The Purpose Of Your Online Business

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The purpose of online business seems pretty straight forward, right? Sell a product or service & make money. So, why is it more online businesses fail than turn a profit allowing more people to live a life they are actually excited about?

Don’t fret! Today we’re going to demystify the purpose of your online business. What has been screwed up in the past can be fixed so that you can move your business forward, faster!

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A Business Helps People

It’s as simple as that. The more helpful your business is, the more profitable it will be.

Once upon a time at a conference, we heard Sir Richard Branson talk about how “…a business is an idea that helps people…”

When you position your business to help solve a problem, relieve pain, or answer a question, that helps people. And if you can do all three, you REALLY help people!

Think about the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs as an example. All our members are here for several reasons:

Pain: I want to live a life I’m excited about
Problem: I don’t have a business online
Question: How do I build an online business, so I can live a life I’m excited about?

When you are helping people in an authentic way, they will naturally flock to you and be your best customers & most loyal clients. This is a great purpose of online business that when missed will most likely lead to a failed business.


Stand Out In The Crowd

One of the things that most new people in an online business mess up (but can be fixed) is how they go about promoting their business. I know that for me starting out with network marketing and then transitioning into our online business where we have our own membership portal and t-shirts, I used to just spam the links for the companies I was affiliated with.

Turns out, that was a terrible idea. You end up losing friends, getting blocked or even reported as a spammer, and your engagement on your Facebook profile drops to crickets.

So how do you stand out in the crowd? Simply Get Your Brand On!

No kidding! Creating your own brand around your idea… A brand that helps people in a very specific way… Become the go-to for information around problems, pains, and questions in your niche will allow you to grow to mammoth proportions!

What’s cool is that as you grow your influence, people naturally just start buying your products & services. Whether or not you are offering products & services from your network marketing company, affiliate partnerships, or products & services YOU personally make or provide because you’ve positioned yourself to be an influencer in a particular niche, people now know, love, and trust you enough to buy from you.

In this case, your purpose of online business is to stand out in the crowd by creating a brand that people will begin to grow an affinity for.

Deliver Relevant Content

How many times have you searched on Google, found a title in the search results that looked like it was going to give you the answer to a question or show you a product or service you’re looking for, only to find some spammy website that is a pop-up form?

What do you do? Leave right away? If you’re like us, you just bounced!

This is where relevant content is essential. When Google serves up what seems to be a good search result, but people are not on the resulting website for a decent amount of time, they STOP serving that content.

Why? Because its not relevant based on the user’s activity on the site!

Now when you go to a website from a search result and you’re reading the information, open another page in the site from clicking a text link, then on to another link, all contained in that site… BINGO! Google sees this as extremely relevant information!

One of the main purposes of online business is to continually create & serve relevant content that is valuable to the people who are searching. These people become your customers and clients down the road. Keep planting seeds of knowledge and when the time is right, they will grow into your most loyal fans!

Create A Customer Journey

We as humans go through life and are on a constant journey. Sorting and sifting through life, relationships, and ways to make money (so you can do what you want) is what makes each of us unique people.

When someone finds your business online, whether they know it or not, they are looking to your business to guide them in some way.

They are looking to find clarity in what you could offer them…

They are even looking for someone or a business to provide them with a solution that will help them in some way.

How your website & blog, your business social media pages, and your content is positioned will either attract or repeal someone within three seconds.

When your audience goes to any of your pages, what do they see?

Is your message so clear that within just a few seconds they know they are in the right place, that they are welcome, and that you are going to help guide them through on this phase of their life journey?

If someone goes to your website and cannot tell what it is you can do for them in just a few seconds BEFORE they scroll the page, you’ve lost them.

Don’t worry! That can be fixed!

I can remember when BE Adventure Partners brand was a little confusing. People thought we were travel agents (because we like to travel… Turns out, travel is a by-product of creating a business online!)

So what did we do? We invested in eCourses & high-end coaching that taught us about how people are drawn to clarity.

After making the switch of content on our website, blog & social media pages, all of a sudden it was like night and day.

The messages we were getting from people were exactly in line with what we offer AND people just started investing in the BEAP Tribe Membership!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Why? Because they are drawn to the clarity of purpose for what they need! Remember from earlier in this post? You’re wanting to create a life you are excited about. By being a member of the Tribe, you’ll get access to the eCourses that teach you step-by-step how to create a simple business online. You’ll also get access to the community & support you need to keep your head in the game when times get tough.

What small tweaks could you make to further clarify your brand’s purpose?

What journey could you take your future customers & clients on that will guide them into using your product or service to help them in a beneficial way?

In Conclusion…

The purpose of your online business is to educate, entertain, and inspire people to move towards solutions that will help them in some way. Leave in the comments what sort of things you could do to move people along their journey with you. And if you have questions, we’d love to have you in the Tribe LIVE Campfire Q+A Zoom call where we can all have a fun conversation about what you need to grow in your life, relationship, and business online.

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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  1. Lisa oakleaf

    I love it! I learned so much that I was thinking wrong Brian and Erin! Got to go back and look at myself!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      You’re doing awesome, Lisa! Everything is a process & evolution. You’ve grown so much in the last couple years we’ve known you 🙂 Keep on evolving!


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