, and do some yoga. Snoodle in a hammock. Go for a bike ride. OR go to the beach for the morning, and work in the afternoon.

A lot of couples running a business together end up grinding it out, working 24/7 just to get their business off the ground. I know at one point we were kind of insane. Don’t get me wrong, we still work really hard, and long hours. BUT taking breaks that aren’t related to your business are key for inspiration. Grinding it out non stop will make you miserable! Which doesn’t make for a happy partnership.

It’s like an oil painting. When your face is right up against the canvas it can look like a muddy mess. Then you take a few steps back to admire it from a distance, and voila… You see things you didn’t notice when you were zoomed in. You start to realize things you could tweak or make better.

A few days ago we decided to take a 6.8-mile hike through Government Canyon in San Antonio TX. We were on a hunt for dino tracks that are over 110 million years old. The first little while we were quite. Enjoying the sounds of birds, and the trees whispering in the wind. After a good 30 minutes, we were chatting up a storm. Having realizations about ourselves, and where we want to go with our business. Big picture stuff that we wouldn’t have even realized with our noses right up in it. So take a step back once a week. You will be flooded with ideas and inspiration!

Top 7 Things Couples Running A Business Together Need To Know

5. BE present, and listen to each other

You likely have your head in the game working on something, when your partner randomly blurts something out, asking your opinion… WEW… This can be a hard one. You were in mid-thought… Writing a blog post, an email to your list, editing a video, and then your focus is gone.

Brian + I used to be REALLY bad at this one (me especially). I used to be lost with technology, and would just blurt out a question. Or  Brian would just blurt something out asking for input. There was a short period when we would get really frustrated with each other. Not so much outwardly, but the tension in the air was full of frustration.

We now make a point to say “Hey… let me know when you have a moment.” This gives your partner a chance to tie a bow on what they were working on, or say… “Kool gimme 5 mins.”

Then when the other person is ready to listen, they have a chance to choose to be present, and attentive putting down anything that would distract them from listening. BEcause… You are both sooo important. This is one of the greatest ways to feel like you are seeing your love, and hearing them. Which is hot, and one of the love languages.

6. Try not to BE snarky

Not being present, or listen to one another can lead to being snarky. ICK. It doesn’t feel good to be snarked at, or be the one doing the snarking.

Being conscious of how words roll of your tongue is important for couples running a business together. Especially if you want to keep on loving each other. Our tone indicates how we feel. If you answer a question in a snippy way… Your partner may think you are frustrated with them, annoyed, or think they are dumb.

While reading your partner’s tone in a negative way, is almost always a misunderstanding… It is important to BE kind to one another while working together. Or else that snarkiness can carry into your love life. No thanks…

7.  Laugh it off

You’re working away, and your partner asks you a question interrupting your flow. Without taking a moment to think… You respond to their question quickly (in a snarky tone). You look over, and your partner is obviously offended in some way.

This has happened to us sooo many times. Something we like to do is point it out. “OMG, I am sorry I just sounded like a total a-hole. I was really focusing there”

Then LAUGH IT OFF together! There is no need to be sooo serious. Be goofy, poke fun at the situation, shake it off with a dance party in the kitchen. It’s the simple things in life that make running a business together as a couple so enjoyable. These types of pleasures & flexibility can’t be found in the workplace.

This is your beautiful life together. The beautiful business that you chose to birth into this world. You get to decide what your days look like, and most importantly… How they feel to you. If your days feel shitty… MIX IT UP!

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It is all about moving onward & upward! Join a community that will cheer for you when things get tough, be your sounding board when you need it, and won’t ever let you quit.

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We look forward to seeing your love & business thrive.

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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  1. Justin

    Great tips here! Working with a partner should be ALL work. I love how you guys keep it fun. What a great example for al of us.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      We would say that keeping it fun has been one of the best things to make any of the “work” not feel like that at all! Thanks for the message, Justin!


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