How To Save Your Business From Burning Out – Recharge Yourself

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Yikes… There is nothing worse than feeling burnt out from the business you built to escape the grind. When you feel the burn, you need to recharge yourself.

Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. By the end of this post you will have some simple yet effective ways to recharge yourself, so you avoid burning out.

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You know you need to recharge yourself when…

Your excitement has started to fade, and that zest you often feel for your business isn’t so strong. Truth be told you feel a little ornery, and are likely finding it hard to focus… Or even get your head in the game.

No worries. We’ve been there… This is simply a case of burn out. Chances are you’ve lost your zest due to grinding yourself into the ground, working too many hours, and not taking time for yourself & your love.

As a couple-preneur it is easy to become obsessed with what you do, and most of us find ourselves burnt out at one point or another because we are on a mission. Which is exactly the thing that makes us different from 90% of people on the planet. We are on a mission to make a contribution, so we can have that life we have been wanting to live together. AND it doesn’t matter if you started your online business for selfish reasons initially. For instance… You wanted to buy a sweet car, get a beach house on the coast, or be able to be where you want when you want… It’s all good. At one point or another, we realize that a successful business is a business that helps people, and contributes to the greater good in some way.


NEWSFLASH: You can’t expect yourself to help people when you don’t recharge yourself often!

We know how it is as a business owner… You have goals and crazy deadlines that you expect yourself to hit. You will stay up into the wee hours of the night to make it happen, and you will get up early to start running towards the next goal. No wonder we burn out, and our relationships suffer because of it.

If you do not take the time to recharge yourself it is inevitable that you will eventually burn out. Which is exactly what takes that pep out of your step, robs us of inspiration, motivation, and blurs our focus. It makes us feel cloudy and unsure of where to place our attention. It can even throw a wrench in our overall happiness, which will indeed affect our relationship. (Check out Why Are Healthy Relationships Important For Happiness)

How to recharge yourself on a regular basis…

Some things we really love to do in the middle of our day:

  • Take a meditation & yoga break
  • Journal
  • Go for a walk
  • Turn on some tunes, and have a dance party in the kitchen
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read a book
  • Blast out some jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, or deep lunges
  • AND drink lots of water so you have to get up often (which is also really good for you)

OR what about this… Give yourself an entire day off! Maybe you could even take a whole weekend off. You will be amazed by the energy you gain, and the new perspective you come back with.

Recently we were feeling the burn and realized it had been a few weeks since we took a whole day off. This prompted us to go ahead and give ourselves the entire weekend. We ended up hanging out on the rooftop of my friend’s swanky condo in Toronto. The next day we went to Canada’s Wonderland with my brother, and had a blast riding roller coasters all day!

How To Save Your Business From Burning Out - Recharge Yourself

Taking time to BE together & recharge yourselves will help you overcome your limits, and reach for your goals together.

You could spend time in nature, go to the beach, go for a road trip, ride bikes, or have a spa day. The rewards are HUGE! Taking time off allows you to recharge yourself in unexpected ways. It often brings clarity to situations you are too close to, because it is hard to see the big picture with your nose right up in your business all the time…

After you take the time to recharge, you will have the mental space you need to make a plan so you no longer feel like you are floundering around. This will put you right back into alignment with your goals, and your spark for what you love will return!

In the BE Adventure Partners Exclusive Tribe For Entrepreneurs, we can help you create a plan to success. BUT most importantly one that suits your lifestyle, so you can live the life you want, and avoid burnout. We will help you set incremental goals each week on our LIVE Campfire Q+A’s. This way as questions come up you have our support, along with a community of other online business owners from all over the world. We’ve got your back, and will always encourage you to recharge yourself when you seem a little cloudy. BEcause remember… The business you are building is meant to give you options, and the freedom to BE where you want, when you want. (NOT chain you down.)

BEAP Exclusive Tribe


Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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  1. Lisa Oakleaf

    I meditate and read my bible in the afternoons. I was swimming every afternoon with the Grandchildren, but it is that time of year that I will have to go back to walking or something. I like to take a few hours everyday and just play with the boys or cook or just do something fun together. Helps me get recentered!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Getting recentered & recharging your batteries is a great way to save your business from burning out! Thanks for reading, Lisa 🙂


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