What Do You Do When You Feel Like You’re Failing?

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There are moments in all of our lives where we feel defeated. Warn down… Like you’re failing.

This is really normal, and it happens to the best of us. The truth is… These moments become our biggest vantage points. When we feel beat up, worn out, like we have been stomped on… This is our moment to take a pause, and gain perspective.

You see… Perspective is a beautiful thing. Even in our worst moments. Even in moments when you feel like your failing. In those times, when we feel as though things couldn’t get any worse, it really forces us to take a look at all that is going on.

These moments really force us to take a pause and start to ask ourselves some pretty serious questions.

Now, this is the part I want to help you with BEcause when you’re down and feel like you’re failing… The questions you ask may lead you down a path that you no longer want to travel.

Like You're Failing

So what do you do?

Ask questions that serve you!

No what do I mean by this? You want to ask questions that give you momentum & speed. You want to ask questions that inspire you to take action, not leave you feeling hopeless & depressed.

Here are some examples:

Like You're Failing

Here is the thing… Whatever you think about, you bring about. So if your focus, and awareness are caught up in nasty questions that put you down… Then you are going to feel stuck. Trust me… Been there, done that, got several T-shirts! (Time to ditch those!)


Let’s talk about awareness, and how it plays a crucial role in moving away from feeling like you’re failing.

When you feel like you’re failing, you may state, “Ugh… I am such a failure!”

This is actually not true. YOU are not a failure or even failing. You are merely being aware of the feelings you are currently feeling.

I learned this from a brilliant monk we have been studying with. His name is Dandapani. I am going to share with you one of his teachings that really blew the lid off of my mind, and the thoughts that I was having that made me feel stuck.

Awareness & Your Mind:

Imagine your mind is a vast space filled with infinite categories.

  • Love
  • Fear
  • Happiness
  • Anxiety
  • Joy
  • Depression
  • Playfulness
  • Anger
  • Sex
  • Excitement
  • Insecurity
  • Adventure
  • Lack
  • Abundance
  • Addiction
  • Friends & Family

This list could go on for months, but basically, it contains all of the things that you think about in a day, month, year, and decades.

Now imagine your awareness as a bright light. As thoughts pass you by throughout the day this light travels through your mind.

If you are thinking about something that gives you anxiety, then your awareness is hanging out in anxiety. YOU are not anxious. Your awareness has just nestled in there for a moment. Hopefully.

This is where to focus & conscious daily practice comes into play if you are wanting to overcome your limits. We have been using journaling to help us take back our control over our minds. You may consider this as well.

Like You're Failing

Now that you have knowledge of this concept, you can start to put it into practice. If your awareness is hanging out in a space that feels negative to you, you have the power through practice to change that.

What if you practiced new thoughts?

In moments when you feel like you’re failing… What if you shifted your awareness to a positive thought?

Sometimes it takes some digging to see a positive when you feel as though you are surrounded by darkness. BUT you can certainly find something. Just ONE thing. Even if it is hope. That hope through daily practice will soon turn into belief. This is where journaling has really impacted my life, and Brian’s as well. Writing down how we are feeling, and our intention for how we want to feel allows us to become an observer of recurring feelings.  Which is very helpful when it comes to recognizing where our awareness usually lingers.

You, dear friend, are the master of your life and have the authority over your mind to see light in every situation.

Like You're Failing

You have the choice moment by moment to choose where your awareness goes. SO practice love. Practice happiness. Practice belief that you have the power within you to create worlds… YOUR very own unique world tailored to you, and your preferences. Your ideal lifestyle. A lifestyle that fills you up with joy, and surrounds you with abundance! You have the power within you to create that for yourself.

Know that you are deserving of absolute happiness, and abundance!

So when you feel like you’re failing… Know, that you are not a failure… You are simply aware of a feeling, and that this feeling is only going to last as long as you allow it. All you have to do is shift your awareness towards a thought/feeling that makes you feel good, and keep practicing that.

It won’t be a perfect journey, and it may take some time. The more you practice the better you will get at shifting your awareness, and in due time you will be the person you intend to BE.

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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