Fly Aerotucán From Oaxaca to Huatulco Fast

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There’s two options when it comes to traveling from Oaxaca City to Huatulco. The option to fly Aerotucán quickly became our first option (you’ll see why in just a minute.)

When it comes to The Living Lifestyle, using every mode of transpiration to travel is the most interesting. You get to try the different cuisines along the way, experience the way the locals move about and best of all… you get to meet cool people from all over the world.

Whether it is traveling by clomping along on foot, chugging along on a train, bouncing along in a bus, cruising in an automobile, speeding along in a boat, tearing up the countryside on a moto, or even soaring in the big beautiful sky in an airplane, finding the perfect mode of transportation can be limited by what is available where you are.

One Option Is Always “Better” Than Another…

We were told that if we missed the interior of Mexico, we have not really experienced what Mexico has to offer.

They were right!

Oaxaca, Mexico was filled with so much beauty. The clean mountain air… Animals of all types living their lives were abundant… and best of all, the native Oaxaqueños are amazingly friendly people.

But the ocean was calling our names! The sand underneath our toes and the energy from the power of the water moving across our bodies is a refreshing experience we deeply desire.

Sylvia The Juice Lady - Fly Aerotucan

After chatting with the local market juice lady, Sylvia, she said that the place the locals go for the beach is in Huatulco. There are a whole line of beaches along Huatulco including Puerto Angel, Zipolite, San Agustinillo and Mazunte (this is where we ended up staying).

Sylvia let us in on some really good info… “There’s two ways to get to Huatulco… The Bus or the Plane.”

Through our conversation, she told us that the bus is fun if you like to ride on a hot, packed, bus bumping around mountain roads for about six and a half hours with the potential of a goat being your bench-seat partner (which may be hilarious! Think about the selfie pic opportunities with a goat on a road-trip!)

Selfies With The Goat - Fly Aerotucan

The other option would be to jump on a little plane and get there in about 30-40 minutes.

Although we do love a good adventure, taking the plane seemed like our best option because we needed to have the sand beneath our feet, stat! Without saying, Erin & I nodded at each other in agreement that the flight would be the best way to go.

How To Easily Fly Aerotucán from Oaxaca (OAX) to Huatulco (HUX)

I’m sure there are multiple airlines that fly from Oaxaca to Huatulco. To stay on the adventure side of things, we decided to jump on a local airline (we love to support local business as we travel!)

We jumped on Google to do a little search: How To Fly From Oaxaca To Huatulco

BINGO! The top airline that came up was exactly what we were looking for – Aerotucán!

The plane is a little single engine prop, 14 passengers, two pilots and no goats.

BE Adventure Partners - Fly Aerotucan

Simply Schedule Your Aerotucán Flight From Oaxaca To Huatulco

Going to Aerotucán’s website seemed to be the most logical place to get your tickets.


Their site is more for just “contact info” as their flight scheduler did not get us all the way to the check-out page. It seemed like it was more for the itinerary (even though they clearly stated that you can schedule your flight online… maybe it is still in the production phase of development.)

BE Adventure Partners - Fly Aerotucan

Or… Just Schedule Your Aerotucán Flight On LIVE Chat

The next option for scheduling our flight from Oaxaca to Huatulco was to use their LIVE Chat option. This feature has been popping up on all sorts of business websites and is a great option for getting ahold of a company to ask questions, get more info, or even to place an order.

After about 20 minutes of sitting as “#1 in queue”, the chat auto posted that “there are no representatives available.”

Shoot! I was hoping to do the LIVE chat so that if we had to translate anything from Spanish to English, we could just copy & paste into the Google Translator.

So much for that idea! However… We are not quitters & there’s gotta be a way to do this!

Third Time’s The Charm

With Google Translate up on the laptop, I picked up my phone to dial up Aerotucán’s contact phone number.

Who answered on the other line was just as I had imagined (maybe I manifested this person!) They spoke Spanish faster than anyone I had ever heard.

I responded, “Lo siento… No intiendo. Alguien hablan ingles?” (I’m sorry… I don’t understand. Does anyone speak English?)

“Yes sir! What can I help you with?” was the response.

Not that I don’t want to practice my Spanish (because it has been getting better and better each day, but I’m not up to rapid-fire conversation YET!)

We easily scheduled our flight over the phone and they emailed confirmation immediately and insisted on staying on the phone until it arrived by email, which was only moments later (talk about good customer service!)

BE Adventure Partners - Fly Aerotucan

Time To Fly Aerotucán

On the fly day, we only had to be at the Oaxaca Airport (OAX) one hour before departure time. Don’t be surprised if the flight is late leaving (like 45 minutes late…)

Even if you ask one of the attendants at the airport who can look in the computer, they will just look at their watch, look out the window and say, “It still hasn’t arrived from it’s previous flight… It will be here soon… This is normal.”

Just hang tight! Go to the little café there and grab a torta and a coffee.

Once the plane arrived, we were all put into a small van to be shuttled out onto the flight line to board the plane.

The flight was quick and well worth the extra wait to take off. Looking down at the mountain roads we could have been on made me happy that we were about 5,000 feet above them!

Fly Aerotucan Over The Mountains

One thing I found interesting is that the pilots were so good at that flight, they didn’t even need their windshield! As they turned into the direction of the sun, they were well prepared with a sunshade! Brilliant!

Sunshade & Flying - Fly Aerotucan

In Conclusion…

If you plan on going from Oaxaca City to Huatulco, definitely look up Aerotucán. Maybe they’ll have their website up and running completely. This is not a flight you can find on Sky Scanner or any of the other different flight scheduling apps because it is a small, local airline. None the less, we definitely recommend these guys because they have great customer service, very clean planes and the pilots can fly… well… with their eyes closed!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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