How To Believe Anything Is Possible When You Do It Together

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How would your life change if you were to believe that anything is possible? This may sound cliché… or like a load of crap. BUT it’s not. We are living proof. We want to share with you, how to start putting your belief into action, so you can hit your goals sooner.

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If you want to believe anything is possible, but are slightly skeptical… This article is for you.

My skepticism was at an ultimate high, after two years of grinding it out with my first Network Marketing Business because I was yet to make a dime. The magic was leaving my body, BUT not completely. The stories people were telling in the company I was a part of were crazy! Top earners making 100k a month, and others making 50k per month… Their stories filled me with hope, but I was angry that what I was learning wasn’t working for me.

This forced me to step into the online jungle, and start researching how other people we “marketing” themselves. Shit at that time I still didn’t know what marketing really was. I just knew I wanted to make videos, and share my message with the world. If I could make even just ten thousand dollars a month that would be gravy. I didn’t need to be in the 100k club.

I knew that I had to raise my vibration & believe that anything is possible if I wanted to build a business I actually loved. As I searched I soon found a community of people teaching how to create a brand, and a social presence online. That’s where I met the love of my life… My Adventure Partner, Brian Garcia.

Just in case you have seen our other stuff… I’ll keep this brief. We basically became best friends, healing over broken hearts, and trying to figure out this online biz thang together. (Want the dirty deets on our story… Click HERE)

Our belief that anything is possible, drew us together like magnets. Each of us had our own ideas of how we wanted life to BE… But we were 100000000% on the same wavelength.

This is the key here. That you get on the same wavelength. But it is even more important that it starts with you. Your belief in yourself, your skills, and your ideas have to be at the forefront of your mind before collaborating with another. This is a daily practice and something that we have learned from some of our biggest mentors.

Knowing what you want is the launching pad for believing anything is possible. If you know what you want as individuals, it is a lot easier to set goals together. Once your goals are set you have something to work towards that you are excited about. Grab our FREE Goal Setting Guide For Couples so you can start taking action on your goals together.

Goal Setting Guide For Couples

The crazy thing about believing anything is possible.

When you start to believe in yourself you raise your vibration. We kept seeing this time & time again in our mentors, and in the BEAP Tribers. Thank goodness because shit gets tough at times. You will run into moments where things get hard, and you want to throw in the towel. That is perfectly normal, and all entrepreneurs go through it. If you are going through that, tap into some personal development. Watch one of your mentor’s vids or one of ours. Listen to a podcast. Read a book. Do ANYTHING that will get you out of that funk.

Our mentor’s stories inspired us into belief, and then into action. Seeing their big results, and hearing their stories of failure that lead to victories pushed us to keep our belief strong. Knowing that it is never ever perfect, and at each level of success, you will meet another challenge. It all started to make sense. Challenges seem to arise whenever you are going through a growth spurt, which makes for a great indicator that you are actually moving forward. Isn’t that exciting?


Your belief that anything is possible will get stronger.

As you practice believing you can do anything, that you can BE anything, that you can create anything in your life… You empower yourself. If you take on the responsibility of being the only one who can create good, and bad experiences in your life then your eyes become open to how powerful you are.

Take note of all the things happening day to day, good & bad. If you say “I created that, and that.” You will see patterns in how you live your life. You will understand what you need more of, and what needs to go. While you are in the midst of something negative, remember how powerful you had to be to create that situation. Then shift your thoughts. Make an “I am” statement so you can do more of what you want.

Practice your belief:

  • I am healthy
  • I am confident
  • I am learning
  • I am growing
  • I am grateful
  • I am heard

Keep it simple and don’t reach too far. Just shoot for something that feels better. This will raise your vibration. This is the work. This is how you practice believing anything is possible. As you shift your thinking, you will feel shifts happen in your life. You will start noticing things going your way more often. You will attract better encounters, and experiences into your life. Your relationship will get better & better each day, which allows you to work together more harmoniously, and on purpose.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

  • Do you believe anything is possible when you do it together?
  • How do you practice building belief in yourself, your relationship, and business?


Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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