How To Build Healthy Relationships In Every Aspect Of Your Life

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If you would like to build healthy relationships in every aspect of your life… You are in the right place!

One of the biggest truths on the planet, is people just want to be loved, and have really beautiful, meaningful relationships! Our connection with others fuels our day! When we fall in love we feel unstoppable! When we have an amazing conversation with our friends, we laugh to ourselves later in the day reminiscing about the hilarity!

Healthy relationships are developed around mutual feelings of honesty, trust, and respect. When any of those components are missing… A relationship will crumble. This is true to relationships in every aspect of your life!

Healthy Relationship Tips

·      BE a good listener.

·      BE honest, and open to communicate.

·      BE authentically YOU!

·      BE trustworthy, and trusting.

·      Share yourself, your goals, values, and vision!

·      Connect people to one another!

·      Learn together!


BE a good listener.

People just want to be heard! They want to feel like they have been acknowledged, and validated for how they feel. Here’s the thing… Most people aren’t great at being present in a conversation. They are hearing little pieces of what the other person is saying, but they are on the edge of their seat the entire conversation waiting to chime in. OR they are thinking about themselves, and insecurities they may have.

If you can master the skill of listening, and being attentive, then you will connect with people on a deeper level, and build healthy relationships. Beautiful, long-lasting relationships… You will help others feel more confident around you, and attract people into your life who are also good listeners! Wouldn’t that be nice?!


BE honest, and open to communication.

There is no need to tip toe around how you feel! If you are not open, and honest about how you feel you will find yourself in relationships where people walk all over you, and take advantage of you. You also risk people not understanding you, or trusting you.

I learned through personal development that if I presented how “I feel” about something to someone that it would soften the conversation in tough times. This has really helped me when communicating with others. Instead of pointing the finger, take ownership/responsibility for what is going on with you! This will save you from getting into uncomfortable, unnecessary confrontations! Always speak from your heart, and your truth will come out.


BE authentically YOU!

There is something so magnetic about people who are authentically themselves! If you want to build healthy relationships that last a lifetime whether in your personal life, or business… Your authenticity is the most attractive light you could shine!

When you show up in life as yourself… You are happy! You are confident! You speak your truth! You are a delight to BE around! You are seen as a leader!

Shine your light so bright! Share your quirks with the world! If you are goofy then let your silly side out of the cage! If you are philosophical, share your profound thoughts with others. Speak your mind! People want to be around someone who is REAL!

build healthy relationships authentic

BE trustworthy, and trusting.

This isn’t always the easiest! In my life, I have not been the most trusting person in romantic relationships. My lack of confidence affected my romantic relationships the most. I did not trust that I was worthy of love, or value myself. This is something that many people struggle with! Maybe even you! I sure know as a Hairstylist I ran into this all the time with men & women.

The only way out of lack, is to love yourself more every day, to up that confidence, and that trust in yourself & others! Make time for yourself, and make how you feel your top priority! If you have to listen to Tony Robbins all day… DO it! If you need to meditate all day… DO it! Need to get off your butt, crank up the tunes, and have a dance party in your living room… DO IT! Something I have learned is you gotta work harder on yourself than anything else… Because if you don’t love yourself then everything else is challenging! Especially trusting others. You also gotta BE trustworthy! If you say you’re going to do something stick to your word!

Know what you value in all relationships! Before I manifested Brian into my life… I started writing down the qualities that I desired my love to have. I knew exactly what I wanted in a romantic partner, and he arrived! I manifested him!


Share yourself, your goals, values, and vision!

This is the best way to let people in! Sharing stories allows people to know, love, and trust you! My relationship with Brian has been built on sharing stories, goals, our values, and our individual vision of what we wanted our lives to look like.

BEing open with others allows them to BE open, and share with you! A proven way to connect on a very human level! I have practiced this with my dearest friends, family members, clients I had in my former profession as a Hairstylist, and currently we are very open with our audience online!

Sharing who you are, your goals, values, and your vision is very attractive, and opens many doors! You BEcome relatable, and that is the type of person people like to connect with! In friendships, and in business!


Connect people to one another!

Always remember… You don’t own other people! When you build healthy relationships, you must realize that your love, your friends, and your network will be stronger when united!

In friendships, I have always been the one to bring random people together from all different aspects of my life. Bonding co-workers, with friends, and loves. I have been in several friendships where I have felt as though I am a person’s lifeline… Their only friend… Their source of oxygen. This is not how you build healthy relationships. People feel suffocated, and will run for the hills.

BE happy to connect friends to other friends. Introduce your love to other people you love! AND in business, if you cannot offer someone what it is they are looking for… Introduce them to someone else in your network that could help them out! Referral is one of the most powerful ways to create trust, and build healthy relationships. You will become people’s go to source of knowledge, and inspiration which could really benefit you financially!

build healthy relationships connect

Learn together!

I have had some of my best experiences in life learning with friends! Between belly dance classes, spiritual yoga retreats in Guatemala, and singing mantra classes… I have found incredible bonding opportunities with my gal pals when we have pushed ourselves to try new things.

Brian & I also LOVE learning new things together. Your commitment to always be evolving, stretching, and growing does wonders to build a healthy relationship together. We attend webinars, workshops, personal development & biz building cruises, and live events all the time together… Keeping our minds active, and on the cutting edge of our biz! This is super fun, and stimulating in our ever-growing relationship! Not only does this help us evolve mentally together, but it helps us BE on the same page when it comes to our goals & vision!

BE Adventure Partners Exclusive Tribe Banner

Lastly… Nurture your relationships in business by learning together! We love LIVE group coaching! In our Exclusive Tribe we host LIVE coaching events several times a week to keep up the energy in the group! Even though we host the events, we are open to learning from our Tribe members, and welcome them to share! BEing a humble leader is a beautiful trait! Plus, an amazing way to build healthy relationships with your tribe, along with potential customers & clients.

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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