5 Factors For A Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset

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When it comes to being effective as a couple-preneur, these 5 factors for a winning entrepreneurial mindset will launch you towards… Winning!

You know how some days you just feel like quitting? These five factors will help guide you to keep your head in the game so that you don’t quit short of hitting your goals as an entrepreneur. If you’ve had an online business for any length of time, you already know that sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s tough.

Let’s dive in!


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You’re #1 Before All Else

Putting yourself before everything or everyone else sounds pretty selfish, right? This might surprise you.

As you click your lap belt on the plane, you hear the flight attendant give the same speech they always have. If you’re like most, you’ve probably tuned out this noise by now…


You hear them again, “… if the oxygen mask falls from the compartment overhead, put yours on first before helping others…”

Why is this? Seems pretty selfish to make sure YOU are taken care of first?

The reason is because if you are not taken care of and pass out, you become a liability and completely useless to those around you.

Entrepreneurship is EXACTLY the same way. You’ve gotta take care of yourself FIRST so that you can be of help or value to those around you.

To do this, we like to meditate, journal, get our fitness on, hydrate with WATER, eat nourishing food, read books that stimulate thought, and consume personal development.

Take care of yourself first, and you’ll see an immediate spike in how your life, relationships, and online business react to how vital you have become.


BE Flexible

BEing flexible is one of the top things couple-preneurs should embrace! Regardless of how smooth you’d like your online business to run, there’s always going to BE something that will through a wrench in things.

Another way of viewing the ability of being flexible is something called “pivoting” or changing the direction of your travel so that you can explore different opportunities to take your business.

In the beginning, BE Adventure Partners was simply a blog and a Facebook Fan Page chronicling our love story.

Within a month or two, it had gotten out of control. There were tons of people asking us how we are able to travel the way we do.

One of the biggest questions is, How do you make money to live the travel lifestyle?

Being flexible, we saw that our audience wanted to:

  • Travel more
  • Live a life they love
  • Start an online business

BE Adventure Partners was not set up from the beginning to be a “business.”

So we pivoted!

We started to share the tools & resources we had learned about on how to start a simple business online.

By being flexible and pivoting, we were able to meet our audience where they were at, and provide for them the eCourses, community, and support they need to also be successful.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes some time & flexibility to learn how to set goals you can actually accomplish, create a magnetic brand, build a simple yet effective website, and build your audience.

If you’re up for the challenge, get access to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs now so that you can create a life you’re excited about with your love!


BE A Student

When I was in University, I couldn’t wait to get out. The classes were boring, the books were the cure for insomnia, and the professors were dry to listen to (also a cure for insomnia).

Though, something happens when you have that itch to create a life you’re excited about. You start to see people, like us, who have created really simple businesses online.

You know you’re ready to do it, so you start taking action!

You find the eCourses offered, become part of the community, and all of the sudden, being a student is something you can’t get enough of!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

You’re hooked!

Why is this?

Because NOW you’re interested in what you’re learning.

You have this idea in your mind that “I want to live a life that I love. If I could just create a simple business online, I will be able to live that life.”

Part of the entrepreneurial mindset is knowing that there’s a few skills that anyone could master and having the intense desire in your mind to achieve what other normal people have.

Keep committed for the long-haul. Keep learning so that you can stay fresh & get ahead!


Know Your Abilities

I can do anything, learn anything, and create anything (even if I don’t know what I’m doing, I can learn it in a weekend.)

You’re probably like that too, if you’re reading this.

Why do I know this? Because YOU likely have the entrepreneurial mindset.

You know your abilities. Something that all SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs also know is that they can build stronger businesses by surrounding themselves with a TEAM.

Even though you have the ability to do everything in your business, most of the tasks take time to complete (like video editing… A 15-minute video can take 30 minutes to an hour to edit… or even longer if it is production style with a ton of B-Roll)

So how do you get more done with less of YOUR time? You know your abilities & create a Team to delegate tasks to.

This is something we’ve started doing in our business. Keep in mind, we started BEAP in July 2016, and it’s September 2018 when I’m writing this… Over two years in, and we JUST started creating our Team.

You don’t have to wait two years… As soon as the funds are available to start delegating tasks!

An example of this would be the Closed Captions (CC) for our YouTube videos. A 15-minute video would take an hour or two for adding those captions. Why? Because it is time consuming to listen & type at the same time (and considering I don’t type that fast! LOL).

Even though Google Translate does a pretty good job, there’s still the oversight necessary. So we added a Closed Caption Service on to our Team! This frees up 3-6 hours a week that we previously committed to doing the captions ourselves – Cha-ching! Time is money!

Leveraging a Team is an important factor for growing your entrepreneurial mindset.


Aim For A Slow Burn

Have you ever went camping and wanted to build a campfire? You have large pieces of firewood with you, lit a match, and the match went out before the log caught on fire.

Now you gather a few twigs, lit another match and were able to get a small twig on fire, which burned longer than the match. This then lit a larger twig on fire, all the way until you had the log catch on fire, which ended up burning all night and well into the next day.

Shoot, the coals are still so hot, that the next day you could blow on them with a few new twigs and re-ignite your fire fast without having to start all over.

This is exactly the same as building a business online (except, you’re not actually burning wood).

When creating a business online, you’re wanting a slow, long burn. The burn is equated to cash coming in from a steady flow of customers.

If you build a business that is not put together very well, you may earn some money at it, but it may burn out fast, like the twigs from our campfire.

Now, if you create a magnetic brand, have a solid value proposition, set up your systems to work even when you’re out at the beach, and create a team to help take care of certain operations, you’re setting up your business for the slow burn.

You want your business to continue to run regardless of the temperature, the weather, the conditions outside, or the conditions on the internet.

If you don’t want to be an employee again, having a solid entrepreneurial mindset is essential.

  • You know that it’s going to take time…
  • You know that you’re your own boss…
  • You know that you get to learn some really interesting things…
  • You know that you need to take care of yourself…
  • And you know that you can pivot any time you see a potential opportunity for growth.

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

In Conclusion…

These 5 Factors For A Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset are non-negotiable for creating an online business that can potentially take you to the moon! Above all else, take care of yourself first, then your relationships, then your business. The experiences you have in your life are what life is about living.

You want growth & for others who believe in you. Get access to the Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs today so that you can surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who have a winning mindset and are not quitting. Become the average of those you spend your time around. We’ll see you in the Tribe. Start your trial.

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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