Advantages To The Mindset Of A Business Owner

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The mindset of a successful business owner is one of the key factors that separates businesses from becoming insanely profitable, to those that flounder, just to close their doors after “trying.”

Let us know in the blog comments below, which ones of these you have had trouble with & which have kept your head in the game! We’d love to chat about it!

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The Mindset of a Business Owner: Accepting & Moving Forward

“I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family…” used to be one of the excesses that kept me from moving forward in the beginning.

It’s not that I didn’t have the capability to learn what is required to be a business owner… It was that as a child, I was fed the line, “… you just need that piece of paper, so you can get a good JOB…”

I definitely don’t fault my dad for telling me this. It wasn’t the piece of paper that landed me a “good job.” It was the skills I learned in the process.

I don’t use about 90% of the crap I HAD to take in University. The 10% that I did use ended up being the mental fortitude to push through, learn what I need to learn, and execute… take action… stop sitting on my thumbs and DO.

You can’t change where you were born, how you were brought up, what schools you attended as a child, or what others do to you.

“Can’t Change It”
Hal Elrod

However, you CAN change what actions you take each day to create what you want life to BE like in the future.

You can also change how you respond to external “circumstances” and how you let those things affect your life directly or indirectly.

Bringing your awareness to those things you cannot change and make a decision if you’re going to allow it to keep you from where you want to go, or just push forward to achieve your goals (and stop playing the victim).

Mindset Of A Business Owner - Hal Elrod Quote "Can't change it"


The Mindset of a Business Owner: BEing Valuable Creates Affinity

There is an online epidemic I like to call the “Perpetual Pitch Fest.” This starts with a barrage of “friend requests” that come in on Facebook without a personal message from the requester.

Me, being the friendly type, goes ahead and sends a message to say “hello” and to get a conversation started (and boy does it start!)


The messages look similar to this, “I wanted to connect because you seem likeminded. I’ve got this ground-breaking opportunity…”

It seems like everyone these days is using the same Script Bible in the sea of noise. This is why getting people’s attention can be difficult (when you don’t know what you’re doing).

“Giving people value & helping people first is the biggest & easiest part. The hardest part is getting the attention.”
Mike Dillard

To transform your mindset to that of a successful business owner, leading with VALUE creates the AFFINITY from one person (or business) to another.

This goes with creating a magnetic brand that attracts your perfect customer or client.

Imagine what it would be like if you set up a simple, yet effective, business online so that people contacted YOU (or your business) each day.

How would that feel having a steady stream of customers & clients raising their hand, ready to buy your product or service?

This happens because you’ve positioned yourself with your online business AND provided value as to WHY that person would be the perfect fit for what you have.

You’ve essentially created an affinity of people looking for what you have. You create content in the form of blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, videos, and free info that answers people’s questions. You are guiding them to the solution to their problems, or even provide a reliever to their pain.

That’s how people start to buy from you even if you have no idea who they are.

Mindset Of A Business Owner - Mike Dillard Quote "Giving people value & helping people first is the biggest & easiest part. The hardest part is getting the attention.”


The Mindset of a Business Owner: BE Authentic & Just BE You

There’s a place for actors, and that’s in Hollywood Films. In online businesses, people are not looking for an act… They are not looking for a copycat…

They are looking for authenticity that they can relate to within their lives. This builds your community of loyal followers and raving fans.

“Be authentic & don’t mimic. Just be you.”
Derral Eves

One powerful mindset of a business owner that can easily be embraced is being unique & authentic.

When someone is just getting started in online business (or even if you’ve had a business for a while & it’s not producing the income that would make a difference in your life) making little tweaks in your brand could be the catalyst that propels you forward.

People can smell greed from a mile away. When you position your brand to be a guide or trailblazer, they will see that what you have would benefit them (yes… your customer & client is selfish in this way… that’s normal & OK because you’ve got what they want).

Any time someone searches on Google, they are looking for an answer, solution, or pain reliever of some kind.

When your business is unique, authentic, and just beaming you & your personality, you will attract your perfect customer.

You don’t have to mimic big brands or try to compete with their messages. There are more people in the market who would rather buy from a smaller business then support what often seems like “monopoly” businesses.

By being unique, your business checks a box in your customer’s mind, which contributes to their trust in you.

Mindset Of A Business Owner - Derral Eves Quote "BE authentic & don't mimic. Just be you."

In Conclusion…

The mindset of a business owner is that of fortitude. It’s your courage through pain or adversity that allows you to create a unique, authentic business that will truly make a difference in other’s lives.

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Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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