5 Tips To BE Accomplished & Actually Get Shit Done

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Check out these 5 Tips To BE Accomplished & Actually Get Shit Done! I can say that throughout life, I used to find that trying to get shit done was one of my biggest struggles! I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, and all I needed was a roadmap that I could follow so that I could accomplish my goals (and get shit done, of course!)

So by the end of today’s BE Adventure Partners Blog Post, we are going to uncover the 5 Best Tips To BE Accomplished & Actually Get Shit Done!!

But first, it’s time for a little story…

Once upon a time, when I was a firefighter, I would get off shift exhausted. All I wanted to do was go home, pop open a bottle of wine, or toss back a 6-pack of cold beer. This was the perfect recipe for disaster, and definitely NOT getting shit done!

I was stressed out from everything I had to see and knew I wanted to change my surroundings… So I started thinking about what my ideal life would be like… Who would I BE with? Where would I live? What experiences did I want in life?

It was THAT defining moment that allowed me to start getting shit done in life, because I now had a goal, a vision, and I had a passion to accomplish it!

Here are a few of the tips that helped me get closer to my goals, and actually get shit done! Heck, one of these tips to get shit done may help you! Let’s go dive in, together!


1) Get Shit Done by Getting Organized – Use an app like Trello

Getting organized was one of the things I needed. I had legal pads everywhere because my mind was constantly thinking about different things. As an entrepreneur (or entrepreneur-to-be!) YOU are a Creator!

The byproduct of being a creator is an excessive amount of ideas!

This is good! Time to harness those ideas and Get Shit Done!

You know you are on the right path when you are taking notes of all your ideas that are flowing. The problem that you may be running into is that you have notes EVERYWHERE, resulting in them not being organized. This then leads to you not having them in a form where you can actually BE productive with them, and turn your ideas into cash (now THAT is getting shit done!)

When the Trello App stepped into my life, the black-hole of lost ideas ended. All my notes used to be scattered around the house, the truck, the fire station, and on random notes on the computer desktop.

Not no more! Regardless of if I am out and about climbing a volcano, or sitting with my laptop in a cool cafe while traveling, Trello allows us to stay organized with our thoughts using a board, list, card sort of organizational format.

We all need to have a good brain-dump from time to time and stay organized doing it. Go ahead and relieve yourself with Trello.

Get Shit Done by Getting Organized

2) Get Shit Done by Getting Focused – What are you wanting to accomplish?

Focus has been one of the things that have prevented me from getting shit done for YEARS!

I’ve found that the majority of the time, I’m not focused when I don’t have a goal! I feel lost… I feel like I’m not sure what I should be doing… SQUIRREL!

You probably can relate because that’s just part of being a human with no goals!

So what did I do?

I started to write out what I wanted in life! In a partner! What did I want to accomplish?

During this time, I found personal development, and my world started to tilt!

This thing I found was the answer to my lack of focus!

By finding focus, I was able to start building the life I truly desired! Becoming a Digital Nomad was on the list! I wanted to travel the world from the laptop! It was within grasp! So I went with it, and within 10 months of starting BE Adventure Partners, Erin and I are now traveling full-time!

Get focused! Find your place! Identify your goals and your path will appear right before your eyes!

You are probably wanting to experience freedom like no other… You can do it! We have a cool roadmap that you could build out your own system online. Feel free to jump on the on-demand training class anytime! We would love to have you in one of our Challenges! You just may find the freedom you are looking for doing it this way! We sure did!

3) Get Shit Done by Eating That Frog – Do the tasks you don’t want to do, FIRST!

The tasks you drag your feet on are the ones that are keeping you broke, or preventing you from moving forward in your life!

What is it about those tasks you don’t like? Are they tedious? Are they monotonous? Or do you just don’t know how to do something?

I sure know that the biggest things I had problems with along the way were the tasks that just didn’t interest me. So instead of dragging my feet, I jumped in to attack them with fury!

If I could make a game of how fast I can get something I didn’t like doing most, done FIRST, then I was always to stay on top!

There’s a cool book by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Get Shit Done

4) Get Shit Done by Getting Educated – Don’t know what the heck to do? Time to get your learn on!

One of my favorite mentors, Yoda, once said, “Do or do not… There is no try!”

It makes no sense to TRY to do something if you think you may fail. If you want to get something done, and you are unsure of what to do, GO LEARN!

You could have sooo much fun learning a new skill, a new technique, or just learn something cool that you can apply to whatever it is you need to do to get more shit done!

People reach out to Erin and me, frequently, wanting to start a business online. They want freedom! They want the fulfillment of building their own vision out into a profitable venture! We love seeing that! To see someone grow in their skills is epic!

Take the time to learn what it is you want to achieve! Do you want to build an online business? One of the fastest ways to kick it off, and have your systems set up online so that you can start offering your product, service, or offer is to jump in the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs!

Think of it as your personalized blueprint that walks you through EXACTLY what you must do each day to get your business set up online.

BEAP Tribe

5) Get Shit Done by Stopping Procrastination – Start That Biz & Work Towards Freedom!

I love the phrase, “Put procrastination off until tomorrow!” It makes me laugh! BEcause you essentially are procrastinating procrastination!

IMAGINE where your life will be in 12 months from now… or even 24 months from now! What do you want to have accomplished? Location Independence? Spend more time with your family? Your Adventure Partner??

Ten short months after starting BE Adventure Partners, I was able to put my firefighter boots on the shelf one last time, all because we took action, stopped procrastinating, and built a business online!

You could do that too! We believe in you!

We also would like to Challenge You To BE A Tribe Member! And if you accept the challenge, YOU will have put procrastination off, and started to write your own future!

You would be surprised by what you could create! In our private Group, The Exclusive Tribe, we give people, just like you, the opportunity to get your questions answered about all-things personal development, online business building, and just fun friendship!


In Conclusion

It is time for YOU to Get Shit Done! Take a chance on YOU! BEcome educated about what you want to build in your life so that YOU can Get Shit Done! The feeling of satisfaction will blow your mind as you start to implement things in your life! By taking the time to focus on your goals, and get targeted on what it is YOU want in your life, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get shit done and BE accomplished!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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  1. Katherine

    I love this!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Glad you do, Katherine! Thanks for reading!!

  2. Amanda Grace Thompson

    Y’all are awesome 😉 Let’s get SHIT done 💘

    • BE Adventure Partners

      YES! We get shit done every day! Thanks for reading, Amanda!

  3. Robert Morris

    What you are focusing on in the 10 Day Challenge is exactly what we need to be doing instead of just watching others do it. I am excited about my future now more than ever. Thank you Be Adventure Partners, Erin and Brian.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      So happy for you, Robert! This is such a great way to build an amazing online business and get shit done in life! You are on your way, and we look forward to seeing your growth! Thanks for reading!


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