Is Going Into Business With Your Spouse A Good Idea?

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A lot of people ask us… “Brian + Erin, Is it really a good idea… Going into business with your spouse?”

While we know that it was a great move for us… We want to share with you some things to consider before you dive in! To be quite honest… This isn’t for everyone! Some couples enjoy going their separate ways to work each day. While other entrepreneurial couples like to do their own thang, and fly solo.

By the end of this post you will have a great understanding of what is involved in business partnerships of all kinds! Not just with a lover.

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When going into business with your spouse, BE clear on your roles.

When it comes to going into business with your spouse, or anyone for that matter… It is important to write out a list of where you want to spend your time in this entrepreneurial endeavor because let’s face it… If you aren’t interested in what you do… You are creating another J.O.B for yourself, and that is what you are working towards getting yourself away from… Right?

No worries this isn’t etched in stone, but it’s a great place to launch from!

For us, it came pretty naturally. I like to write, mix, mingle, connect on social media, speak on video, and edit videos. I love anything about branding. AND all things creative. Where I was lacking Brian excelled. He started out as all things tech-guy! (Thank goodness… LOL) He straight up rocks when it comes to web design, images, connecting the behind the scenes stuff that makes my eyes cross.

This is where things get really beautiful. As you work together, you will teach each other amazing things. You will get to see your partner in action. This can BE really hot, magical, and super rewarding. You will BE surprised how much you learn!

I am in awe of the crazy tech stuff I can do now because of what Brian has shown me. He says that I taught him how to write from the heart because I encouraged him to share his true authentic self.

See! Isn’t that sweet!?! You will rub off on each other! Going into business with your spouse can be a really wonderful & rewarding experience if you are the type of people that are open to expanding, and growing together.


Action Step:

Write out a list of things you want to do individually. Then share what you came up with.

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What would you like to learn that could contribute to building this beautiful business together?
  • What do you love doing, that you want to do more of?

Is Going Into Business With Your Spouse A Good Idea

Have clear expectations for yourself, and each other.

Always start with you. BE clear on what kind of work you expect from yourself. What kind of time do you want to put into this?

When we started our biz together, Brian was still working as a firefighter. I was already at home, but still doing a LOT of haircuts on the side. I set a really high expectation for myself to do as much as I could each day. I was in awe of how much Brian would get done, even while he was still working crazy hours… Because he set a high expectation of himself too!

We are huge believers in committing to 3 Things you are going to get done each day before your head hits the pillow. We have been doing this since we started BE Adventure Partners.

It’s surprising how far you will go doing 3 things each day that move you towards the life & business you want. No worries if you don’t nail it each day. Just keep pushing forward! You will make up for it the next day.

Action Step:

Make a plan together! Start masterminding the things you want in yourselves as individuals, and in your business together. With the list of things you know you love doing from your 1st Action Step you can start mapping out how you will each contribute to your goals.

Eg. Top 3

  1. Yourself: Workout, meditate, or read a book to help grow your mindset.
  2. Your Relationship: Learn something new together.
  3. Your Business: Divide & conquer, then take action on what you learned.

Make a commitment to yourself & your future

Building a business is a HUGE commitment. Especially if you are serious about it replacing/exceeding your current income or your job.

By choosing something you love doing, whether it is alone, or together… You will be more likely to commit yourself. On days when things get tough, you will be so committed that you drag yourself out of bed. You will be so committed that you stay up late just to finish your Top 3. Why? Because you LOVE it!

That’s why we built the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs. To keep you committed! So even if you’re building it alone, or going into business with your spouse… You have a community of people to support you, that understand what you are going through, and are committed to a similar path in life. Our BEAP Tribers will have your back when the going gets tough, and will never let you quit!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Action Step:

If going into business with your spouse, with a friend, or even solo is what you want… Commit to it! There are no successful entrepreneurs on the planet EVER (that we’ve heard of) who created success in their life from doing something half-assed. If you want to create a life where you call the shots… Commit!

Put it in writing! Make a vow to yourself that you are going all in, and dedicate yourself to start learning the things you need to know & do to make it happen!

Draw up an agreement.

Speaking of making a vow… (Not talking about wedding bells here, but quite possibly a bit more paperwork.)

When going into business with a spouse, or adventure partner you will want to draw up an agreement. Whether it is written up in a Word Document and signed with a fountain pen, written with a sharpie on a napkin, OR drawn up by a business lawyer. You want to be assured when you go to bed at night that your ass is covered. Mind my French. 

Since Brian + I have a business that is cross border (Canada & US) we have a business lawyer and accountant in both countries that orchestrated an agreement for us. (Talk about paperwork! WEWWWeee)

This will cover your behind if you were to ever get sued, or if one of you were to die. Morbid… I know, but this is certainly something to think about. We didn’t want to think about it too hard. SO we let the pros draw up an agreement for us that we only had to read once and sign. Voila!

Action Step:

If you’re serious (kinda seems like you are… Since you made it this far.) Draw up an agreement that you are both totally on board with! Print out a copy for each of you, sign it, and BOOM you’re officially in business.

Make sure you’re both on board.

So what does being on board entail?

After you’ve drawn up your agreement, and decided all future decisions will BE a 50/50 split… You have some decisions to make!

If you have been following along, doing all the steps we have laid out for you… You are starting to get a good idea of what you want to do, what you’re good at, how you will contribute, and what kind of a commitment you’re willing to make.

This is where things get really fun!

Action Step:

  • Choose a business name that you are both on board with.
  • What social media platform do you want to get started on?
  • What kind of message do you want to share with the world?

There are a lot more things to think about. This will be a great start for you. If you need help making these decisions for your business, and knowing what to do in the right order,  we created a really fun, easy to follow, On-Demand Training Class. We would love to have you.

“A business is an idea that makes people’s lives better”
Sir Richard Branson

7 Sources of Online Business Ideas

It starts with your vision.

What is it that you want as an individual, and together?

Your vision is powerful. It will be your driving force to keep you motivated! One of my mentors always said “Have a WHY that makes you cry.”

If your why, your reason for creating a life you are excited about makes you cry… It will BE powerful enough to keep you motivated when times get tough. It will be that reminder in the back of your mind when you’re staying up late, building your idea (your baby), and turning it into a thriving online business that you’ll love. A thriving business that will give you an option in life. Flexibility. The possibility to BE where you want, when you want, with whomever YOU WANT!

YOU can have that.

Action Step:

Write down that vision in detail! Get granular.

  • Imagine who you would be if you were happy.
  • What does your day look like?
  • How do you spend your time?
  • Who are you with?
  • Where do you live?
  • What does your thriving business look & feel like?
  • How will you contribute to the world?

Like we mentioned before… If you are serious about building a business that you love so you can have that life you want so bad… Join our community. The BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs was built specifically to BE by your side, to help you thrive in all aspects of your life, relationship, and business.. SO you don’t ever quit short of reaching your goals.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

We can’t wait to meet you!


Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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  1. Lisa oakleaf

    You guys really taught me how to stay on track. Real good read!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      So happy you’re in the Tribe, Lisa! Keep on being consistent with what you’re doing & your business will grow!


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