Is It Possible To Achieve Your Ideal Life?

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With every passing day we grow older, the elusive question seems to slip further away as we are jaded from the abrasiveness of existence… Is it possible to achieve your ideal life?

While stress mounts, we look towards things like medication & our imagination to numb our perceived pain and increase euphoria that is fleeting.

If it were possible to achieve your ideal life, would you know you had it when it entered your physical existence?

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But what is IDEAL LIFE? And is it even possible to achieve? defines both of these words individually as:

1. a conception of something in its perfection
2. existing only in the imagination; not real or actual


1. a particular aspect of existence
2. the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person’s existence

With definitions like THAT, the idea that you could live an ideal life doesn’t sound realistic.

But is it?

Let’s explore some factors that contribute to our Ideal Life together & we’d love to hear in the comments how YOUR ideal life is defined and if you’re living it!

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Work Is No Longer A Burden…

Work is simply effort applied towards something. If you think about it, every step we take is “work” because our muscles are flexing & relaxing to propel us forward through using our legs. And last time I checked, most people like to move around to experience life.

When we think of work as an occupation that we HAVE to go to so we can spend our “off-time” doing what we want, then a negative connotation or a “burden” is associated with those actions.

If you no longer had to WORK because your actions were pleasurable, would you DO more of that? And would THAT be an ideal part of your life?

If so, what would need to happen to put THAT into your reality and what’s stopping you from experiencing that?


You Never Stop Learning…

As a child, we’re consumed with learning…

We learn how to eat, walk, talk, sleep, play, laugh and we even learn how to love…

I know as I grew older, I couldn’t wait to be done with middle school, so I could go to high school, so I could get through college (because I was told I HAD to get that piece of paper, which is sitting in the attic right now).

But something happened after college…

I was three jobs into the “real world” living the “American Dream” (which I sold to travel the world – It’s a good read if you haven’t already) and something happened…

I couldn’t get enough of learning what I was actually interested in…

I wasn’t interested in my college courses because that was just one of those things I had to do…

What I was interested in drawing my curiosity more than anything else.

The IDEA that I could leverage the power of the internet because people like Jeff Bezos created a simple little book store online called Amazon, which ended up being quite popular & helpful.

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What about learning though? In your ideal life, when you become fascinated by something, there’s no end to what you want to learn about it.

Whether or not you’re like me and have a great idea that you could start a fun business online that could propel you financially to living your ideal life…

OR you’re just fascinated by things like “phloem bundles” and want to know more about them, then you’ll see that learning is an important part of our never-ending fascination with the world!

Living the Ideal Life - Mazunte, Mexico

Happiness Is Derived From Simplicity…

As humans, we’re drawn towards simplicity & clarity. While satisfaction from the simplest moments can be some of the deepest engrained moments in our minds.

Think about a moment when you were sitting in the sun, on an empty beach, away from the crowds and noise of the city.

You can feel the warm air moving around you, tickling the hair on the back of your neck…

With every wave crash, you hear the rush of water surge back into the ocean in a rhythmic cycle.

Your lungs fill with fresh, salty air as a feeling of tranquility and calm engulfs your entire being.

Everything is perfect, and the corners of your mouth turn up in satisfaction.

It’s the simplest times that bring back the memories of where you’d rather be… THAT ideal life you’d rather be living.

Now think about sitting in traffic, 5 days a week, people honking, tailgating, cutting you off. Your head is on a swivel because you’ve gotta drive defensively.

Most of us cannot remember the drives to and from the office because they become a blur. They all run together.

But those few times you go to your favorite place in the great outdoors… THOSE are memories that cannot be forgotten.

So how do we get to those places more often? Or even make that the reality?

It’s the decisions we make, and the actions we take to DO… It’s what we DO… It’s what we focus on! It’s what we practice!

When I found that I was miserable as a firefighter, a hero, someone that the public looked up to so that I could solve their emergency… It was THAT which I put my effort towards that was my reality.

I studied my butt off to become a firefighter, and I made that happen.

What if you could study your butt off to create a simple business online from your ideas, that could allow you to spend more time in the simple places that bring more happiness, more often so that you could create your ideal life?

Imagine what THAT could do for you?

Living The Ideal Life - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

You Travel To Enhance Your Life Experience…

There’s that quote you may have seen floating around, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us…” Not sure who wrote that, but I give them mad credit!

I remember back when I was a firefighter, that there were a couple of favorite times of the year…

  1. When we picked vacation days for the year
  2. When we went on vacation
  3. When do we get off shift

It’s not that we didn’t like to “work”… There were some calls that I went on that were quite fulfilling, like the time that I helped a black cat named Darth Vader out of a tree because the Force couldn’t bring him down.

Or the time that a lady called about her scarlet macaw parrot who flew 80 feet up in a tree, and she wanted us to put up a ladder to bring it down… “Umm… Ma’am… The bird will fly when we put a huge ladder up to it…”

Not sure what happened to that bird… Probably flew down to Costa Rica. Macaw’s love that part of the world.

Traveling enriches the soul… Enhances your life experience… And adds something different for the mind to think about.

We enjoy experiencing different cultures, cuisines and going out into nature everywhere we go.

There are two types of traveling… Binge Travel and Long-Term Travel…

With Binge Travel, you go to as many places as you can, as quick as you can. This type of travel usually happens by people who have to go back to clock into a job.

While Long-Term Travel is usually enjoyed by retired people (or couples like Erin and I who built a business online – then it’s possible for the youngsters too!)

With long-term travel, we’re able to figure out how long we can stay in a country on a tourist visa, and then we figure out the places we want to go during that time. Most countries give you 30-90 days, while some, like Mexico, give someone from the US 180 days (crazy awesome!)

By traveling more, we’ve found that we’re more patient with travel interruptions, more understanding of the way other people live, and more open to new experiences.

By adding travel into your ideal life, you’re really opening the doors to your creativity and fulfillment on so many levels!

Stop trading time for money. Start your dream business.

You Love & Are Loved…

Taking a stab at life solo can be empowering… But at some point, it’s nice to feel the love from another that can really round off your ideal life…

I know that for both Erin and I, we have both been through the wringer when it comes to love… Having been betrayed, cheated on, stood up, or our feelings not being cared about can make one not even want to touch it ever again…

But it’s the love from another that drives many humans to want to achieve.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich, he speaks about how behind every great man is an even greater woman.

The one you look up to in love gives you something to work towards…

We should earn the love of our partner each day and never take it for granted by thinking, “We’re already together… Time to get wasted and watch TV together…”

Rather, what are we doing each day for each other to show them we care?

This isn’t a one-sided chivalrous show any longer.

Women show love to their partners in many of the same ways that men show love to their partners.

Learning each other’s love language is important to know what makes each other feel loved.

In Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary speaks of love felt by:

  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch

Not everyone is driven by the same desires. Some might feel like buying them gifts is “buying their love” while they may feel love by spending quality time together, traveling the world or cooking together.

Explore your love with your partner. Learn what makes them feel loved and let them in to know what makes you feel loved.

You just might be surprised at what your partner feels when you both open up and talk about it together. This may be the key to living your ideal life together!

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In Conclusion

Do you think it’s possible to achieve your ideal life? To me, ideal life is not quantifiable by anyone but yourself. What makes each person feel happiness, love, excitement, fulfillment, and pleasure is different. We’re all unique individuals with unique desires.

For us, our ideal life is being able to BE where we want, when we want, together, with our business online. BEing able to stay physically fit, eat healthily and experience spirituality to balance our minds and beings. And to continue having the financial security that we earn independently with our online business, so we never have to clock-in at a job ever again.

I would be interested in what YOUR ideal life looks like and if you’re living it. Leave a comment to let us know!

And if you haven’t achieved your ideal life and know that building a business online would help you get there, as it has for us, then we invite you to BE part of the Tribe. You’ll get access to all the eCourses, community & support you need to build a business online from your ideas. We’ll see you on the inside!

Brian GarciaUntil Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

– Brian Garcia

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