How To Balance Full-Time Travel With Online Business

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There’s nothing worse than thinking you can enjoy full-time travel with your online business and then either your funds run out OR you feel like a slave to your business.

The question that you may be asking yourself is, “How do we balance full-time travel with online business?”

If you’re like us, you’ve probably sat there in a beautiful country only to feel like you’ve gotta pound the keys to create content.

Well… We’ve got some good news for you & are going to share how we were able to go from working as a Firefighter & Hairstylist, to traveling full-time with an online business (and how you could too!)es, marketing, helping couples in our Tribe and going on adventures!

At times we still get nestled in, and don’t leave the little cottage, condo, or beach house for a few days when we’re in a flow… BUT we’re sure to live it up by going on adventures through nature and cool cities all over the globe!

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The Idea: Full-Time Travel

After 9 years as a firefighter and 11 years as a hairstylist, an idea started to form in our minds (even before we met each other.)

It was THAT idea, which became a reality…

The IDEA? To travel the world full-time and set it up so that we wouldn’t have to go clock-in ever again.

Was there a risk?

You betcha! Just like with anything in life, there are inherent risks with everything.

  • Would we be able to sustain traveling full-time financially?
  • Would we find good enough WiFi along the way?
  • Is it safe to travel all over the globe?

Luckily, the world has become more accessible and with the few times that WiFi has been poor, or safety was a concern, we are able to just Google to see if areas are safe or where to go to get better WiFi!

Full-Time Travel BEAP

To date, we’ve had no safety issues or concerns, usually, the locals or Air BNB hosts fill us in on where all the safe places to go are!

Now when it comes to finances, if you’re NOT a trust-fund baby AND you’re a normal working-class type of couple (like both of us), then this is a valid concern!


Turns out, with the idea to travel full-time, came the idea to create a simple business online that we can work from any WiFi connection (assuming the signal is fast enough!)

The online business ended up being something that we both enjoy doing: teaching. This is called Knowledge Commerce.

But instead of teaching in a classroom setting, we created eCourses that help other couples put together their business online. We use Kajabi for our all-in-one knowledge commerce platform because it has all the tools needed, all in one place, to create really cool biz online that will allow you to travel full-time like us!

28 days to your first $1,000 online? Kajabi shows you how.

The Decision & Action

After deciding on what type of business we wanted to create came the decision and action necessary to make the leap!

It’s one thing to have an idea… And it’s another thing to actually do something with that idea so that you can intentionally earn your own living doing your own thing!

So, we made the decision that we were going to commit to it, and actually, do it!

That’s where consistent action started to take place! We started to work daily on learning how to build our website, hook it up to social media, and to create our knowledge commerce portal so that we can start selling our eCourses that we were going to record!

We learned in the book, Think & Grow Rich, it’s the consistent, persistent actions you take to create the life that you’re excited about!

Full-Time Travel Airport

The Balancing Act

With the IDEA, DECISION, and ACTION came the balancing act. We were going non-stop! Partly because we didn’t have a solid plan or roadmap to go by when we got started.

We had seen that people were building cool businesses online, but no one really SHOWED how to put it all together.

If we knew back then, what we know now, it would probably take a month or two to put it all together.

Putting the website together is simple to do, but the reason it would take a couple of months is that if you already know what you want to teach in your eCourses, then you can create a course outline, then start recording right away.

It took us nearly a year to figure that part out (because we didn’t know what we wanted to do at first and were just blogging & offering affiliate links to products we use).

Here’s where the balancing act came in… We were working constantly because we didn’t have a direction (hence… a roadmap would have been nice).

When you’re creating a business online, making a conscious decision to go out, have fun, and experience the places you’re traveling to is important!

In April 2017, when we started our full-time travel, we would hop around from city to city, country to country, and only spend a couple of days in each city. THAT wasn’t sustainable because we were having a hard time getting things done.

Then we started looking at how long our Tourist Visa would allow us to stay in each country. This gave us more time to stay in different countries and reserve our Airbnb’s for longer periods.

By doing this, we were able to set up a routine!

We now could balance working out, eating healthy, working on our eCourses, marketing, helping couples in our Tribe and going on adventures!

At times we still get nestled in and don’t leave the little cottage, condo, or beach house for a few days when we’re in a flow… BUT we’re sure to live it up by going on adventures through nature and cool cities all over the globe!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

In Conclusion…

Start to visualize yourself living your ideal life! It’s the balance you create that will allow you to really enjoy this human experience.

If you’re like us, you probably have a great idea that you could launch & earn a really cool living with. We’ve got a roadmap that will walk you through how a simple business online works so that you’re able to follow along and implement what you learn. By the end, you’ll have a fun business built out that allows you to spread your message to the world.

Start your trial in the Tribe and get access to all the eCourses & roadmap so that you can bring that big, beautiful idea to reality & live a life you’re excited about!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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