Benefits Journaling Could Bring Your Life, Love & Businesses

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You may not think you are a writer, or imagine yourself journaling let alone the benefits it could bring… BUT something magical happens when you put pen to paper each day.

I want to share with you why I am a diehard when it comes to journaling, how my love Brian got hooked too, and why you should consider making it a daily habit.

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Life before journaling with a purpose…

I have always journaled, ever since I was a child. I would write stories, poems, songs, draw pictures, and scribe my emotions. Honestly, I am not too sure where I learned this behavior, but whenever I got a new journal it became a sacred place for me let go of whatever was on my mind. You may resonate…

Not my entire life did I write with purpose. Most times my journal was my dumping ground for a broken heart, hurt feelings, or my teen angst. Which honestly isn’t such a bad thing for a young gal, at least I was letting go instead of holding it all in. BUT there is a better way to journal, that will give more benefits to your soul then you could imagine… And the cool thing is anyone can do it!
How to receive the beautiful benefits of journaling…

First of all…

Get yourself a BEAUTIFUL journal! We like to use blank Moleskin. Find a quiet, comfortable space. Put on some chill beats, and make journaling part of your daily ritual. I like to journal after my meditation because I find my ideas flow through me best, which allows me to set my intention for the day with purpose & clarity.


Write out all the things you want To Do in the day. I write these in the far left column of my journal and just blast out whatever is on my mind. You will NOT be doing the hundreds of things you put on this list! Promise!

Benefits Journaling Could Bring Your Life, Love & Businesses


How fitting. Choose the Top 3 things, that are the most important things to get done each day. Anything extra you do is a cherry on top, and the things you don’t get done can be moved to the next day. After achieving your Top 3 you should feel pretty accomplished! There are some things to consider. If you are feeling one aspect of your life needs more attention than others, make that area of your life #1.

A few examples:

If you are feeling crappy in your body, make your #1 priority to do yoga, fitness, or go for a walk.

Maybe you also want to strengthen your relationship with your love. Then #2 could be, cook a nice dinner together, play some music, have a great convo, and read to each other in bed… (Meow).

#3 could then be dedicated to an income-producing activity in your business, like write 3 blog posts, or record & edit 3 YouTube videos.

Some days you may make your entire Top 3 dedicated to your personal growth, while others may be devoted to your love or business. Your Top 3 is there for you to commit to accomplishing 3 major things in your day that will move you forward, and give you momentum! Once you achieve your Top 3 give yourself a pat on the back. If you choose to knock some more things off of your To-Do list after that, consider yourself a champion! It is far too often that we look at our To-Do lists and feel like shit because we didn’t get it all done. Instead, feel really good about the things you are accomplishing! This will give you more energy to keep going. Remember… Negative emotions will drag you down, and keep you stuck! Get into a winning entrepreneurial mindset.


Ask yourself “How did I feel yesterday?” Then write out a few things you are grateful for.

I like to get really descriptive, and I may mention I ate something that resulted in a mood swing. Or I will write about how much fun our LIVE Campfire Q & A was last night, and share my gratitude for our Tribe & Brian.

You may prefer to journal Brian style, and just throw down a couple of bullet points of how you felt & gratitude. Neither way is right or wrong. All that matters is you do what makes you feel good.

Benefits Journaling Could Bring Your Life, Love & Businesses


After I write out my To Do’s, choose my Top 3, and write a bit about the day before… Then I like to set My Intention For The Day. This is based on how I want to feel in myself. How I want to BE in my relationship with Brian, and how I want to make an impact in others’ lives with our business.


Throughout the day we like to track how much water we are drinking, if we took our vitamins, did fitness, our meditation, and if we journaled. I even track what I eat when I feel like I have gone off the rails to get myself back on track. In our eCourse Get Your Goals On we dive way deeper into tracking, and how it is the ultimate thing to accompany your goals, so you actually reach them.


I use the big blank page on the right for pouring out my thoughts, and ideas that I had through the day. Sometimes I will draw out a plan for how we want to flow our ads, or how we could layout a page on our blog. While other days I will write about how my day went, epiphanies I had throughout the day, goals, and all that I am grateful for.

He thought journaling was silly and didn’t understand the benefits. Until…

When I first started talking about journaling, and how it was helping me focus & get more stuff done… Brian’s ears were perked. So I decided to get him a lovely leather-bound planner and ship it to him for Christmas in Austin (I was still living in Toronto). The next time I saw him in person, I asked him how he was liking journaling, and if it was helping him plan ahead. He had hardly touched it. While I am not too sure whether it was the dated pages or the format of this particular journal, it wasn’t his jam.

It wasn’t until we started taking Alex Charfen’s Momentum Masterclass that he really got hooked. He said between my daily journaling devotion, and how much Alex Charfen ranted about it being a game-changer… There had to BE something there. BEcause there is!

What Alex taught us was to journal on purpose. Once Brian learned that he could write in point form, and jot his ideas down he was hooked! No dear diary necessary, just straight up ideas, and checklists.

Benefits Journaling Could Bring Your Life, Love & Businesses

Don’t just sit down, and write all the negative stuff in your life. Sure, let go of the crap that doesn’t serve you. BUT how can you take a not so good experience, and turn it into gratitude?

If you take the time to write out your intention for how you want your day to play out, every time you open your journal to check off what you are getting done, you will be reminded how you wanted your day to be. This gives you a chance to course-correct if you swayed from what you wanted to get done, or how you wanted to feel. This is incredibly powerful, and has helped me shift my sometimes crumby mindset into a beautiful positive one!

That dear friend is journaling with purpose, and if you stay consistent you will BE surprised at the benefits that pour into your life, relationship & business.

Like we mentioned before, we go much deeper into journaling, and goal setting in our eCourse Get Your Goals On, which you can get full access too with our Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs Membership (Along with access to all of our other PowerCourses). We would love to help you reach your goals, and we look forward to having you in the Tribe!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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