What You Need To Know About Owning A Business Online – Pros & Cons

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You may feel a bit nervous about jumping into your entrepreneurial journey together. You are about to learn the pros & cons of owning a business online, and will have a few things to chew on before making the plunge.

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Why are the pros & cons of owning a business online often blurry, or seem like something is being left out?

It’s true… When you look online and see nothing but people working on laptops from the beach, or living lavish lifestyles acting like every day is perfect… It can all seem like a giant load of crap!

Don’t be misled by your newsfeed. It’s not all unicorns, rainbows, and speedy fast WIFI. BUT it is pretty sweet.

This article is not meant to brainwash you into thinking you need to start an online business, because this lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone. We want to share with you some cold hard facts that we have bumped into along our journey so you can make a decision that is right for you.

Decisions are the foundation of your entrepreneurial endeavor, so if you don’t like making decisions… You may want to go back to scrolling through your feed looking for a job.


1st PRO of owning a business online is flexibility

This is likely why you want to own online business. You want to have the flexibility to create your own schedule. BE where you want, when you want, with whomever you want. Right?

That’s why we got going with an online business, and it’s true. Once you get cranking along you do start to create more flexibility in your life. For instance, because we decided to build our biz online we have been able to take it with us anywhere we want on the planet. We usually choose our location based on a sweet Airbnb with a killer view, and a comfy place to hang out, because we know we WILL be working from wherever we are located.

CON… WiFi isn’t always great

Which quite honestly only gets in our way when we let it. Most of the time we have stuff we can work on offline, like writing blog posts or recording a bunch of videos for our eCourses or YouTube Channel.

There isn’t much to complain about with the flexibility to BE anywhere you want… Other than always being on the hunt for another place to stay. If you don’t plan ahead you don’t always get your ideal places. Then when you do get excited about a sweet place and book it for a month, and the WIFI sucks… You may be stuck there if the host doesn’t have a cancelation policy in your favor.

Oh ya… And that whole working on the beach thing is BS. Unless you want sand in your keyboard. Then go for it. AND you likely won’t be getting WIFI on the beach. (HERE are 7 Funny Facts about traveling with an online biz.)

2nd PRO of owning a business online is… You’re the boss!

Ha! Remember all those times you looked at your boss with a raised eyebrow thinking… “I can’t believe I have to do what this banana says…”

There is nothing worse than following someone else’s rules. At least I know Brian + I both have resistance with authority. LOL especially idiotic authority.

When you’re the boss you choose how your days go. Not just your schedule. You decide what work you want to put your brainpower towards. ALL decisions are yours. Don’t want to do something… Then don’t! We do always recommend you get to know your business though. If editing videos or writing blog posts aren’t your jam then at least do them in the beginning until you can outsource them. Once you know the repetitive task you can record a step-by-step video for someone else who can do it at least 80% as good you can. YES, you will have to trust someone else to nurture your business baby, but it is SO worth it. Just think of it this way… One day that person will be better at that task than you ever were. It’s a win, win!

CON… You’re the boss!

This means things don’t get done when you aren’t working. Unless you have a team around you. BUT in the early stages of bootstrapping, it’s likely you busting your ass on a solo mission, or you’re doing it with your partner.

Somedays you will get up at the crack of dawn, and work until the wee hours of the morning. Your business doesn’t turn off, and at times you will feel so obsessed you can’t put it down. This is a good sign though… This means YOU LOVE IT!

Being your own boss isn’t really that bad… It just means you have to be dedicated to what you’re creating. YES, it will take work! Commitment, and consistent action, but if your business is the thing that could set you free… Isn’t it worth it?

3rd PRO of owning a business online is you get to do what you love.

This is REALLY sweet! You get to choose what type of business you want to have. It is so important that you love your business. You gotta love the products, services, or whatever it is that you are offering. The same goes for your brand. If you don’t love it, you won’t feel zesty about it, and you will likely quit!

Something that Brian + I do often take a step back, and look at all the tasks we are doing on a daily basis. We make a big list of where we are spending our time. If there are things on our lists that aren’t necessary, then we ditch them. Sure there will be things that might be boring, or challenging for you… But if you are doing activities that are feasting on your soul, you are better to get rid of them because they are slowing you down.

CON… You gotta have ideas.

Couple-Preneurs that REALLY take off are full of ideas, and if they don’t have ideas they are smart enough to dig in and do the research to step up their game. If you have the ambition to keep digging in, and looking at how you can make your business better so that it serves people more… YOU dear friend have it in you. (Get some awesome ideas HERE)

Good news! You don’t have to do it alone. Even if you are in a relationship-building this thing… It is always a good idea to surround yourself with a community so you can have an outside perspective, along with the love & support of others who are running on the same path, because there are pros & cons to owning a business online.

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That is exactly why we created The BEAP Tribe! To help couples escape the box of society, and create a business that they love. SO they can have that life they have been imagining. We want to extend an invite to you to come to check it out! Take the trial. Kick the tires, and see if it’s a fit for you.

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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