BE Where You Want. When You Want. Offer Digital Products.

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The whole point of building a business online is so you can be where you want, when you want together. There are two ways to build a biz online that will allow you this kind of lifestyle. We’re going to share with you our story about digital products, and what we have done that allows us to travel full-time.

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Traveling the world full-time might not be your jam… That’s cool!

We know it isn’t for everyone. We also know that a measly 2 weeks holiday isn’t enough, and we all deserve more than that each year. Along with the velocity to go do what you want, when you want! Right?!

I know that as a Hairstylist I used to get soo bummed that everyone had the whole weekend off while I was working on a sunny Saturday. My friends were hanging out at music festivals in Toronto, or heading to the cottage on Friday night. But that wasn’t what made me leave my 11 year career… I knew that just having the weekend off wasn’t all I wanted, and that an extra week of holiday each year wouldn’t cut it either.

What I really craved was to do life on my terms! Wake up when I wanted, snuggle a bit with my love, meditate, do my fitness, BE in nature, or go on an adventure, get my journal on, cook up a nice breakfast, shower, and THEN do my work. Something in alignment with my purpose, which was no longer just making people feel pretty.

BE Where You Want. When You Want. Offer Digital Products

Ever thought about your ideal day…

STOP and think about it for real! What does your ideal day look like?

If you are sitting there reading this with your love… Take a moment to write down what each of you want individually. This is how Brian + I like to figure things out. WHY? Because we are both our own humans, on a journey that just so happens to melt together in a beautiful way.

In my humble opinion… It is VERY important that you know what your preferences are on your own, before you mesh your ideas of life together because it is sooo easy to get lost in someone else’s world, and lose yourself. Remember… Your partner loves you for YOU. They likely aren’t looking for a doppelgänger… And if they are… Well that is your call what you want to do with that… Anyways…


Choosing the right business for both of you is key…

When building a business online you have a few things to think about while setting it up.

1. Sell someone else’s products/services

Offering someone else’s products/services is the fastest way to get going because the thing you are offering already exists. You just have to create a space online to sell them in your own unique way. (SO you set yourself apart from all of the other affiliates our there.)

When offering someone else’s products/services you will make a commission from the sale. Your commissions can range depending on which companies you choose to partner with. There are limitless options out there. Our greatest recommendation is to start with the company who created the product first before you go looking for an affiliate link on Amazon. There commissions are really low. We also going into depth on finding the right affiliate products for your business in our eCourse Get Your Blog On, if you want to know more.

2. Create your own products/services to sell

This is a bit of a longer journey, because you are the creators. Which is nice, because you get to decide the look & feel of your products/services and won’t have to backbend, or follow someone else’s rules when creating.

One of the only downsides to calling the shots is, well, you call the shots. It is important to create deadlines for yourself so a week long project doesn’t turn into a year.

You have creative liberty to build whatever you want together, meshing what you both love together, and sharing it with the world. AND you make ALL of the profit.


The goal of your business…

Next thing you need to decide is whether you are going to offer digital or physical products/services. There are fully mobile ways to do both. Which we are happy to discuss with you. Let us know in the comments what you would like to offer, and we would be happy to have a jam session with you.

For us the goal was to be fully portable, so offering digital information products was a no brainer. We both love to teach, and create… So for us creating eCourses was the perfect way to combine our skills together digitally while we are travelling the world. Shoot all of our eCourses to date have been shot in Airbnb’s that we are staying at all over the world. Which is why renting a nice place is ALWAYS key.

One day when we settle down somewhere we may want to sell our art work, or custom furniture… Who knows. For now, digital products are where it’s at! (For us.)


We also offer T-shirts, which is a prime example of having a physical product that you never have to touch, or stock because we found a great print on demand service that takes care of everything. (Check out this article to see how we set up a T-Shirt shop in less than 24 hours)


No matter what business model you choose, you need to know this…

Just because you built a business online doesn’t mean people will come. You need to put yourself out there, and create content that matters to the people you are trying to reach. This is how you become their go to couple for whatever it is you offer. You will build credibility, along with the know, love, and trust relationship that is essential for selling ANYTHING online.

Another great thing to note is that you can offer both physical products & digital products combine. In our business we offer both physical & digital products. Our own products & services, along with affiliate products & services too! There is no right or wrong, it’s a choose your own adventure. SO have fun with it!


Your life is a bi-product of the choices you make.

The only reason Brian + I are able to travel the world full-time is because of the choices we made. Sure some of our decisions were a bit risky, but honestly… The only bet I ever want to take is on myself, because that is the only guarantee there is.

BE Where You Want. When You Want. Offer Digital Products

You know how much effort you will put in. If you are anything like us, you have busted your ass for many employers. You have been deemed employee of the year time & time again. You also have a rebellious side that doesn’t like to follow rules, or to go the beat of someone else’s drum. If that is you + your love… Then maybe this online business thing is for you…


Reach your goals faster…

With support from a pair of blue-collar workers, who defied the norms of society, and created a life they actually wanted.

We are happy to help you along your couple-preneur journey, cuz it isn’t always easy. We’ve had tons of help figuring all this out investing thousands of dollars in coaching from 6-8 figure mentors, and we know how important it is to pass along their knowledge. Feel free to leave your questions & comments below.

If you are ready for a more in-depth look at what you are doing… Grab your membership to the BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs where you can get your questions answered LIVE on our Campfire Q+A’s. PLUS you will get full access to all of our eCourses. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick

Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick are full-time location independent, online business owners. Brian’s background is in firefighting, digital + photographic imaging, and web development. Erin’s background is in professional hairstyling, social intuition, personal development, creative writing, and brand identity development. Together, they create eCourses, high-end online business development coaching, and social media marketing strategies. They go by… BE Adventure Partners!


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