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As we travel through Our Earth, we run into people wanting to know How To BE Adventurous! Quite often, it’s your mind that holds you back from having an extraordinary time, or achieving goals you have in your life. Keep reading because I’m going to reveal some of the key things you could implement today so that you can BE Adventurous, and live through it!

How To BE Adventurous, Even If You Are A Newbie

The waves were crashing on the rough coastline in El Astillero, Nicaragua when I convinced Erin that climbing the boulders, while dodging the crabs was a great idea!

“It’s going to be fun!” I exclaimed as I started to scramble down the rocks, towards the surf.

It’s all about pushing your comfort zone to the limits!

“Oookkkkkkaaaaayyyy…” Erin replied as she mustered up some courage to crab-crawl after me.

The crabs didn’t care for us, and they ran fast, going side-ways as always. Where is the fear in that?

We chatted about what was going on. It turns out that as she grew up, she was told not to climb on things because she might get hurt.

Influences in our lives are our parents, relatives, teachers, mentors, friends, and even acquaintances. All these people influence the decisions we make in a positive or even negative way.

They can help propel us to our infinite potential, or even keep us from growing altogether!


BE Adventurous Within Yourself

So what do you do?

Surround yourself by those that are in line with your direction. Eliminate those that are negative, or keeping you from growing… This is tough because often, the people closest to us are the ones that keep us from growing!

Begin finding and surrounding yourself with mentors and friends who are all on the same path to success!

These can be people you look up to in business or even friends who have successful online businesses.

We become the average of the 5 people we most closely associate with.

Break out of your comfort zone and start pushing your limits!

Erin did AMAZING! She followed me along those boulders. Before you know it, she was climbing quickly, with confidence, and with a purpose!

BEcause she was around me, she took my encouragement, and my belief in her abilities and began modeling my movements.

How easy was that!

This goes to show that if you have someone you could model, you will start to take on the abilities you never thought you had, allowing you to BE Adventurous within yourself!

When we went climbing Volcan Maderas on the little island of Ometepe, Nicaragua, Erin had NO PROBLEM! Why?? Because she broke the limiting belief that she would get hurt if she climbed boulders! She successfully climbed to the top of the volcano, and back down!! This hike lasted for 10 hours!

It was intense! Steep! Slippery! Muddy! And super exhilarating!

So what do you want to do next?? BE Adventurous!!

7 Hot Tips To BE Adventurous Within Yourself Today

You know you are ready to BE Adventurous Within Yourself! If you implement these tips in your life, your relationships, and even in your business, you could experience an extraordinary life!

Go for it! You are worth it! Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for others around the globe!

It’s time to make a difference!

1 – BE Adventurous – Research Your Interests

What interests you? Are you “stuck” in a job? In a relationship? In yourself?

It’s time to start looking into yourself and finding what it is that brings you joy!

What is it that you could do all day, every day (or most days), that you would want to pursue?

It could be a lifelong passion, or you have a vision of what it is you want to achieve in your life!

Start writing down a list of your interests… You know… A sort-of “stream of consciousness”!

Do not prejudge what you write… Just write! We’ll use this in just a bit, so keep this list close!

2 – BE Adventurous – Identify Your Idea

Now that you have written a list (could be a long list, or it may be shortlisted) it is time to identify your idea.

Look at that list you wrote, and reorganize it with your most passionate idea at the top, and put your least passionate idea at the bottom. You’ll want to REALLY love what it is that is in the top 3-5 spots on your idealist.

These are the ideas that you are going to be able to start growing into a life where you do not have chains holding you back. This will be the life you are going to design that you never have to take a vacation from.

When you are doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life!

It’s time to GO & BE Adventurous!!

3 – BE Adventurous – Let Go Of Your Fears

Fear happens when you doubt yourself. When you take on OTHER’S limiting beliefs, causing you to freeze from being able to take that next step.

Let Go Of Your Fears!

If you care what other people think of you, there’s no way you are going to be able to create the life of your dreams. Why is that?? Because THEY will keep you back, paralyzed in fear!

It is time that YOU stand up for what you want in life!

Do you want to create a life you never have to take a vacation from? Let go of the “employee” mindset, and learn some skills that will allow you to learn How To BEcome a Digital Nomad! This just simply means that you will have options in your life. You don’t have to worry about having a JOB to “clock in” at. You become the boss of your world!

BE Adventurous

4 – BE Adventurous – Find A Mentor

Want to be successful at what you want, faster? Find a mentor!

Shoot! Find five mentors!!

Surround yourself with those who will build you up! Model their behaviors! Ask them questions!

So how do you find a mentor? Search your list of ideas from above… Search in Google… Search in Facebook… Search in YouTube!

Likely, if you are wanting freedom in your life, you are most likely going to start an online business so that you are no longer held down by a JOB.

Follow their pages! Add them as a friend! Send them a message! Send them an email! Get them on a video call!

People who are members of the Private Mastermind Group, BE Adventure Partners Exclusive Tribe, get the privilege of being on the inside. We dive into mindset, personal development, and even answer questions about building YOUR business in there!

5 – BE Adventurous – Make A Plan

What’s your plan? Don’t have one? Don’t sweat it!

“If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.”
~Zig Ziglar

Just know that You Must Make A Plan!

You want to be successful at what you are doing! Right?!?

I know you do! So let’s make a plan, and start rocking it!

These steps here in this blog post is designed to help you BEGIN making a plan, and sticking with it!

Whatever you do, be consistent!

So what’s a plan you could start BEing consistent with?

HINT: You are on Step 5 of it right now! The 4 items before this are all a great way to begin! Step 6 below will get you into action!

6 – BE Adventurous – Take Action

BE AdventurousIf you do nothing, nothing will happen.

If you don’t have a plan, you probably won’t be successful.

Time to Take Action so that YOU can be successful starting today!

Identify what it is that you want to do, and get to work!

This is YOUR path! Regardless of what it is that you want to accomplish, there’s a path that you can start going on.

Not sure of what you should do?

Get in touch with your mentor. Whatever they tell you to do, do it!

If you are wanting to take your idea and make it a business, start learning How Websites Make YOU Money by jumping on our Online Workshop!

After the workshop, BEcome a member of the BEAP Exclusive Tribe, by starting your Marketing Training.

You’ll get access to a roadmap that will show you what to do, in what order, to set up a successful business online!

7 – BE Adventurous – Keep Pushing Yourself

What you create is not something that can be made in a microwave. This is something that you must keep working towards DAILY!

This is why you gotta be consistent and persistent! You gotta keep pushing yourself to the next level!

Whether you are building an online business to become a Location Independent, Digital Nomad, OR you are wanting to BE Adventurous in your physical ability, you gotta push yourself daily!

We like to listen to personal development, listen to podcasts of our mentors, and get on calls with people we look up to so that we can continue to grow, helping YOU in return!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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  1. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Great post Brian

    What resonated with me was getting over my fears. Putting a bucket list together so I can face my fear and have fun in the process!

    Dr. Lisa

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks for reading, Dr. Lisa! Yes! The BE Adventurous mindset can open your life up to amazing possibilities!

  2. Ingrid

    Really Motivating Blog Post, Thank God I got ahead of the others & found you guys before I wasted any more of my life! xxx

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks so much, Ingrid! Anyone could apply this strategy to BE Adventurous in their own life! There’s sooo many different ways to do this with your Adventure Partner!

  3. Keith Everett

    You two guys really are living the life. Are you going to do this for years to come, or will you find a base somewhere?.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Thanks for reading, Keith! There is no foreseeable future of us slowing down! We’ll probably travel for a few years to find a “home base”… But we’ll probably never really stop traveling! We love it too much!

  4. Destrie

    Awesome post Adventure Partners! Loved the tip on surrounding yourself with people who are adventurous and getting mentorship, biggest takeaway is to Take Action!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      YES! Taking Action is probably one of the biggest things! Too many time people just sit there and let life happen to them. When YOU take control, THAT’s when life starts going the way you want! Thanks for reading, Destrie! BE Adventurous, Brother!


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