Not Gaining Momentum in Business From The Start Kills Startups

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When you see statistics like “90% of startups fail” right away we can assume that there may not have been enough momentum in the business from the get go. Let’s explore how momentum in business contributes to your launch, or keeps you grounded (but not the good kind of grounded).

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Psychologically Why Startups Fail To Gain Business Momentum

From the human perspective, fear can be a reason momentum in business is rarely achieved. I say “rarely” because based on statistics, if only 10% of online businesses are successful, how can YOU be in that 10%?

When I started building my business online, the main fear I had was “What will the guys at the fire station think of me?”

That was valid because, at that time, I needed that job to pay the bills. On the other side of the coin, I wanted an online business, so I could travel more, experience more of life, and I didn’t think that life had to be “stuck” in one place.

Erin had a similar psychological fear when she started her first business online. Having been raised in a hair salon and working for 11 years as a hairstylist, the airbrushed images from magazines showing what women “should” look like was damaging.

As soon as the fear of self-worth, self-image, and developing the mind to find value within oneself is healed, we start experiencing the ability to succeed. Our minds no longer have such a tight grip on us, preventing us from taking the actions necessary to succeed & create massive momentum in business (so you don’t fall victim to your online business startup failing.)


Business Momentum Stifled By Improper Targets

How often do you feel like you are working your tail off, but you can’t seem to find momentum in your business?

Business momentum can be tough to gain when you are aiming at the wrong target. This can be the result of not knowing who your target audience is. Or even defining a target audience and not knowing what their pains, problems, and questions are.

“If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time”
– Zig Ziglar

I can remember putting a few hundred dollars towards running some ads for a webinar masterclass. We had created a few posts that we felt were “spot on” and then ran them to a specific audience. Then… All the ad dollars were spent, only to have a handful of people register, and even less attend LIVE or watch the replay.

In this case, it’s not that the webinar was bad (Shoot! When you register for a webinar, you haven’t even seen it yet!). The reason at THIS point was that the ad copy wasn’t matched properly to the audience.

This is a fine case study showing how important it is to define your target audience and test them with similar content before spending money on ads. You’ll be much happier with the results once you know you are reaching the right people with your message!

One Thing Startups Need For Business Momentum

Without this ONE THING, your online business startup will crash faster than you can sing its birthday song!

PEOPLE! This is one of the magic ingredients to build momentum in your business.

It doesn’t matter how Earth-shattering, helpful, or disruptive your business idea is… People are the thing that makes all the difference between making sales and not.

Creating an audience of raving fans. People who love your mission, follow your vision, and share your content with THEIR communities are the ones you want. Its people who are the ones that will shout from the rooftops that they love what you’re doing.

So how do you build an audience of people who LOVE you?

Provide them with the answers to their questions…
Give them the reliever to their pain…
Show them the solution to their problems…
BE relatable!

Once you give them a Roadmap to follow, you’ve built the “Know, Love, Trust” factor & they will join your Tribe to be part of your community! This helps them out significantly and helps you to build business momentum because NOW they will buy your product or service and even want to be part of your community.

The BEAP Road Map

How Answering Questions Could Propel Your Startup

When people have questions, what do they do?
They go to Google or YouTube and search for the question.

What shows up when they search?
Hopefully the answer to their question! (And if the content that comes up didn’t answer their question, they move on to the next search result until it is answered.)

It’s the realization that content MUST answer your audience’s questions when creating blog posts or even videos for YouTube or people are just going to move on… This is HUGE.

How do you know what questions people have? Ask them! As people message, you, subscribe to your email list, or even interact on your social media posts, ask them what they need help within your area or niche. What are they looking for in your products or services?

It’s your interaction with people who are interacting with your content that will help to propel your business momentum.

Do you have a question about turning your idea into a simple online business startup? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post & let’s open a conversation together!

We’ve found that the majority of couples & people who message us have an idea that they’re not sure of how to launch. So we created a useful resource called the BEAP Roadmap that walks you through 3 steps to launch a business online. Feel free to check it out. What’s cool is that all BEAP Tribe Members get access to the entire PowerCourse library so they can stop dreaming and launch their online business idea. Start your trial today.

Leading With The Sell Reduces Income

You know that icky feeling where you know you’re about to be pitched & someone asks you “Are you open to creating a side income if it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re currently doing?”

Then you think, “Oh no… I’m about to be pitched” and then they just vomit their pitch all over you, dropping links to their “ground floor opportunity” and you just feel like running!?

THAT’s what happens when people lead with the sell. The “Know, Like, Trust” factor has not yet been established, and there’s still “warming up” that needs to happen first.

It’s kind of like meeting someone for the first time, learning their name then saying, “Will you marry me?”

At least court them for a bit before trying to move in!

This is definitely a sure-fire way to reduce (or even eliminate) your income and is a total business momentum killer.

Instead, lead with value. Stand out from the crowd by giving away your best stuff first! Bring them into your community on a risk-free trial so that they can start experiencing all that you have to offer… without risk!

BEAP Exclusive Tribe

Want to gain more momentum in your business?

Check out some of the other posts here on the BEAP Blog or even take the Risk-Free Trial in the BEAP Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs Community where you can get your questions answered & take the PowerCourses that will walk you through creating a business online so you can create a life you absolutely love!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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