BEing A Prosperous Digital Nomad

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When it comes to BEing a Prosperous Digital Nomad, we have been discovering a few key factors!

Life abroad is not always easy, or perfect. One thing that is definitely for sure… It is ALWAYS interesting, and that there is always a prosperous outcome… If you are open to it!

The situations you come across! The people you meet! Ending up where you least expect!

It is all to BE taken with love. Realizing you are on your very own perfect path whether you are with the one you love, or doing it on your own. You will have the most amazing experience if you allow yourself to BE…


BE A Mindful Digital Nomad

One of the biggest keys to BEing a prosperous digital nomad is to BE Mindful!

Every situation that you come across has an opportunity to BE looked at with a prosperous mindset! You see good fortune can be found in every moment if we are mindful enough to take a look. Even if something bad comes your way. It is your choice to see it in a certain light. That can be a murky crap filter, or rose coloured lenses.

When you go to other countries not everyone is going to be happy that you are there. SO it is important to be mindful and to smile at people.

It is also important to keep your wits about you, and know where you are located! Once you arrive pin your location on Google Maps! That way if you need to know your location fast you have it available to you! You don’t want to be paranoid, or predict crappy things happening. BUT that being said you should always be prepared! Recognizing landmarks is a big helper too!

BEing mindful of your surroundings it a key player in the life as a prosperous digital nomad! Especially if you are on your own, in a couple, or even as a group! Neighborhoods can go from being posh, and beautiful to sketch city in an instant! Notice the characters! No need to prejudge, just watch people’s body language towards you, or even each other. This tip alone has led us to very rich experiences, just because we course adjusted along the way! There is something really prosperous about being mindful of how you feel, and following your intuition. Once you get that dialed in, you will have the superpower of creating a reality that leads you to the best situations!

BE Patient!

One of my favourite lessons on our adventure has come from the mentality of the locals. I dunno if it is the heat or just a different way of life… BUT the common theme in a lot of places outside of big cities is to take it slow. So BE patient! Enjoy yourself. BE present in every moment. That my friend is the richness of life!

BE A Contributor To Our Planet!

Brian + I are beginning to consider ourselves citizens of the world.

Something that came up for me along our travels is that we are all making a HUGE impact on this planet! The amount of garbage we have seen washing up along the shore is just crazy! Some of the most magical, beautiful places I have ever seen looking like landfills along the edges.

If you want the universe to smile upon you, and bring you more prosperity along your travels… Contribute!

BE Flexible!

Things are not always going to go as planned!

We got to Utila and thought… “Hey we could get some solid work done here, and go to the beach pretty much every day.” So we locked ourselves into a month lease, at a cute little apartment with an amazing jungle view from our balcony.

Something we weren’t aware of as Brian was closing his house in Texas, was that he needed to get an official notary from The US Embassy. Not just any old judge, or official… Sooo we were thrown a bit of a last-minute curveball, and had to figure out how to get off the island within the next couple days, so that the documents would be signed, and sent back in time for closing.

We didn’t even consider that you couldn’t just hop on a daily flight to get back to the mainland… Flights only leave the island twice a week, and we just missed one. The next would be too late.

SO we sat back, took a breath, and we figured it out! Good fortune certainly comes from BEing flexible! We would have never even thought to come visit Tegucigalpa… The Capital City of Honduras, if all of this didn’t sway us to leave Utila a week early. We were told to stay away from the mainland because it is too dangerous…

Tegucigalpa is one of the most friendly cities I have ever been too! Everywhere you go people are saying “Buenos Dias!” in passing. Greeting us, and greeting each other. It is lovely! When we don’t know how to say things in Spanish, people have been very friendly, and patient with us.

We would have never ended up here if we hadn’t been flexible. Even more important than that… We have found trust in other human beings, which is a whole new level being a prosperous digital nomad.

Traveling the world not being open to course-correcting, and being blocked off to experiences is straight-up silly. Like I mentioned before… BE mindful, but BE flexible! This will allow you to draw rich unexpected experiences your way!

BE Resourceful!

Utilize your skills! BEcome a MASTER!

You wanna BE a full-time Digital Nomad?
You wanna travel the world?
You wanna start writing your own schedule?

Maybe you see yourself living in another beautiful country for months at a time?
Or build your dream home for your family, and having the flexibility of working from home?

BEing a prosperous Digital Nomad doesn’t have to mean island jumping!
It’s a new way of life!
Your vision!
Your rules!

You have unique skills! You are different than everyone else on this planet! You have something special in you, or to BE quite honest you wouldn’t be seeking articles like this one out. You would be sitting on your ass watching TV, waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Did you know people are making money by pulling their resources together, utilizing their skills, and creating a website around it?  

Pretty slick! You don’t need a degree for this!

You wanna create a prosperous Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

You need an idea, passion, and vision! Which leads us to my next point…

BE Committed To Your Vision!

Your vision is the drive behind everything!
If you can see it… If you were given the gift of vision… Well, my friend, you can make it happen!

What is it you truly want?
What could you do all day?

If you have an idea burning a hole in your brain, you need to act fast before it leaves you! Once you start to act on it and start making your vision come to life… You gotta BE committed! I mean every day committed! You eat sleep, and breath it! This vision is your baby. You gotta nurture it so that it can grow.

For instance… Along our travels, people have said I am nuts for not getting scuba certified yet.  To be honest… I am not concerned about that right now. I am committed to our vision, and where BE Adventure Partners is going! We are on a serious mission to create a way for people to live a life they never have to take a vacation from because that is what we are creating for ourselves. That is the life we see our mentors living, and we believe everyone on this planet deserves that!

When you have momentum on your side, and things are moving for you… DO NOT take your foot off the gas! Scuba lessons can always be taken! I would rather work in paradise, and take my breaks on the beach! I would rather explore the world, enjoying great views, BEing inspired by my surroundings, and experiences along the way.

We are living our vision because we are committed to it.

Your greatest prosperity comes from your vision!
So what is it you truly want your life to look like?!

BE Spontaneous!

This one explains itself… But I am going to go ahead, and say it! Do you want to get the full Digital Nomad experience? BE Spontaneous! See something interesting along your path… Go see what’s going on over there!

Brian + I have found such fortune in BEing spontaneous! Whether it is live music or street festivals we have come across! Allow yourself to BE open to the experiences along the way, and your life will BE soooo rich!

BE You!

This is your life! No one else’s! You don’t need to live up to other’s standards! Live up to your own! Forge your own path, and do what it is YOU really want to do!

You have a dream to help others, save the environment, or create a cool innovative product of some sort… Then set out to do it! Don’t worry about what you need to do to make it happen!

Ask yourself… “Who do I need to BEcome to make this life happen, and attract the prosperity I am after?”

You are the creator of your prosperous life! You get to decide what it means to you to be prosperous! As you have read in this article… It isn’t necessarily money that leads you to riches! It is more a way of BEing! A feeling!

The perception is in the beholder. Take a moment NOW to ask yourself what being prosperous means to you!
Your prosperous Digital Nomad Lifestyle is only a blink away!

Erin Nicole Bick

Until Next Time!
Adventure On… Adventure On!

 – Erin Nicole Bick

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Brian Garcia + Erin Nicole Bick

Hey, we're Brian + Erin. Currently, we're workin' on our bug out bus. Lucky the proverbial $hit hadn't hit the fan yet when we picked up this 40-foot beauty in Phoenix AZ and drove it up to Canada to convert it. Hopefully, we all still have time...

Honestly, this bus conversion has been the only sane thing in this insane world lately. We can't tell you how good it feels to BE working on something that lights our souls up and has such potential for a life that is entwined with nature, love, and happiness.

Our main goal is to inspire people to get off-grid and become self-reliant. We are well on our way and are super excited to talk about solutions with others who are shooting for a similar way of living.

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  1. Larry Hochman

    This is great, Erin! “BE a Mindful digital nomad.” When we keep ourselves open to seeing abundance in all things, that’s when we’re given opportunities to act on it. Great post!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      YESSS Larry! It is all about BEing open to what is to come.
      Love it! Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

  2. Destrie Monis

    Rock on Erin and Brian! Love your Digital Nomad Lifestyle. Being authentically ourselves online really comes across to our audience. Cant wait to see you guys again in Austin at LTD8!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Aww thanks so much Destrie! THis life is here for the taking!
      We could all have it, and we can paint it however we like!

      Brian + I are finding, once we get somewhere we like to park it for a bit. 1 week + is best so we can get into a nice groove, with exercise, and still have a healthy routine. That way we still journal, and meditate. We can also cook instead of eat out all the time.

      For others… They may want to be on the go constantly… OR they may want to be able to live wherever they want, and never really have to think about money again!

      That is TRUE Location Independence to us. Never having to worry about money! 🙂

  3. Robert Stafford

    Love your post and all its great advise. My wife and I joined an MLM travel club wanting to get out and travel and enjoy ourselves like you do.

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hey Robert!

      YOu could certainly build a really cool business in network marketing.
      Our greatest advice is to brand YOURSELVES! Not the company you are attached to!
      If you change your mind at any point… Or the company takes a belly flop you will
      still have YOUR brand!

      Would certainly be happy to go over brand identity, and target audience with yourself + wife 🙂

  4. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    When I saw your BE Flexible it reminded me of a beatitude that I learned over 20 years ago from a successful entrepreneur which stayed with me over the years…

    “Blessed be the flexible for you won’t be bent so easily out of shape.”

    Dr. Lisa

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Awww that is a brilliant quote Dr. Lisa.
      Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Digital Dude

    Always looking to hone my skills! Love prosperity and what you two stand for!

    • BE Adventure Partners

      Hey there Digital Dude! YES! We absolutely love exuding excellence to our Tribe! We would love to jump on a video chat! Schedule your Adventure Call with us!

  6. BE Adventure Partners

    Hi Liz! By taking action, and realizing that you need to be resourceful shows that you are definitely on the right track to BEcoming a Prosperous Digital Nomad! Reach out to us on the Adventure Call page, and we’ll explore what you are looking for!

  7. BE Adventure Partners

    Hey Steve!

    Anybody could do what we do. There are soo many aspects to being a Prosperous Digital Nomad! Not all of us want the same things… Prosperity comes in many forms…

    If you have a vision, and you focus on that everyday, you will find that answers start coming to you. You were called to this blog right?
    The same thing happened with Brian + I… We started finding the answers to our questions. The “how to” found us because we were so focused. We started learning the skills we needed to run a biz that we could take with us, and everything else started falling into place.
    We would be happy to jump on an Adventure Call with you. Find something in our schedule that works for you, and we can go over how you can make your vision come to life 🙂

    – Erin Nicole Bick

  8. BE Adventure Partners

    Henry! Sounds like you are on the right path! Knowing where you want to be… Imagining what you would be doing… Who you would be with… All of these are starting points! Schedule an Adventure Call and we can dive into ways to build a successful business around your dream life!


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